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October 10, 2019

Check out this wonderful YT channel called Journey To The Microcosmos. They feature videos on microscopic life. Notice the complexity and intelligence of even microscopic organisms.

There's more:

Try to imagine how unaware of the larger cosmos these little lifeforms are. Now imagine that you as a human are as unaware of a higher reality as these little guys are of human reality. This gives you a proper sense of how limited your consciousness is and how much more you have to become conscious of.

Your body is a super-organism composed of billions of tiny individuated organisms all working together perfectly to create the larger unity that is the human you. Yet none of those organisms are aware of the larger unity they create. Likewise, humans have no idea of the larger unity they create. And so it goes to infinity. Such is the intelligence of God's design. The intelligence of it is infinite.

Consciousness is alive at all scales, from infinitely small to infinitely large. In fact there is no such thing as small and large because the scale extends infinitely far in all directions and all dimensions. There is no difference in scale between a human, a moss piglet, and the Milky Way galaxy.

You are not truly awake until you are conscious of how intelligent consciousness is at all scales — of how every scale dovetails perfectly into higher and higher unities which extend upward to infinity. This is the body/mind of God, dreaming an infinite number of dreams and interweaving them together seamlessly into one Grand Unity. A cradle for infinite life. A fractal of all possible lifeforms, branching out forever — your human self is one tip of one branch.

October 8, 2019

Here's a good intro to the psychology of fascism which most people do not understand:

The funny thing about fascism is, fascism can only flourish when people are ignorant about what fascism is and therefore blind to their own participation in it.

In other words, a fascist does not understand he's a fascist. A fascist thinks he's a patriot. Unfortunately this stuff is not taught well in schools. Schools do not teach our citizens how easy it is to get sucked into fascist ideology, instead it demonizes Nazis, which makes people complacent.

October 6, 2019

Donald Trump's presidency explained in 39 seconds:

October 5, 2019

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October 4, 2019

A great introductory video:

There is also:

The most tricky ideologies are those which aren't seen as ideologies at all. How can you begin to let go of a thing you're not even aware you're holding?

It's not that Neo-Liberalism is bad per se, it's that it is starting to show its limits and must evolve into some higher, better system. Every system must evolve to accommodate higher consciousness and love, or die. And actually, death is nothing other than evolution. The next 100 years for America and much of the developed world will be about finding the next evolutionary step beyond Neo-Liberalism. What that is we don't exactly know. It won't just be old-school socialism. It will be something else. Perhaps a strange hybrid system. Like all technological advances, we'll have to find it through trail and error. That trail and error will manifest as social turbulence, which we've been seeing more and more of lately. As 3rd world countries start to reach parity with the 1st world countries, as the world becomes more global and equalized, there will be a lot of turbulence because old systems will have to dissolve while millions of people cling to them.

We are like a snake just beginning to shed its skin.

But fear not! This world circumstance also presents many exciting opportunities. What will be your role in helping mankind evolve into the 21st century? Contemplate that. Don't just be a passive leaf blown by the wind. Decide to be an active participant in this process of evolution. Decide what role you want to play, or someone else will decide it for you. Also decide to be on the right side of history, which is always the side which seeks to expand consciousness and love to more living beings.

In this sense your job in life is very simple: to decide in which specific ways you want to manifest your love.

October 3, 2019

Funny to find that there's a StackExchange about Buddhism. Maybe some of you will find it useful.

Buddhism StackExchange

September 30, 2019

I'm a big fan of Noam Chomsky's political analysis, but when it comes to his thinking about metaphysics and religion the following video shows just how crude it is:

This is one of the world's greatest scientists, yet he's clueless about metaphysics and spirituality.

Here Chomsky is basically parroting the standard paradigm of scientific materialism / realism, which fundamentally misunderstands why religion exists.

The source of religion is NOT wishful thinking nor superstition, as many scientists believe. The irony is that holding such a view is deeply unscientific. Such a belief can only be held by people who have never engaged in serious spiritual practice or metaphysical inquiry.

