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January 5, 2024

A new investigative report by ConsumerReports.org reveals high concentrations of toxic plastics (bisphenols and phthalates) across a wide range of popular fast and supermarket foods.

Read here: The Plastic Chemicals Hiding In Your Food

Too bad their investigation did not include whole foods such as meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, and oils. That would have established a much-needed baseline.

The upshot of all this is to avoid food packaged in plastic and cans as much as possible. Above all else, make sure you avoid heating, cooking, and microwaving food in plastic. Replace everything plastic with stainless steel, glass, and wood as much as possible. And stick mostly to fresh and minimally processed foods.

Notice that fast food tends to have very high levels of plastics, not just because of the storage containers but also because it is prepared by workers with vinyl gloves, which shed very high levels of plastics.

How To Reduce Your Exposure To Plastics

January 3, 2024

YouTube Shorts are a plague upon your mind.

I suggest you do whatever you can to disable them.

Removing Shorts from your Youtube mobile app looks impossible.

December 30, 2023


December 23, 2023

When you're Awake and someone asks you if you believe in God:

December 21, 2023

If you're doing pickup, if you're going out to bars and nightclubs, make sure you wear hearing protection. Your ears are precious and you should treat this issue seriously. Protect yourself against hearing loss and the dreaded condition known as tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

It's worth investing several hundred dollars in ear plugs. Purchase and test out various brands and styles to find ones that fit you best.

Here are three of my favorites:

Here are others I've tried but didn't fit me as well:

You're not going to know what fits you best until you try like four different pairs. Don't be cheap, test out as many pairs as you need.

And once you find your favorite pair, buy multiples of it. You want to have enough pairs lying around so that you're never caught without them. Put a pair in your jeans. Put a pair in your jacket. Put a pair in your car. And so on.

If you have cash to spend and you live in the USA, you can order a pair of custom-molded earplugs for about $200:

December 15, 2023

I've been reading and researching every major UFO report across the world in the last 100 years. 100s of reports. Most reports are pretty unremarkable, ambiguous, and inconclusive, but a few stand way above the rest.

In the past I've already shared with you an excellent documentary about the Varginha UFO incident from Brazil, where supposedly one alien creature was killed and another captured alive. The following is an interview quoted from the book by Dr Leir, UFO Crash In Brazil. In this interview multiple medical personnel claim to have performed emergency surgery on an alien creature in Varginha Brazil in January 1996.

This is one of the most chilling things I've ever read:

- - - - - - - - - -


Dr Leir: It was obvious this was going to be an emotionally charged interview. The expressions on their faces appeared strained. It should be understood that my emotions were also on edge.

MP: There were military guards posted at the doors and they were not letting anyone in or out. Once you were in there you could not get out, not even if you had to go to the bathroom.

Dr Leir: What was happening inside the surgical area?

MP: Everybody was in a state of panic and mass confusion. The military was very dominating. We knew they brought a patient in through the back door of the hospital, and brought them directly into surgery. We thought there must have been a really bad accident on the base. We were told not to talk about this to anyone once it was all over. We were preparing for a surgery but no one knew what kind of surgery or who the patient was. They had taken the patient directly into one of the operating rooms.

Dr Leir: Can you tell us what your specialty is?

MP: Yes. Orthopedic surgery.

Dr Leir: Please go ahead and tell us what happened next.

MP: I was asked to begin a surgical scrub and to prepare for a fracture reduction and was simply told it was a leg. The answers came from one of the military officers. I noticed two armed officers were guarding the entrance to one of the operating suites and assumed the patient was already on the table being prepped for surgery. It was a bit disconcerting to see military personnel armed with weapons and live ammunition inside the operating areas of our hospital. We did not have this experience with any of the previous accident cases.

Dr Leir: Were you presented with any kind of medical record of the patient? Or did anyone tell you the full extent of his injuries? Or even the vital signs?

