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January 17, 2020

Male/female is a duality. And if you've been following along with my videos, you should understand by now that all dualities (without exception) are untenable and groundless and must collapse at some point. This is a fundamental principles of reality. But all this sounds so philosophical and abstract that people still cannot wrap their minds around how something as concrete and "physical" as male and female could be a collapsable duality. Aren't males just clearly males and females just clearly females? Of course not! And this has nothing to do with political correctness or LGBTQ rights. This is an existential matter.

Here is the starkest proof:

Ask yourself this existential question: at what precise point did this fish go from female to male? And if a female fish can turn into a male fish, what does that mean for the categories of "male" and "female"? In what sense are they real? What are these categories grounded in?

And before you make a rebuttal such as, "Well, but these fish aren't human so they don't count", remember that fish vs human is also a duality! Which is also ultimately groundless and must collapse:

Ask yourself this existential question: at what point does an organism go from being a fish to being human? Do such categories exist outside of your mind?

The above examples are perplexing to people who believe in absolute rigid categories, but they are totally expected to people who understand that all categories are relative dualities which are destined to collapse when stretched far enough.

January 16, 2020

Amazing interview, showing how corruption happens behind the scenes:

Of course this is exactly as one would expect Trump's influence to be. His massive ego is like the gravity well of Jupiter, pulling in every other ego in the region and corrupting it. That's how corruption spreads itself. It lures in the greedy and the ignorant with promises of quick and easy wealth, power, fame, and sex — all the things an ego craves the most. Trump's Washington hotel is an actual den for the congregation and breeding of devils.

This is how devilry works.

Good work here by CNN. Without this kind of transparent reporting devils would run rampant. Notice how devils can only survive in the shadows. They cannot survive long in the light. Which is why there is such an attack these days on the media. Once a bunch of devils get into power, their first job will be to corrupt every source of light and transparency. Devils must create a shadowy environment in order to roost. That's exactly what Trump has been doing from day one with his "fake news" campaign.

January 16, 2020

IRS Puts A Stop To TurboTax Corruption

The above news story explains how Inuit, maker of the popular tax filing software TurboTax, spent millions of dollars to lobby the US government against easy and free tax filing options. That's is devilry 101. That's how self-bias corrupts all governments.

Intuit is a publicly traded company with a market cap of $69 billion, $2.25 billion cash-on-hand, 8,2000 employees, and the CEO's salary is $21 million per year . Yet they cannot help rigging the government in their favor, regardless of how it hurts average citizens. Because their concern is not what's best for the citizens but what is best for Intuit. Why does the CEO get paid $21 million per year? Precisely because he works night and day to ensure that such devilry passes successfully. But of course he is not conscious of what he is doing. In his mind all of this is justified as normal, necessary, and even good. Because it is good! It's good for his survival which is linked to the survival of the company. You don't earn $21 million per year by being nice. You earn it by being a devil.

Now imagine that this is happening on a massive scale, with thousands of companies rigging the government to increase their profits. Now it's apparent why government is so ineffective and stuck. It's being debased from a thousands sides by a thousand parties.

Our government is like a noblewoman turned cheap whore, getting fucked in every orifice by an eager gaggle of desperate men. But if you stop and ask any one particular man in the gaggle whether there is any problem with this situation, he will say No, because it is normal, all his friends are doing it, the gaggle is 1000 men long, and how else is he supposed to get his needs met? And of course his need is insatiable. You'd think $21 million per year would be enough to be satisfy, but that only whets the appetite. And beside which, even if one of them quit in disgust, another one would eagerly take his place.

This is why getting money out of politics is the #1 most important political reform. And also why it's the most difficult.

January 14, 2020

I have decided to take a break from releasing videos for a while to rejuvenate my creative juices and work on myself. 7 years of constantly releasing videos with hardly any breaks takes its toll on creativity — which is one of my highest values. Yes, YouTuber burnout is a genuine phenomenon. The ever-present low-grade stress of having to constantly release great and original videos for years on end starts to eat away at the soul and feels creatively stifling — like being a one-trick pony. I have multiple creative projects and research projects which I want to work on besides releasing videos, and since the videos are so labor intensive and constant, this prevents me from working on other things that I'm passionate about, including my own development. For the kind of work that I do there needs to be a delicate balance between outer work and inner work. Outer work is work I do for you — for the world to consume. Inner work is work I do for myself which nobody directly sees, but which shapes the totality of my outer work in the future. So what I'm doing now is shifting priority from outer work to inner work. This means less immediate creative output, but laying a deeper foundation for the future.

I plan to take at least 1 month off, starting from last week.

