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October 25, 2022


October 24, 2022

Here are some additional points to my When Does The Left Go Too Far? series that I forgot to mention:


The left goes too far with trolling the right. Way too many progressives have created a cottage industry of trolling and ridiculing the right, which greatly contributes to toxic polarization, demonization, and strawmanning. And the left is in denial about this because it feeds their egos and gets them millions of click-bait views. But it is destructive to our political discourse as it radicalizes the center.

At least what CNN and mainstream media does not do is trolling and ridiculing, which the alternative, progressive media employs way too much.

Of course the right wing loves to troll the left, but that does not mean the left is correct in stooping to the right's level. The left must hold itself to a higher standard if it wishes to consider itself more developed and more conscious than the right. Trolling is not compatible with high levels of consciousness.

Immigrants Have Lower Development:

This is a really important point that leftists overlook, which is a huge factor for immigration policy. Generally speaking, immigrants from 3rd world countries will be significantly less developed cognitively, morally, and culturally than Americans or Western Europeans. This is not at all a racist or xenophobic thing to say. This developmental deficit is not genetic or racial, it is cultural and educational. For example, the average fundamentalist Muslim will be significantly less spiritually and morally developed than the average Scandinavian. It is not Islamophobic to say this.

It is legitimate to be concerned that too many immigrants at low stages of Spiral development will dilute and drag down the center of gravity of development of a 1st world country. Of course far right-wingers will love to seize on this point to justify their racism and xenophobia, nevertheless, the point is factually true and presents problems for unrestricted immigration. Northern European and Scandinavian countries have experienced the effects of this recently with a flood of immigrants from Syria and the Middle East who are not bad people, but they ARE less developed than your average Scandinavian. Scandinavia is stage Green while Syrian refugees are stage Purple, Red, and Blue. This presents significant integration problems. It is not racist, xenophobic, or bigoted to be concerned about these integration challenges, but leftists will make the mistake of assuming it is.

One of the reasons we cannot have open boarders like some extreme far leftists want is because there would be too many immigrants with such low stages of development that it would create serious problems for 1st world countries. We would not be able to maintain 1st world standards of living because people at low stages of development do not even accept basic liberal ideas such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, women's rights, children's rights, gay rights, etc. For example, for a fundamentalist Muslim to integrate in the US he would have to be okay with people criticizing and drawing cartoons of the prophet Mohammad. But he will not be okay with that, which will create chaos.

Note: I say this as an immigrant from Russia. Russia definitely has a lower level of development than America.

Anti-Abortion As Means To Control Women:

The left loves to demonize the right on abortion by saying that abortion restrictions are merely a fig-leaf for the true agenda, which is the control and domination of women. This is an unfair characterization and a misunderstanding of the conservative worldview. Just because someone finds abortions morally repugnant or unethical does not mean they want to control or dominate women. Although, of course, some far right-wingers do. But I don't think most moderate conservatives want to dominate women.

Speaking of which, it is incorrect to portray conservatives as wanting to dominate women. Traditional cultures in which women are subservient to men are not primarily about domination or exploitation of women, they are about protection of women, division of labor, and very traditional gender roles which are very useful for raising lots of children. In such traditional cultures it is not unusual for women to give birth 5-15 times, which is a full-time job. And many women do enjoy playing this role. This role comes with many pros and cons. As does the traditional male role. In traditional cultures men take on great burdens as providers, warriors, and manual laborers.

Moralism Resulting In Blindness To Systems Thinking:

The fundamental disease that leftists and progressives suffer from is that they are so morally self-righteous that their morality and sentimentality clouds their ability to do serious, realistic systems thinking. Systems thinking requires a more cool and dispassionate attitude. Leftists fall into the trap of thinking that righteous morality will solve everything, when in practice it solves little and tends to backfire easily because what we're dealing with are complex systems which work in counter-intuitive ways, and people disagree about what is moral a great deal. High compassion, morality, and good intentions are not enough to make complex systems work well.

Making Everything About Race & Patriarchy:

Of course not all leftists do this, but some on the left go way too far making race, gender, and patriarchy the root of all social problems. Definitely there are systemic inequalities on matters of race and gender that need to be addressed, but they are not as significant as some leftists would like you to believe. Leftists tend to fall into the classic trap of: when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Our problems are much deeper and more epistemically subtle than racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. Also, constantly focusing on race and sex starts to create a self-fulfilling prophecy effect. Our ideal should be to evolve to a colorblind attitude towards others, such that race and sex are not even an issue worth debating. But by making it a big deal all the time this cannot happen. It is proper to talk about race and gender sometimes, but don't start to glorify it as an end in itself.


