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August 23, 2022


August 19, 2022

If love is connection, what would be the highest love? What could be more deeply interconnected than ONE? How does reality achieve connection on a metaphysical level? By the elimination of all difference between things. As long as things are different, that difference disconnects them from each other by definition. Why do we say that a kangaroo is not a taco? Because a kangaroo is different than a taco. So, a kangaroo is disconnected from a taco to the degree that it is not identical to a taco. But as consciousness realizes that it imagines all difference, the differences which disconnect all things reconnect into a unity, like drops of water merging into a puddle. Eventually the difference between self and other reconnects as well. When this happens, you realize there is no difference between you and any other being. When this happens, you become self-less. Or, in other words, your sense of self extends to all things, becoming infinite.

And now you understand why selflessness is identical to love. The highest love is to regard and treat everything equally well, no worse or better than yourself. This results in infinite love, since you extend to every object that could possibly exist. Selfishness is to hold a bias towards one part of reality over all others, which results in finite love, since you do not extend to every object that exists — some objects you reject and abandon. So, without realizing it, by being selfish, by holding your survival as more important than anyone else's, you place a limit on your experience of love.

Your love is limited because you are unwilling to connect or become one with every object in existence. You are unwilling to do this because you regard some objects as better than others, thereby unwilling to connect with the "inferior" ones. But God cannot afford such bias because God has to be the creator of every object that exists. If God favored one object over another, if God hated some objects, God could not create them and they could not exist. But by the very fact that you hate them, you acknowledge their existence. So they do exist. Therefore they must have been created. But God must be the creator of everything. "But can't God create it and hate it?" No! The only way God can create a thing is by BEING it. And being is the highest love. What you don't realize yet is that the creation of a thing necessitates a metaphysical connection to it because if a thing could exist without God — if a thing could be its own source, if a thing could create itself — it would be God! Don't you get it? God is absolute tautology. If God didn't create it, it created itself, therefore it is God, therefore God created it because it created itself. That which is capable of bringing itself into existence without an external source, is God. And what is the external source of EVERYTHING? EVERYTHING is ONE, and ONE cannot be two, therefore, ONE cannot have an external source. This isn't a word game! The mechanism of Creation is tautological necessity. Which is simply to say that A = A.

EVERYTHING is God! EVERYTHING created itself!

Do you comprehend how fucking profound this is?

How the fuck do you think you exist?! By accident???? You exist as absolute tautology! You exist because you MUST exist! God is Self-Creation. There isn't an 'other' who could have created you because you imagine all difference between anything, including self and other. And you cannot not exist because something would have to exist that separates you from existence, and separates existence from non-existence! But the thing separating existence from non-existence is YOU! You cannot not exist, even if you wanted to. Which is the only reason you're here.


Another way to frame it is: God is that which is connected to all things. Because it IS all things. To be all things is to literally be love. It is the highest possible expression of love. And so, God is Love, God is Selfless.

Love and Selflessness are not merely psychological orientations towards things. Love and Selflessness are the metaphysical identity of all things. God's Love is so profound it happens at the level of ontology. God is Identity itself. Identity.... as in equality. When you realize there is no difference between anything, you realize God is Equality. Love is the realization that everything equals everything.

Those who are selfish would like to have God abandon those things which they hate without realizing that God is ontologically incapable of abandoning any of its creation, because God is creation itself and something had to create the thing you hate. God is literally incapable of abandoning any thing because it's identical to all things, and that the highest Love.

How can one abandon himself? What madness do you ask of God?

If you want to understand God, lay down your hatred for all things. Then you will see as God does.

One who dares to reconnect with every aspect of oneself that one has demonized and abandoned, is God.

When you see love in all things without qualification, you are God. And the extent to which you don't, you are not.


It's so fucking obvious. You are everything you hate. You're just too scared to accept it. But what would happen if you accepted it? What would happen if you stopped rejecting Truth?

Consider this: If you are God, if God is love, if God is reality, if reality is truth, if you are untruthful, then you reject reality, then you cut yourself off from love, then you cut yourself off from yourself.

But hey, all this is just some clever words on a page. Nothing practical ;)

August 18, 2022

A really interesting, eye-opening, and grounded look into how intelligence agencies work:

I love how down-to-earth and realistic Andrew is.