Ignorance like this is unfortunately common among some of our greatest scientists. And that is because they do not make a serious study of epistemology, metaphysics, or spirituality. And the reason they don't is because their belief that spirituality is bullshit is an example of confirmation bias. If you believe that spirituality is bullshit, you will never do the spiritual practice required to discover that it's not bullshit. So from your POV it will always appear as though there is no evidence that spirituality isn't bullshit. Because your fundamental premise — that reality must be material and non-mystical — is wrong. Yet you are not openminded or intellectually curious enough to question it.

All of that is just an example of terrible epistemology and sloppy science. If you are a serious scientist you understand that you cannot pre-judge the results of an experiment before running it. But why then do you pre-judge spirituality and metaphysics before practicing it? Can you see your own hypocrisy here? This is no different than refusing to look into a telescope to see if Jupiter is a real planet because you have already decided that Jupiter isn't real, therefore it would be a waste of time to look. It's viciously circular logic. This vicious circularity isn't just a bug, it's feature. Such circularity is necessary to create a paradigm lock, which is necessary to construct a worldview, which is ultimately necessary for your mind to construct "reality". There is no "reality" without circular logic. Circular logic is how you construct the "physical world"! Ta-da!

September 29, 2019

Here's a fun example of strange loops from the Rollercoaster Tycoon game:

See, I told you this stuff has real-world consequences.

Strange loops are fundamental to the structure of reality.

If you're gonna be doing lots of psychedelics, you better have a solid theoretical understanding of what strange loops are because your mind will encounter some hairy ones and they will mindfuck you.

So when one day you realize that you crawled out of your own vagina — remember, I told you so ;)

September 27, 2019

The trickeries of the mind never cease to amaze. Case in point, this article by David Kupelian:

Democrats And The Dark Art Of Projection

Which is a master class in how to project one's own projections onto others by accusing them of projection! The boldness of it is impressive.

In this article a stage Blue worldview is projecting it's limited cognitive, moral, and spiritual development onto a stage Green worldview, thereby seeing Green as lower than Blue — which is precisely backwards. Green appears to be lower than Blue when seen from Blue's limited POV. But since Blue doesn't acknowledge that POVs are relative, Blue isn't aware of itself as a POV, thereby confusing itself with truth. A big part of what it means to be at stage Blue is that you cannot see your POV as just one POV among many others. If you were conscious of that, you'd grow out of Blue.

Notice that the reason this can happen is precisely because all points of view are relative, so there is no baseline to ground any point of view. So if you imagine that your opponents are projecting, they are! — according to your projection, which you imagine you are not doing. If you imagine you aren't projecting, that's enough to make it seem like you're not projecting. But of course all points of view are imaginary to begin with. Which is precisely what projection is trying to deny: "No, I'm not making stuff up, I'm just stating the truth while you're making stuff up!" << Yeah, that's something you're making up! "No I'm not! You are!" << You made that up too!

The #1 rule of projection is: the more you project, the more you accuse others of projecting, the more you deny your own projections.

To be really effective at projection you must attack the person you're projecting upon for projecting onto you before they've even made that accusation. By accusing them first, you deny them the ability to call you out for your projection. This is classic, classic gas-lighting.

So, for example, if you're cheating on your spouse, you must accuse your spouse of cheating on you before he/she accuses you. This makes it much harder for him/her to accuse you, even though you're the one who's cheating. You'd think that the cheater wouldn't be so obnoxious as to accuse the person he's cheating on of cheating on him (only a shameless asshole would do that), but its precisely because you think he wouldn't do it that he does do it! Because he can use your expectations of decency to cloak the truth from you. That's devilry 101. Devilry is all about finding bold ways of presenting falsehood as truth and truth as falsehood.

Projection is one of the trickiest mechanisms of self-deception. A Spiral Dynamics stage Blue mind especially tends not to notice its own projections.

Do liberals engage in projection? Of course. Most people do. But conservatives engage in it far more. And conservatives are much more likely to deny that they are projecting. Part of what it means to be more cognitively and spiritually developed on the Spiral is that higher stages are more aware when they are projecting while lower stages are totally in denial about it. It takes a lot of consciousness work to escape projection entirely. 99.9% of people cannot escape projection because they simply haven't done enough serious self-reflection. Transcending projection requires a profound understanding of how Self-Bias works, which again, most people are in denial about.

We'll talk more about projection in a future video since it's such an important topic.