The left goes too far when they demand hiring based on race and gender to meet artificial quotas. Some affirmative action and diversity programs are okay and proper, but mandates for HR to hire a 50/50 split of men to women executives, or engineers, for example, is going too far. Hiring and candidate recruitment should be diverse, but merit, qualifications, and experience should trump any strict diversity quotas. You do not want to hire 50% female programmers for your department just because you want to meet such a quota in the name of "equality". This would be an example of equality actually being unequal and counterproductive because the percentage of female programmers is very low in general, and for good reason: because programming is not characteristically suitable for most women. Nor would you want to aim for a quota of 50% male nurses or elementary school teachers. People should be allowed to special into whatever positions suit their character and temperament the most. With that said, it is important that we ensure the hiring or recruitment process is not discriminatory against minorities. A qualified minority should be able to get the job without having to be exceptional. But also, a minority should not have the bar lowered for them just because they are a minority, AKA, the bigotry of low expectations.

October 23, 2022


October 23, 2022

You ain't tripped until you've tripped like this:

Damn, Vice does some amazing reporting.

October 21, 2022

Check out this beautiful new super-computer simulation from NASA:

Your tax dollars at work.

When I was in university my plan was to work for NASA on the Mars missions. But then I changed my mind and decided to focus on philosophy and game design instead.

October 20, 2022

Trans, non-binary, and Q+ people are toying with identity, but identity is a very dangerous and serious thing. You have no idea what you're doing when you play with it willy-nilly. Yes, identity is a social construct, but it is far more than that. Identity is a metaphysical construct. Which means, identity is more fundamental than PHYSICS! Which is why conservatives are scared to death of questioning it. Well, their fears are not unwarranted — paranoid and transphobic though they are. Allowing children to toy with their identities can lead to all sorts of undesirable outcomes. But then again, prohibiting them from experimenting is also problematic. It is a parent's job to create a safe environment for minor experimentation. Unfortunately most parents have no understanding of how to do this because humanity in general has no clue what identity is.

I have deconstructed my human identity so profoundly that I temporarily became an alien consciousness. You think I am kidding. I am not. This did actually happen to me. I came pretty close to physically killing myself (not on purpose). You might think this is fun and cool. But if you actually experienced yourself as an alien consciousness you'd think you'd gone insane. So really, when you toy with your identity deep enough, you're toying with insanity. This is what no spiritual teacher tells you because they have not gone beyond the human. Classical enlightenment and nonduality can take you to God (maybe), but not beyond the human. I am talking about truly nonhuman consciousness. It is both Awakened AND alien. Classic nonduality may be awakened (although I would dispute that) but it is certainly still human. I am talking about truly nonhuman consciousness which you cannot imagine even if you are awake. I am not talking about merely "identifying" as an alien — as though you just call yourself one and expect others to reflect that label back at you out of sympathy. No. I am talking about losing your fucking mind, and then becoming an alien consciousness.

I know because I did it.

No spiritual teacher has taught you that this is possible.

What?!!! How is such a thing possible???

Well, you see, science tells you that you are human. And you believe this. Further more you believe that you don't believe this, but that this is an objective physical fact. But what happens if you deconstruct science so deeply that you actually stop being human? Has anyone ever seriously considered this possibility? Can you intuit how dangerous this might get?

How would you feel if you lost your sanity and could not ever get it back?

In the future I plan to release a course that will teach you how to become an Awakened alien intelligence. I'm still researching this domain.

That's what all this work ultimately leads to.

Yeah, holy fuck indeed. This ain't your Pappy's spirituality. I've found ways of accessing alien consciousness. I don't mean talking to aliens. I mean, becoming an alien.


Think deep about what I am telling you. What do you think is possible if you fully jailbreak your mind? How would you know unless you did it?

