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January 31, 2024

This is a good series about how they catch drug smugglers:

If you like these you can find many more episodes on YT.

January 25, 2024

I found a new laptop that I really like. I'm extremely picky when it comes to laptops. I've purchased plenty which I end up returning in disappointment and frustration.

The Samsung GalaxyBook3's are awesome. I got the GalaxyBook3 360 13", but there are other good versions like the GalaxyBook3 Pro and the GalaxyBook3 Pro 360, and they all come in various screen sizes.

In my opinion this is the best Windows ultra light-weight laptop, as good as the Macbook Air design but lets you run Windows. I've used the Macbook Airs for 13 years but now I've finally found something better.

The OLED screen is perfect. The trackpad is good. The keyboard is perfect. The design of the case is perfect. Very light-weight and slim. The dark grey color is excellent. The microSD card slot is great. The battery life is decent. The IO port selection is great. The software drivers are great. The speakers are decent. It doesn't overheat. There is an option to run it in 100% silent fanless mode (an awesome feature). It has a touchscreen with pen support. The screen flips back 360 degrees with a quality hinge. It has more RAM than a Macbook Air. And some of the versions even have an extra SSD M2 drive slot inside if you want to install your own second drive. All of this adds up to nearly the perfect laptop.

I've waited for years to find a laptop of this quality and style. I'm gonna buy a second one when it goes one sale.

Samsung - GalaxyBook3 360 13"

Amazon - GalaxyBook3 Pro 14" (affiliate link)

A few months ago they were selling for 25%-50% off the retail price. So look out for sales. BestBuy was selling them for $750 in December! That's a crazy deal.

January 23, 2024

I was surprised to find how profound the following simulation is in understanding the difference between liberals and conservatives. It goes to show that liberal vs conservative is not merely an issue of right vs wrong but a deeper trade-off between survival strategies. This insight is key for properly making sense of politics in a Tier 2 fashion, without getting trapped in petty Tier 1 bickering and ideology.

I recommend skipping to timestamp 16:24.

This video is not broken, it's only viewable on YT:

The concept of local maxima is also very powerful. For example, you could say that Western nonduality teachings are a local maxima but not a global maxima. Notice that it's easy to get trapped in an island of local maxima while missing the higher awakenings. That's what most spiritual people do.

Regular awakening is a local maxima. Alien Awakening is a higher maxima. Imagine that Consciousness is a rolling landscape where various peaks correspond to various types and heights of awakening. This is a much more realistic model of spirituality than the one-dimensional, binary one provided by nondual teachers.

What sets my spiritual teachings apart from most of the others out there is that I teach that awakening is a multi-dimensional landscape, not a binary or linear thing. There are not only degrees of awakening but qualitatively new kinds of awakening. This is where things get really advanced and really interesting. Almost no one teaches this, which is a shame because a lot of awesome stuff is being missed.

January 20, 2024

This is some of the best investment advice I've ever heard:

The key to being a good investor is to be a hawk on the fundamentals. Where everyone screws up is they get carried away with stories of riches, forget the fundamentals, and end up losing their pants. Investing tends to be a deeply counter-intuitive psychological game that you play with yourself — which of course means that most people will suck at it as they fall into self-deception.

I don't claim to be a good investor, but I have a deep respect for how psychologically self-deceptive it is. So I tend to be very conservative. Investing is asymmetrical: it's much easier to lose money than make money. It requires no skill or experience to start losing money and lots of skill and experience to retain your money long-term. That's not a kind of game I like to play. But also, with high inflation these days, you gotta put your money somewhere. So you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

My best advice on investing is this: watch out for the hype cycles. Don't buy stuff when everyone is buzzing over it. The best time to buy stocks is when everyone is panicked and negative. It's so counter-intuitive.

Please be careful and wise with your investments. Do not invest in flimsy, gimmicky things that promise you the sky. Or you will enter a world of pain.

January 20, 2024

This is so cool and beautiful:

January 18, 2024

This is one of the best geography channels I've found on YT.  I watched nearly every video on the channel. Highly recommend.

This channel has two types of videos: 1) biomes & geography of Earth, and 2) documentaries on individual countries. Both are great. I highly recommend watching all the biome videos. It's important to familiarize yourself with all the biomes present on this planet because they shape civilization and you will encounter them over and over again throughout your life as you travel.

Here are a few examples:

Start paying attention to how geography, biome, and climate shape civilization, society, culture, politics, and human activity in general. Start to realize that geography is the foundation for everything humans do. This will deepen your understanding of what's going on in the big picture.

I have a sense that peoples' understanding of geography and its influences is very poor, which then leads to all sorts of other ignorance. Geography is the foundation for human life and yet it's one of those things that easily flies under the radar of awareness. But no matter where on the planet you happen to be, you're situated within some kind of biome. You probably aren't even aware of what it is and its influence on everything around you.

My favorite biomes are rain forest, sand dunes, and swamps. Not for living in, but for their beauty.

January 18, 2024

The hairy frogfish is a prime example of the insane intelligence and deception behind survival:

If you traipse through life like a common fool, some human frogfish like Andrew Tate or Donald Trump will snatch you before you even know what's up. Human frogfish are preying on you every day. So beware. These frogfish are commonly found in marketing, sales, business, C-suite, financial services, legal, medicine, politics, media, Hollywood, sex work, and of course spirituality.

Of course spirituality is full of frogfish! Of course! That's the best place for them to hide.

The lowest and the highest levels of society tend to have the most frogfish. Some of the sneakiest frogfish are found around the highest concentration of wealth, power, status, fame, influence, and sex.

Survival is all about deception, illusion, and trickery. Especially in the case of a human. Don't be naive about this. If you are gullible enough to trust people, they will trick you.

Do not be that cardinal fish. That's my advice to you.

How do you not be a cardinal fish? By developing WISDOM. See my episode: What Is Wisdom? and How To Avoid Getting Scammed.

And beware, frogfish are not just individuals, frogfish also come as man-made mechanical systems, like academia, the military, the Catholic church, Wall Street, tobacco companies, Fox News, and Facebook.

Your job is to be wise to all the frogfish that lurk in the sea. And my job is to train your mind for that. Until eventually you come to realize that you yourself are a big fat frogfish.

January 10, 2024

This is good. Way too much tech hype these days.

January 8, 2024


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