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October 19, 2021

What is reality?

Unlimited Love.

Unlimited Love is a selflessness so deep it loves every possible limit at can be brought into Consciousness.

The profundity of God's Love is that it recognizes that not all finite parts of itself are ready or willing to surrender all their attachments to experience Unlimited Love. God is perfectly okay if a human decides to forestall Unlimited Love in favor of something lesser — like chasing sex, success, or fame. God's Love loves your neediness, your attachment, your small-minded materialism.

You beat yourself up for not being a better person. But God does not. God understands that it is impossible for you to be a better person without surrendering your finite attachments, and God understands why you aren't willing to surrender them: because you are afraid to lose the little bit of love that you've found in life. God knows that if you would just have the courage to surrender everything you would realize Unlimited Love. You would merge with and become God. But God knows you cannot be forced into this, you must come to it through conscious choice, because Self-Consciousness IS Love. To see yourself completely is to fall in love with yourself completely. So God waits patiently for you to recognize that you are needlessly limiting your love of Self. And since you ARE God, the only way God can complete itself is when YOU realize your own love. If YOU don't do it, who will? Don't you see, silly, that there is no "other" who can do it because the realization of the highest Love is so profound it cannot leave any room for anything other than itself, anything other than yourself.

The highest Love is to allow every sentient being in the Universe to cling to whatever finite attachments they have, without forcing them to accept Unlimited Love, but slowly nudging them along.

To truly Love someone is to accept them EXACTLY as they are, even if they are scared, ignorant, unconscious, attached, needy, clingy, closedminded, delusional, ugly. To truly Love someone is to not have any way you need them to be for you, because you are so selfless you have no needs. You just accept whatever is. When Love reaches this height it becomes identical to Absolute Truth.

And this is all there is to reality. Reality is nothing more than a single Infinite Mind, an Infinite Consciousness, struggling to accept itself absolutely as it is. When this struggle is occurring we call it life. When this struggle is complete, we call it death.

The only reason God seems so outlandish, distant, and "other" to you, is because you are not willing to surrender all your attachments to realize that God is you. And God is okay with that. How can God show you that God is you when you are so deeply attached to a finite identity, yet God's identity is Infinite? Don't you see that to realize an Infinite identity requires surrendering all finite identities?

Literally, the only way you can realize Infinite Love is if you surrender every idea you have that some parts of reality are not Love. But you are too selfish to do that. Therefore you are incapable of seeing that reality is Love. What prevents you from seeing it is your attachment to everything in the Universe that you hate, fear, reject, and wish weren't so.

Mailman lost your package? Boyfriend cheated on you? Girl rejected you? Fire burned down your house? Car ran over your dog? — How can you realize that reality is Love when you hate, fear, and reject these aspects of reality? You don't have sufficient consciousness to see the Love in it, therefore to a finite self reality is anything but Absolute Love.

The only problem is that your lenses are befogged with selfishness. Don't you get it? If Love is selflessness, how can you expect to see it when you are selfish??

Notice this: the deeper you love, the more it kills you. Which is why you fear loving too deeply. Love kills the finite identity by replacing it with an ever-expanding, infinite identity. And if you could no longer identify yourself as any finite thing, you'd be dead. Hence Infinite Love = Death

Maybe now you can appreciate why no human embodies Infinite Love. Infinite Love cannot be embodied. Since it is too vast to fit into any finite body. You can't see Infinite Love precisely because it is unlimited. It is EVERYTHING! It is not one body, it is ALL possible bodies! It is ALL possible embodiments! So maybe now you can appreciate why all humans are the embodiment of Infinite Love.

So what's the point of life? To see how deeply you can love it before it kills you. Love will kill you one way or another. How it kills you is up to you. There is no escaping Infinity.

October 11, 2021

And you think you have problems?

October 8, 2021


A strange loop is to a logical mind what a stick is to a bicycle wheel.

Do you dare say YES to paradox?

October 7, 2021

A bit New Agey, but still beautiful:

"No evil whatsoever."

Obviously ;)

October 5, 2021

When you look deep enough within, you look without. When you look deep enough without, you look within.