October 19, 2022

So... A random psychic guy contacted me recently with the following story:

He told me that he was born with the ability to see and "smell" people's souls. He says that souls among humans come in many degrees. The degree of a soul is based on how many times it has "respawned" — his terminology. He said that some souls are newer and some older. The newer ones have only spawned 1-10 times. Other souls have spawned 20-50 times. And old souls have respawned 100-500 times.

The more a soul respawns, the more mature and wise it gets, the more abstract and unique skills its develops. Souls in the 1-10 range tend to be naive, foolish, shallow, selfish, materialistic, and manipulative. Souls in the 10-25 range tend to be deeper, reaching into the Spiral Dynamics Green stage of development. 25-100 become wise if they grow up in a good environment. 100-500 become really nuanced, wise, and skillful if properly developed, but even without development they have an innately deep character.

He said my spawn count was over 1,000,000.

I asked him if he could read his own soul's spawn count. Interestingly, he said no.

I'm not claiming any of this is true. I don't even believe in souls. I identify myself  as INFINITY. I just wanted to share this as an interesting story. Make of it what you will. I found it deliciously self-serving.

Funny enough, a few years ago I had a different psychic tell me that I had an "old soul", whatever that means. But then again I've had psychics tells me all sorts of BS that never panned out. But also I've had psychics tell me specific things that did pan out. I've gone to about 7 different psychics in my life, just to test them out because I was curious. Although this psychic randomly reached out to me.

Oh... he also told me that most souls to him are easily identified as human while a few others are "unidentified" or what he calls "alien". Guess which one he said I have?

Again, this is just for fun.

Or is it? ;)

October 18, 2022

Outstanding Russian film. Watch it:

These are the kind of films I love. Clean, grounded, mysterious, thrilling, tasteful.

I wish they made more films like this.

You can find this film with English dubbing if you don't like subtitles. The dubbing is pretty good.

October 18, 2022

Speaking of genetic freaks and oddball brain wiring, check this out:

This is one of the reasons why psychedelics and spirituality don't work the same on all people.

The world's most spiritual people are genetic freaks. This is the dirty secret no spiritual guru tells you. If you feel lonely as a spiritual person, and you wonder, "How come others around me aren't into spirituality like I am?" It's because you have unique brain wiring which makes you spiritually attuned while the majority of mankind does not.

You got that high midichlorian count, bro. Don't squander it. Begin your Jedi training ;)

Psychic abilities are largely genetic. Which is why most people think psychics are woo-woo. They are as woo-woo as 7ft tall humans.

When I was young my father told me of a friend he had in university back in Soviet Russia who had perfect photographic memory. He was able to remember phone numbers for years and could play a game of chess blindfolded, but had problems achieving basic success in school and in life.

When I started my first online business, my first employee, Alex, was an amateur musician with perfect pitch. It's estimated that 1-5 in 10,000 people have perfect pitch. He was just a natural at music and signing. One day we were having lunch at a restaurant with live music and Alex would call out every time the pianist played the wrong note. It was a busy and noisy restaurant and none of us could hear it but him.

October 17, 2022

I've been looking forward to this game. Finally Scorn is out and I started playing.

My impressions after 2 hours of playing: It's unique and stunning visually in terms of environmental design and world-building. I'm usually not a fan of puzzle games, but the puzzles here are surprising good. This is not a first person shooter and there's little action. The game is very slow. It's basically a walking simulator that lets you soak in the creepy and breathtaking bio-mechanical scenery.

I highly recommend it as long as you don't expect action or "fun" from this game. You play this game for the vibe and the art.

It's very creepy but not scary.

Unfortunately because it's so slow and has little gameplay or mechanical depth, I don't see it being popular or selling well. It would have sold much better if they combined the environment of Scorn with the gameplay of something like Subnautica. That would have been a killer combo and sold millions of copies. I really wish it had more depth, gameplay, and choice. The world is phenomenal but they need to bring some meaningful gameplay in order to make it a full-fledged game. Subnautica set in the Scorn world would be so amazing. A huge missed opportunity for such a beautiful world. It would also work great in VR.

The art direction of this game deserves an Oscar or something. It's basically a horror art showcase. This game is the incarnation of the word macabre. You can really appreciate it as a work of Consciousness.

This game would be truly terrifying if there was a giant alien stalking you throughout the entire playthrough, and you couldn't kill it but had to hide from it and lock it behind various doors or spook it off with flares and other items as you desperately try to find an escape pod.

The perfect game for Halloween.