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April 26, 2024

It's always a good day for a mindfuck.

Games can be windows into alternative universes. What if human life is just one kind of game world?

People usually regard games as silly and frivolous, but notice that human life is structured like a game.

Video games parallel the endless possibilities of Consciousness. There is an insanely large possibility space for the kind of game worlds that can be created. Most games are very unoriginal, they don't even come close to exploring the crazy possibilities for the game worlds that could be created if you really thought outside the box. There could be a whole new category of Alien Games — games not meant for human minds. Of course they wouldn't sell well. Which is why we end up with games like Star Field and Call of Duty instead.

April 25, 2024

Great news!

This would never happen under a Republican or Trump administration. In fact, Republicans and Trump will likely use the Supreme Court to re-instate non-competes and hamstring the FTC. A big part of the Republican judicial agenda is to strip power from regulatory agencies like the FTC, EPA, FDA, CPA, etc. These agencies protect little people from corporate exploitation.

This is why conservative and MAGA populism is bullshit. They don't actually pass laws that help little people, they pass laws and pack the courts with judges who defend corporate monopolies, ridiculous tax loopholes for the richest 1%, and consider corporations to have human rights. Trump doesn't care about defending little people, because there's no profit in that. The profit is in defending powerful corporate interests.

Don't let anyone fool you that Biden and Trump are equally bad. They are not. The Biden administration has taken real action to curb corporate overreach, by cracking down on monopolies. The Biden administration has sued Google, Amazon, Apple, and others over their monopolistic abuses of power. It's actually Democrats who are fighting corporations on behalf of little people, not conservatives. Conservatives, including MAGA, are defending the status quo — despite all their noisy rhetoric. And the status quo is corporatism, monopoly, oligarchy, and anti-democracy. If you think that voting for Trump will help you against corporate elitism you've fallen for Trump's con. Trump IS an elitist. He has contempt for little people and he does not care about actually doing the hard and uncomfortable work necessary for defending human rights. The status quo is to trample human rights, and that's exactly the system that conservatives conserve.

You can easily see that conservative populism is bullshit because conservatives pass no laws to reign in corporate power, they do the opposite under the guise of "freedom". Yes, American conservatives want corporations to be free to rape you and your children. Of course conservatives will deny this, but in practice that's effectively what their notion of "freedom" entails, whether they realize it or not. Many of them are just in denial about it because they benefit from it, or because they are lost fighting the conservative culture wars. But the culture wars are just a distraction from the legislative and judicial reality that conservative policy defends corporations and the top 1% more than anyone else.

Of course Democrats are not all pure. They also defend corporate interests in many cases because of lobbying and corrupt incentives. But they are better than these loud-mouthed conservative populists. You have to judge a party by what it does and who its legislation helps, not what it says, and not the culture war issues. If conservatives could see past the culture wars, they would see that their party is on the side of corporate monopolies and anti-free market. The aim of every major corporation is to destroy free markets. Because that's what they need to maximize profits.

April 24, 2024

The scale of our universe is insane:

Actually, the scale is infinite. God is Infinite Scale. Up, down, in, out, in every direction, in every dimension.

April 23, 2024

This is nuts:

Can your enlightened guru do that?

The intelligence of survival strikes again ;)

Lord of Cactii.

April 22, 2024

Interesting science:

April 17, 2024

Really good insights into the rapidly approaching future of AI and its impacts on humanity:

April 16, 2024

This is how an advanced alien mind might experience reality:

When I say alien, I mean REALLY alien. Ways of cognizing reality which the human mind cannot imagine. An advanced alien mind would represent things to itself in very unusually, multi-dimensional, highly abstract and visionary ways. What the above represents is not just a different mode of perception, it's a different mode of cognition — a cognition so powerful it thinks in a multi-dimensional visual abstractions. Human thinking is mostly linear, sequential, and verbal, with very vague visuals. But if your cognition was seriously advanced it would start to look like the video above. It's a quantum leap in consciousness, like the difference between the mind of an ant and the mind of a human.

This is the kind of mind that's necessary to really understand reality. The human mind is not capable it. I call this hyper-mind.

When I say humans are stupid, this is what I mean. Humans are stupid relative to a hyper-mind. And no amount of education or meditation will give you hyper-mind, in the same way that you cannot educate an ant to have the cognition of a human.

