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March 16, 2023

I found this cool website which gives you a quick overview of LGBTQ rights in various countries around the world. I was curious, for example, whether homosexuality was legal in Saudi Arabia and what the punishments were. Here you go:

Saudi Arabia

You can search for any country and get a nice breakdown of its level of wokeness, basically. Here's an interesting sampling:

I was surprised to learn that Brazil had the same level of LGBTQ rights as the United States!

There is also this nifty world map! And a USA map. Study them closely.

These maps basically show you a place's level of development. Notice something interesting: the places with the worst LGBTQ rights are the places you'd least want to live and raise your children. This is true even if you're a conservative! No matter how conservative you are, you don't want to raise your children in Somalia. It's no accident that Somalia has one of the lowest levels of LGBTQ protections. Relative to Somalia, even red-state America is super woke. If you like living in America, it's precisely because it's so woke relative to the rest of the world. Be honest with yourself about that. If you are an American conservative, you are a wokester! Oh Yes! Don't kid yourself. And another thing you should understand is this: America is rich BECAUSE it is woke! The richer the country, the more LGBTQ rights it has. Notice that too. Simply because people are more prosperous when they are not hating and murdering each other for stupid reasons.

Guess which countries have the highest LGBTQ rights?

And guess which country is the worst?

Imagine trying to self-actualize in Yemen. Jesus! You are so lucky if you live in a place where self-actualization is even a thing! So don't squander your good fortune. And also, if you're a progressive in America, be mindful of all your complaining. You have no idea how good you have it.

Anyhow, now you got some trivia to quiz your friends with.

March 16, 2023


March 15, 2023


March 14, 2023

I once met an Actualized.org fan from the Faroe Islands. Most people don't even know it exists!

March 13, 2023


March 10, 2023

Here's a brilliant message. A lesson in leadership and powerful communication:

There is more wisdom is Arnold's head than half the Republicans combined. He's one of the few Republicans I can respect. This is how a responsible conservative should talk.

His message makes me want to be a better communicator. Such heart.

Compare how Arnold speaks to how Trump speaks. That's all you need to know to know who not to vote for.

March 4, 2023


March 4, 2023

I share the following video not because I agree with most of it, but because it is an excellent example of a steelmanned conservative worldview — which you will not get if you only watch progressive or liberal media. Which is a big problem.

If you identify as progressive or leftist, I cannot emphasize enough just how badly you misunderstand conservatives. Like... really badly! So badly you're an embarrassment to yourself and the human race. This does not make conservatives right about everything. It just means you're deeply fooled by an ideological bubble of your own creation. Which of course, the conservatives are equally guilty of, but that's doesn't absolve you of your responsibility for proper understanding. This is not a matter of political battle, this is a matter of PURE UNDERSTANDING. And I'm here to tell you that you're failing at it.

Of course the above is biased and incomplete. But you DO NOT understand conservatives! Get this through your head!

I am not saying you should vote for them. But I am saying you should understand them accurately. And you will never understand conservatives by listening to progressive analysis. Progressives are incapable of understanding conservatives. That requires a whole quantum leap in consciousness and cognitive development. I want you to not miss this leap in the way that all your progressive friends will. The progressive worldview, while it does have merit, is extremely limited and ignorant about how the world works. I want you to seriously consider that your progressive ideas for government will simply not work in the real world — regardless how right you feel they are.

Just as there are supposedly levels in Hell, there are levels of self-deception. And one of the deepest is the self-deception of managing to convince yourself that your political worldview, be it progressive or conservative — is correct. This is a self-deception that requires awakening from as much as the illusion of a separate ego self. And just because you've awoken from the illusion of the ego does not mean you have awoken from the illusion of your political worldview being correct.

Whatever your political worldview, it is wrong! How can this be?? How can it not! — when politics is so impossibly self-deceptive. If you think you understand politics, you're kidding yourself. The more I study it the more humble I get about it. Not a single human has enough intelligence to know how to structure or govern society. That's how intelligent society is! It's way more intelligent than you. So watch out. You're not intelligent enough to outwit the evolution of civilization.

- - - - -

Side note: Towards the end in the conversation above, Gingrich and Peterson both start referring the leftists as "simply insane" or "mentally ill". Haha! Neither of these humans has a clue what true insanity is. Progressives may be foolish, but they are nowhere near insane. And I hope you will not be foolish enough to make the same mistake when thinking about conservatives. If you think conservatives are insane, that just goes to show how deeply you don't understand them. Conservatives are perfectly sane, they just have a very different worldview than yours. Not wrong. Different! Stop attacking it and go understand it first. You are attacking things you do not understand. That's the problem.

March 2, 2023

This is a good overview of current global politics and tensions. A relatively deep and unbiased analysis:

February 28, 2023