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February 24, 2023

I love studying how geography affects politics and the rise and fall of civilizations. What genetics is to the body, geography is to the state. If you want to understand politics you should understand the geography of the places you live and wish to do business with.

February 24, 2023


February 21, 2023


February 21, 2023

Sometimes people complain to me, "Leo, I had some awakening, but where is the beauty you promised me?"

The Beauty doesn't magically come after awakening, the Beauty is already all around you, just stop taking it for granted. Appreciation of Beauty is a skill that requires proactive cultivation. No one is gonna force-feed it to you. And you shouldn't wait for Awakening to start practicing it.

Here's one of my fave channels showcasing the Beauty of nature:

Stop with your depressing human crap. Seriously! Stop it! Turn your attention on the Beauty found all around you in the Universe. Let God's Beauty be thy North Star.

February 14, 2023


February 14, 2023

This is mindblowing:

Now imagine that there exist people on this planet who's minds are as different from the typical human mind as that body is different from the typical human body. Now you can start to understand mysticism. The reason you don't understand stuff like psychic abilities is because your mind is not of the right type to have them. Stop assuming every human mind is the same. Not at all. The diversity of human minds is even greater than diversity of human bodies. When you finally get this, life will make a hell of a lot more sense.

February 6, 2023

Mathematician explains infinity in 5 levels of difficulty:

No mathematician understands what Infinity really is. Infinity is not a quantity, it is not a number, it is not set theory, it is not category theory, it is not even mathematics.

Infinity is the whole of reality itself.

Infinity is reality. Infinity is God. Infinity is Love. Infinity is Truth. Infinity is Consciousness. Infinity is You.

Infinity is infinitely larger than the entire domain of mathematics. Mathematics is a subset of Infinity.

Infinity is so large that your cat is Infinity.

Your dog is Infinity.

Your chair is Infinity.

Rape is Infinity.

That's how profound Infinity is!

Infinity does not belong to mathematics, mathematics belongs to Infinity! This is a common mistake mathematicians and logicians make. They got the whole thing backwards. Mathematics is a subset of Consciousness. Therefore it is impossible to understand Infinity from within the domain of mathematics. To understand Infinity you must understand Consciousness at the highest, most holistic level. Which no mathematician understands. The only one who can understand Infinity is a mystic. Which is prohibited in current science. Therefore no scientist can understand Infinity. It's a sad state of human ignorance.

February 4, 2023

Great video demonstrating the lessons I taught in my videos: The Metaphysical Implications Of Godel's Incompleteness Theorem and What Is Paradox?

To this day logicians do not comprehend the significance of this paradox. This paradox results from the problem of self-reference, which leads to a circularity that demonstrates the impossibility of a finite system being able to grasp reality. What logicians and scientists still don't understand is that these paradoxes occur because the ultimate nature of reality is Infinite. You cannot ever capture Infinity no matter how hard you try, because the thing you're trying to capture it with, is itself. It's like you're trying to use a knife to cut itself.

"The fly that doesn't want to be swatted is safest if it sits on the fly-swatter." — G.C. Lichtenberg

Contemplating these paradoxes when I was in my early 20's lead me to realize that reality is infinite, unformalizable, trans-logical, and beyond the comprehension of scientific method. At that time I didn't even know about God or Awakening, but I already knew reality was too elusive for human logic to grasp it.

Reality cannot be logical, it must be trans-logical. Logical people are very stupid for not understanding this. And this fact is virtually not understood by all scientists, academics, mathematicians, and logicians. Even though they know these paradoxes, they are not intelligent enough to see the full consequences of these paradoxes for the ultimate nature of reality.

The bottom line is this: You literally cannot calculate God because it is too mysterious. And you are a fool for thinking you ever could.

February 1, 2023

This guy made a whole YT channel explaining the corruption within academia that only insiders know:

This is why Truth cannot be found within academia and why science is clueless about the ultimate nature of reality. Academia loves to posture as though it's all about objectivity and facts, but in practice it's filled with human bullshit and political games because priority #1 is survival, not Truth. And yet, mainstream normies go along living life as though science & academia was just objective fact with no deep epistemic or metaphysical corruptions.

Good luck getting an academic to understand a thing when understanding it will undermine the entire system to which he has sold is soul. Academics are as lost in group-think as everyone else in society. Academia is a game and a pyramid scheme.

That's why I didn't go into academia. To me this whole scheme was obvious at age 21 — it disgusted me — and what disgusted me even more is that no one else saw it. It was like I was the crazy one for pointing this out. There is a sort of implicit gaslighting that takes place where you feel bad for pointing such things out — like you are being the asshole for pissing on everyone's gravy train. But the reality is simple: you can't find Truth in a university.

January 31, 2023

Some daring folks started a "church" around a new psychedelic chemical called Psilomethoxin, which is 4-HO-5-MeO-DMT. They make this chemical by growing psilocybin mushrooms laced with 5-MeO-DMT. Supposedly the chemical breaks down into 5-MeO-DMT in the body after oral consumption. It produces a 4hr long version of a typical 5-MeO-DMT trip. The trip is milder but longer.

Church Website

I am merely sharing this information for educational purposes. I have not tried it and I do not endorse or vouch for its safety. If you decide to try it, assume all responsibility and legal risk for yourself. Do your research so you are aware of any legal risks you may be getting into. I am just sharing this with you as news within the psychedelic community. In the future this chemical may become popular, although I would still prefer plugging pure 5-MeO-DMT. If you want longer trips, you can plug it as many times as you want. I've done 10-hour long trips. Just beware, it will completely destabilize your mind to a dangerous degree, so I don't recommend toying with such things. Please don't hurt yourself.

Here's a video about Psilomethoxin: