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July 26, 2022

Vladimir Vysotsky was a prolific Soviet-era guitarist, songwriter, and bard, unlike anything seen or heard in the West. What Bruce Lee was to martial arts, Vysotsky was to song-writing. This guy was a song-writing genius.

He used sophisticated, florid vocabulary in all his songs. My Russian lexicon isn't good enough to understand all of it, maybe like 70%. And he has like 100+ amazing songs.

When I heard him as a kid I would think, "His voice sounds like he drinks gasoline." Well, he was a heavy drinker, as Russians tend to be. Rumor has it that when alcohol was scare in the Soviet era, some men would drink gasoline to hold themselves over. Vysotsky died at age "42 under heavy sedation with an improvised cocktail of sedatives and stimulants". A tragically early death, a la Bruce Lee.

P.S. I'm gonna be sharing more artsy and odd-ball stuff on the blog. Just for fun. As I become more conscious I'm becoming more spontaneously creative. I'm not gonna be the stereotypical dry guru.

July 25, 2022

This is insane:

I am buying this thing.

July 24, 2022


July 24, 2022

What God looks like to itself before it starts to dream.


July 24, 2022

Please watch this film. Amazingly emotional.

July 24, 2022

Please watch this HBO show. This show is an absolute masterpiece yet highly underrated. Contemplate it as you watch.

July 23, 2022

4 years ago I commissioned a professional illustrator to render a vision that received in one of my psychedelic trips. The vision was this: that in trying to figure out reality, you are like a cat playing with a ball of yarn out of which you are yourself made.

This is what entanglement truly means.

I briefly mentioned this vision in my video: Reality Is A Strange Loop, at timestamp 55:44, and now here it is illustrated in full glory. I'm still working to finalize the colors.



Do you realize that that's you, doing this work?

Any thread of reality that you pull on long enough will lead to your own unraveling. Which is why most people never pull long on anything.

I hope one day you get it ;)


July 22, 2022


July 22, 2022

Watch this, and then realize that neither of what these guys are talking about is God-Realization, and it is not what I teach:

But how could that be?!

Well... God-Realization is just way beyond what these guys can comprehend. It's that radical.

Be extremely careful about confusing nonduality or idealism with God-Realization. They are NOT the same.

You cannot realize you are God by follow conventional spiritual teachings like Buddhism, Advaita, or any kind of philosophy. Even the most advanced teachers — the ones you think are really awake — do not meet my strict standards for Awakening. They have some tiny degree of awakening which they got through conformist spiritual work. The sad reality is that most spiritual seekers pursue spirituality for the sake of connecting with others, not for the sake of Truth. These are not the same pursuit.

I know you guys don't like it when I say such things because it comes across as arrogance. But it is nonetheless true.

This work is far more tricky than even the most advanced spiritual students comprehend.

So my ultimate advice to you is this: don't assume anything of your spiritual teachers are God-Realized nor understand what God is. Even if they utter the word "God". Even if they tell you, "You are God" or "We are all God". DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! You cannot believe anyone in this work but your direct experience. And in your direct experience you have no idea if these people know what God is, because you yourself don't know what God is. And if you think you know what God is, I promise you, you're wrong. "But Leo, I've already had some awakenings and I've experienced God!" Maybe so, but you're still fooling yourself. What you've experienced is just the tip of an infinite iceberg, and it's not just more of the same from here on out. Not all roads lead up the same mountain. Not all spiritual paths are equally valid. In fact, the majority of spiritual paths will never lead you to realize you are God, even if they tell you otherwise.

You really, really, REALLY need to stop assuming that your fave spiritual teachers know what they are talking about.

Of course you shouldn't just believe me either. You have to truly test all your starting assumptions in this work. For example, you assume that The Buddha was awake. Why do you assume that? How do you know? It never occurs to a Buddhist to question that. They just follow blindly because others around them are doing it and how could so many people be wrong? That would be impossible! Or is it?

I am not saying these teachers and teachings are good for nothing. I am not saying these teachers are bad people. I'm just saying that if you want to understand what consciousness is, you will not get it through them. But you think you will. That's the only issue here. It's nothing personal. I say this because I have been fooled by such teachers for years and now that I've finally caught on to their game I would be remiss not to warn you about it, even though doing so hurts my reputation. My reputation would be a lot higher if I didn't say these things. Nothing pisses off a spiritual person more than to tell them straight to their face that they are not Awake. How fucking cruel do you have to be to say such a thing? And yet, what do you do if it's true? Is your goal to be nice, or is your goal to Awaken?