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Take Your Personal Development to a Whole New Level!

Over the last 5 years I've read over 250 books.

This was necessary for me to build a mental model of how to create a powerful life.

Success, happiness, money, business, relationships, sex, nutrition, meditation, the subconscious mind... I had to understand how it all works.

And so do you!

Don't short-cut this process.

Many of these books have given me profound insights, permanently shifting the trajectory of my life.

Moreover, now I have a solid mental model that allows me to see 10 steps ahead! I still have struggles, but it's almost impossible now for me to get stuck in life.

That's what I want for you!

I have cherry-picked for you the best of the best.

Many of these books I discovered by taking recommendations from world-renowned experts, millionaires, PhD's, yogi's, and business leaders.

So this is the best of the best!

Enjoy! :)

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P.S. The price of this list will increase in the months to come as I expand it to over 200 books. Buy now and get all the new updates for free, for life!

200 Books Across 22 Categories:

Updated annually with all the latest books I'm reading.

  • Success & Productivity (18)
  • Emotional Mastery (14)
  • Happiness (6)
  • Life Purpose (7)
  • Dealing with People (7)
  • Law of Attraction (5)
  • Art & Creativity (5)
  • Consciousness & Enlightenment (38)
  • Metaphysics & Epistemology (5)
  • Relationships, Dating & Sex (13)
  • Paranormal (5)
  • Psychedelics (8)
  • Science & Life (20)
  • Money (3)
  • Business & Marketing (6)
  • Biographies (17)
  • Health & Nutrition (6)
  • Physiology (1)
  • Life Coaching (5)
  • Philosophy (4)
  • Spiritual Poetry (2)
  • Brain Training (2)

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