Great choice of interview subject by Lex. Where'd you find this guy?

August 17, 2022

It's good to know that at least one honorable Republican still exists in Congress — (unfortunately, soon out of power). Serious credit to Liz Cheney for not selling out to MAGA depravity. This is what healthy conservativism looks like:

A beautiful example of What Is Integrity?

For all of Dick Cheney's failings, he did not fail in raising a good daughter. Note: you don't need to like Dick Cheney to appreciate what Liz Cheney did here.

Note: I see many progressives get this point wrong, unable to give Liz credit because they are blinded by their hatred for Dick Cheney and the Iraq War. Also, I'm well aware of Liz's voting record. She voted with Trump something like 90%+ of the time, which is shameful from my perspective. But this does not undermine her valor in the face of MAGA. Conservatives are going to exist. That's not the issue. The issue is whether they are healthy vs toxic people. I see progressives holding this childish idea that for a politician to be praiseworthy they must be a progressive. This is wrong. There are healthy and unhealthy manifestations of conservativism, and healthy forms of it need to be encouraged, otherwise we exacerbate polarization to toxic and unworkable levels. You need to be able to praise the good actions of your political opponents when they behave in conscious ways. This is exactly why I made this post, because you won't hear this from progressives, because they are too busy hating on anything non-progressive. Progressives shirk responsibility for how they contribute to toxic levels of polarization. Yes, conservatives are worse, but progressives are not innocent. I'm showing you the difference between a Tier 2 vs a Tier 1 approach to politics.

Today, American democracy is in peril because conservatives like Liz Cheney are nearly all extinct, given way to shameless levels of demagoguery, dishonesty, and bias. Today's conservatives have lost their moral core in a desperate deal with the devil to maintain their clutch on Spiral Dynamics Stage Blue/Orange in a 1st world evolving rapidly towards solid Green. Trump's profound lack of integrity has had a radioactive effect on the Republican party, which will be the most damaging and dangerous part of his legacy. This is what happens when you sell your soul to the devil for power, money, sex, and fame.

America will not have a functioning democracy until we reestablish a healthy conservative political wing, which will probably take a decade or more. But who will dare lead that effort?

Thank you Liz Cheney. You inspire me to be more integrous.

Integrity — it's a bitch.

August 16, 2022

August 11, 2022

Some Blade Runner-inspired contemplation music:

I got a new 4K TV recently — Samsung's 75" The Frame — after living without a TV for 7 years. I mostly got it to display HD art, but I figured since I have it I might as well watch some films in HD. So I watched Blade Runner 2049. The TV's design is exceptional, BTW. Truly a work of art. But anyhow...

Blader Runner's story isn't so great, but such beautiful world-building and jaw-dropping cinematography. The best part of the film was K's relationship with Joi. I wish they fleshed that out a lot more rather than focusing on the lame replicants. This scene in 4K is just a work of art:

I watched this scene on 5-MeO-MALT and it blew my fucking mind.

"I want to be real for you."

What a line! What a genius scene.

August 11, 2022

Adam Savage, of Mythbusters fame, was a prop-master in Hollywood for 20 years. I like him as an example of how to find a very unique niche / purpose in life. Hope this inspires you to find yours:

Imagine prop-master & tinkerer as your life purpose? Wow!

He has a cool YT channel too. Check it out. He seems so happy in his niche. It fits him like a glove.

August 4, 2022

A brilliant opening scene. They don't make 'em like this anymore:

"You see thee snake, Billy? The ultimate evil."


- - - - - - -

On a serious note, What is the weapon against evil?


AKA, Love.

August 2, 2022

This is a powerful resource for those of you who have trauma to heal. Here's how you heal all trauma in a nutshell:

It's worth watching this entire series as it can transform your life.

Credit to forum user @Ulax for sharing it.

Again, trauma healing is not the focus of Actualized.org, but if you got trauma to heal — and many people do — you should address it because it will hold you back from accessing the advanced stages of development that Actualized.org is focused on.

You might wonder, "But Leo, if trauma is so common and so important, how come you don't cover it more?", to which the answer is simply: I'm interested in higher things. Curing world hunger is also important for self-actualization — it's hard to self-actualize when you're hungry — but I'm not interested in that. That's someone else's domain. Actualized.org is not supposed to solve every problem in your life. Be careful if you expect that.