And I have decided to make this a new yearly habit. From now on, every year I will take at least 1 month off purely for personal time — not for meditation retreats or others rigorous work, but just unplanned personal time. I find this is essential to do if you are highly creative person. You just cannot be at peak creativity 365 days of the year. That's not a good schedule for highly creative people. Counter-intuitively, more becomes less and less becomes more. So for now I'm planning to take the entire month of December off each year, but I may adjust that in the future to some other month or even months, depending on what my psyche calls for.

Fear not, I'll be back with more videos and new insights soon. There are literally 100s of important topics yet to cover. We just have to pace ourselves properly, as this is not a sprint but a marathon.

I will still be somewhat active on the forum, and the rest of the site will still be fully operational, so if you want to buy the book list or the Life Purpose Course, all of that still works.

Thanks for your support and for sticking with me through the highs and lows.

January 6, 2020

Geography plays a huge role in shaping how countries, ethnicities, and cultures develop:

Check out that channel for more awesome videos about geography. You can't understand the development of mankind without understanding geography. Geography dictates climate, resources, building materials, farming, livestock, tribes, migration, cuisine, culture, language, technology, war, disease, genetics, and more.

January 3, 2020

Well, the greatest concern about Trump's presidency — him starting a foolish war — has finally come to fruition.

Imagine if Iran had assassinated the US Vice President while he was traveling in a Canadian airport. That's the equivalent of what happened.

An accurate headline in today's morning paper would read: "US Assassinates Top Iranian Leader In Act of War". But you will not see such a headline in the US media because of Self-Bias. Of course the US will spin this as "self-defense". That's an interesting phrasing since "self-defense" — as in, ego-defense — is what this is really about. The ego always justifies its devilry as self-defense, even when it is aggression. Because the ego's notion of "self-defense" is infinitely elastic and self-biased.

Egotistical, unconscious, and ignorant leaders cannot help themselves start wars. Bush and Trump are cases in point. Dumb and dumber.

The current situation is the direct result of Trump's and the Republicans' eagerness to tear up the Iran nuclear agreement. It was obvious to even an uninformed laymen that reneging on that agreement was a very bad idea. And of course the opposition to that agreement was an act of ego.

It is the duty of conscious citizens to stand up and say, Not in our name! American citizens should not tolerate such devilry from our own. This is what being objective and truthful means in the real world. It is the ability to call out the self-bias and wrong-doing of your own team as soon as it happens, not giving them a pass because they are closer to you. A devil is a devil, even if he sleeps in the bed next to you.

January 2, 2020

I like how this tiny clip shows the whole predicament of survival in a nutshell:

What did this lady want? Love. But look how greedy she became when she didn't get the love she wanted. Then look how the Pope reacted to someone taking his love by force. That's survival on both sides.

This is what parents are doing to children; children are doing to parents; spouses are doing to spouses; businesses are doing to customers; customers are doing to businesses; businesses are doing to businesses; nations are doing to nations.

December 29, 2019

"Look at the peace inside, giving way to the gods of destruction."
"Full of desire. You feel afraid that there's nothing left."
"The ocean is dry. Do you feel hollow?"
"Nowhere to hide. Nothing to swallow."
"When you can't recognize, anything solid."
"Where do you turn, when you can't buy it?"
"What can you believe in now? With no love to follow."
"Now that you have lost yourself, can anything help you now?"

"Just let your fears go. You might find your way back home."
"Let your fears go. You might find that you're not lost."
"Just let your fears go. You might find your way back home."
"Let your fears go. You might find that you're not lost."

"What did you learn? What was it worth?"
"What did you yearn for? Everything's lost now."


Some guidance for the lowest point in your spiritual journey.
Lose yourself so you may find yourself.
May you find your way back Home.

December 27, 2019

Over the holiday break my brother showed me this series on Netflix called Love, Death, and Robots. It's a collection of 18 short sci-fi stories in animated form. What pleasantly surprised me was the depth and quality of the storytelling.

Three of the episodes caught my attention as having some profound spiritual significance:

  1. Beyond The Aquila Rift — the ending is profound in that it shows that truth can be an ugly thing which most people don't have the courage to stomach. Most people don't realize how shocking and radical truth is, which is why it must remain hidden. Before you ask for the truth, make sure you can handle it. Tis a good life lesson.
  2. Zima Blue - the entire arc of Zima-the-artist shows the interconnection between art, spirituality, and truth. Most artists don't realize that what they're really seeking with their art is Spirit. Zima found it, but it cost him his life. And of course his final deconstruction was shocking to everyone watching. Zim's arc is the spiritual path in a nutshell.
  3. The Witness — the ending is a delicious strange loop. If you're still not clear what a strange loop is, here it is.

After you watch these three episodes, my commentary above will start to make sense.

Here's the trailer for the show, although I think the trailer sucks at selling it, so don't judge by the trailer. You must watch to understand.

December 19, 2019

Speaking of Division vs Unity, here is it in the flesh:

This is how Consciousness divides itself.

Can you fathom how amazing this is? How amazing You are?