There's no place you can look where you are not, and that's because you are the All-Seeing I.

October 2, 2021


Ramanujan is reputed to be one of most intuitively talented mathematicians who ever lived. A devout Hindu, he took the European field of mathematics by storm. His astounding contributions to mankind's understanding of mathematics were tragically cut short by a premature death at the age of 32.

"Ramanujan credited his substantial mathematical capacities to divinity, and said the mathematical knowledge he displayed was revealed to him by his family goddess Namagiri Thayar. He had visions of scrolls of complex mathematical content unfolding before his eyes. He once said, ‘An equation for me has no meaning unless it expresses a thought of God."

"Suppose that we rate mathematicians on the basis of pure talent on a scale from 0 to 100. Hardy gave himself a score of 25, J.E. Littlewood 30, David Hilbert 80, and Ramanujan 100."


— Wikipedia

I highly recommend watching this amazing free film about his life story:

Let this be a lesson to you in the ways of intuition and trans-rationality.

Grasp this: There is no mathematics without Consciousness! And Consciousness is God. The only reason you can add 1 plus 1, is because you employ God's intellect to do so. But are you intelligent enough to understand this?

October 1, 2021

So, in case you haven't caught on to the obvious yet, UFOs are a thing.

And by UFOs what I mean is: highly advanced intelligent alien life and spacecraft, not just some vague "unknown" activity in the sky. Not only that, but all the evidence points to the US and Russian governments actually being in possession of alien spacecraft and trying desperately to reverse engineer them.

Obviously don't believe everything you hear, but UFOs are no quackery nor a hoax. The evidence is simply overwhelming and beyond anyone's ability to debunk. With that said, there's still much we don't know. So this field is rife with potential for epistemic delusion, so be careful.

Here are some good resources for educating yourself about the phenomena:

- - - - - -

It really does seem that we are alive at just the perfect time for mainstream disclosure. It's already happening and exciting new developments should be coming in the news over your lifetime. So stay vigilant. Keep your mind open, but also don't be foolish.

If you're going to study UFOs, be careful about your epistemology and jumping to conclusions. There are many self-deceived conspiracy theorists within this field, so be extra careful not to get caught up in wild speculation and especially any kind of fear-mongering narratives about UFOs. The fact is they are flying around but we just don't have a good understanding of what they want and what our governments are doing about it. There are many unknowns in this field so be careful not to speculate. Do not get carried away with this topic.

"But Leo! You said conspiracy theories aren't real!" You need to re-watch my episode about conspiracy theories more carefully. I said something very nuanced there. Many misunderstood that episode because they were too busy being shocked and offended that I did not validate their favorite conspiracy theories.

September 27, 2021

When you go beyond every teaching and teacher:


September 26, 2021

September 25, 2021

You should know that both the US and Russian intelligence agencies run secret paranormal programs to use remote viewing and other psychic phenomena to do spying and intelligence gathering work.

So while the materialist scientists and public intellectuals act stupid, the CIA and FSB are using psychic phenomena in the field to accomplish real-world results. See, the thing is, you don't have to know how to explain mystical phenomena scientifically in order to use it to advance your survival. Unlike the scientific community, the CIA doesn't care about metaphysical explanations, they just care whether they can use it to gain a strategic advantage. If the CIA can use remote viewing to track the construction of a top secret new class of Russian nuclear submarine, that's good enough for them. And the CIA has successfully used remote viewing to uncover top secret Russian nuclear submarines before the Russians even finished constructing them.

And how is all this possible? Simple. Because the entire Universe is mental.

Now that's some serious mind games.

- - - - - -

Update: Some have accused me of spreading conspiracy theories with my claims above about the CIA. But of course it is no conspiracy theory that the CIA studies and uses psychic phenomena. This is well-documented. Project Star Gate is but one example. It is not a conspiracy theory that intelligence agencies use whatever means available to further their spying. That's the core function of an intelligence agency. They also use psychedelics and deliriants like scopolamine as a truth serum. It's safe to assume that if a thing works, they will use it.

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