Discovering hyper-mind was the greatest discovery of my life. All of the hardcore epistemic and metaphysical work I did in my life lead me to the discovery of hyper-mind.

I have been asked before, "What does Leo mean when he says jailbreaking the mind?"

Well... what I mean is far beyond "enlightenment" or anything the human mind can fathom. What I mean is, the discovery of hyper-mind. I jailbroke my mind so deeply that I turned into an alien intelligence. At least for a short while, not permanently. That's where all this work ultimately leads.

April 15, 2024

I collect and bid on rare ancient masks.

Check out this Egyptian mask on auction right now:


It's from 1,500BC! 3,500 years old!

I've never seen one like this for sale. What a find! Selling for $16,000.

April 14, 2024

You can learn a lot from Scott Galloway about managing your finances.

But also notice, even though Galloway has a lot of wisdom and experience to share in the financial domain, fundamentally his relationship to money is dysfunctional and corrupt. He has 4 mansions and over a $100 million dollar net worth, yet he still feels financially insecure. Are you kidding me?! How the fuck is everybody else in the world supposed to survive and thrive? The way Galloway acquires that money is through all sorts of excessive capitalistic manipulations, backroom deals, and special tax breaks. This is the reality of the corrupt nature of capitalism and investing. It's like an addiction and it causes great harm to society even though the people doing it — like Scott Galloway — are otherwise kind, decent, empathetic people. But they just get sucked into this culture of capitalism and they cannot stop themselves because they would lose their sense of purpose and meaning. They wouldn't know what to do with themselves. So this is nothing to aspire to.

How many homes, how many hundreds of millions do you need to hoard? How much wealth do you need to extract from workers, customers, and creatives? Galloway's wealth is coming from somewhere, and it ain't from the hours he worked or the amazing things he's created. He didn't create $100 million worth of new things. This kind of relationship with money is distorting and corrupting society. And it's considered completely normal, acceptable, and even aspiration in the circles that Galloway runs in, and the people who follow his YT channel.

What's most disturbing about listening to Galloway is that he's otherwise so intelligent, wise, and caring, but even that is not enough to get him to stop these exploitative, manipulative capitalistic games. It's not like Galloway is a ruthless, careless Wall Street wolf. But he still effectively makes his money as those Wall Street wolves do. That's how sick and addictive this game is.

What I want you to understand is that people who corrupt the system are so steeped in the corruption that they consider themselves the good guys, the average Joe just trying to make it. A guy with a $100 million dollars is sitting there thinking that he's the little guy just trying to make in the world against "the man". No! You are the corruption, with all your polite manners and caring personality! That's how difficult this issue is. There's so much of this kind of bullshit within the financial world. It's an utterly corrupt culture these people swim in. And I say this as someone who likes Scott Galloway as a person. He's not a bad guy. He's just immersed in a culture of systemic corruption and exploitation.

People who turn the pursuit of money into a career have a lot in common with people who turn sex into a career. Your career should not be about making money, it should be about creating great things. That is a big difference. People who purely pursue maximization of money corrupt and distort society in many gross and subtle ways, from the way they lobby the government, bribe politicians, pervert the tax code, hoard up real estate and drive up prices, bribe universities on behalf of their children, etc.

As I've said elsewhere, The way humans acquire and distribute wealth in our society is monstrously unconscious.

If you have $5+ million dollars and 2+ mansions and you still feel financially insecure, you need to close down your brokerage account and go to therapy.

April 12, 2024

New report from Consumer Reports finds that Lunchables are full of lead and other heavy metals.

Be careful what junk you feed your kids. Baby food, baby formula, packaged kids food — has all been found to be full of toxic chemicals. Because it's designed to be as cheap as possible.

Basically, any kind of packaged food designed specifically for babies or kids is going to be toxic. Because the kids are too ignorant to care, and so are most parents.

And don't forget about pets. How toxic do you think your pet food is?

Ideally you should teach and help your kids to make and eat whole, unpackaged, unprocessed foods — not food marketed to kids. In practice, of course, this will be difficult because kids are so brainwashed with advertising and they don't care about their own health. Really, corporations and brands who target kids with advertising — like Disney — are doing the work of the devil. If we had a decent political system there would be a nationwide ban on advertising to children. Advertising to young children is mind rape.