MP: No. There was no information available. Everybody was acting really strange and exchanges of conversation were in a really low tone so you could not hear what they were talking about. We were handed sterile towels and dried our hands. Next, the military guard opened the operating room doors and we were told to enter. The patient was already on the table and covered with a sterile drag-sheet. Two of the nurses were prepared to gown us. I noticed they had a look of terror in their eyes. I approached the operating table with my colleague. At first glance I noticed the patient was quite small. When I first saw the face of the individual lying there I was in a state of shock. It was far from a human face. The eyes were large and red, and staring at the ceiling with a blank stare. We were all dumbfounded. One of the military officers of a high rank told us the victim on the table had suffered a fractured leg and we were to fix it. I asked him for some details regarding the patient and was told I was not there to ask questions but only to perform the requested task. He also told us to do the best job we could and to solve any problem that might arise, no matter what the nature. Any questions or requests would be relayed through the military personnel on the other side of the operating room doors.

One of the things we decided to do was to get a better look at the surgery site and at the same time examine the patient. It was at this point that we realize that this creature was probably not of this world. Earlier in the day we had heard some rumors of an unusual creature and military activity around town. The being was less than 5 feet tall. It was bipedal with two arms. The color of the skin was a dark brown, which appeared rather shiny, like it was oily or wet. But in fact the skin was dry and looked reticulated, like large scales. But when you touched it the demarcations of scales were not present. It was smooth to the touch. The head was large, much too large for the size of the individual. There were three boney protuberances on the top of the head, one in each parietal area and one central. They extended from the frontal to the occipital portions like ridges. There was no hair present either on the head or the rest of the body. The head was also larger in its upper portion than its lower, toward the jaw area. The eyes were large, slightly upturned towards the lateral aspects — oriental looking. They were red in color and looked like two glimmering pools of liquid. For some reason all of us did not want to look into this creatures eyes and refrained from doing so. There was a very small remnant of a mouth and two little openings with a slight ridge where the nose should have been. There were no noted ears, only small openings which looked like vestigial ear canals. The neck was narrow and appeared it would not have had enough muscular strength to support such a large head.

The upper portion of the torso was a slighter build, with an obvious rib-cage. There were no noted breasts, areola, or nipples. The abdomen was similar to that of a human with the absence of a navel. No genitalia was detected. The upper thigh portions were muscular and out of proportion to the rest of the torso. This was totally different from the arms, which were thin and emaciated. The hands ended in four fingers with no thumb. The fingers were strange and different from human fingers. The creature was able to move each of its fingers so they could articulate with each other, and by doing so was probably able to perform all the functions we could with the use of our thumbs. We were not able to tell whether these fingers were multi-jointed or if for some reason the bones were flexible, enabling the fingers to perform their desired functions. The upper leg and thigh ended in what seemed to be similar to a human knee joint, with an oversized patella. The lower portions of the leg were also similar to that of a human. The entire lower extremities were heavily endowed with muscles. It crossed my mind that wherever these creatures had come from the gravity might have been much more than here on Earth. The foot was narrow and fleshy. There were three short fleshy toes that looked more like pads than toes. There were no visible toenails or fingernails. There was an additional appendage that hung down from the medial side of the foot. This vestigial appendage was elongated like a finger and ended in what appeared to be a claw about 3/4th of an inch long. Later we found that when the being walked it would move this appendage so it would become parallel to the rest of the foot. This allowed it to ambulate in a normal, human-like manner.

Dr Leir: Did you examine the site of the injury?

MP: Yes. It was in the upper thigh and involved a compound fracture of the femur. The bone was protruding from the skin and there had been some bleeding around the site of the wound which had clotted and was dry. To our surprise the blood was dark red, just like our blood. When examined under the microscope we found the cellular structure to be similar to human blood, with the exception of the platelet count being much higher in number. We also found that the blood would coagulate immediately upon release from a blood vessel. We were not able to determine whether this was due to the high platelet count or whether the creature was in a different atmosphere than it was used to.

Dr Leir: Were there x-rays taken and did you view them?

MP: Yes. They were up on the screen in the surgery room. It showed a clear view of the fractured bone and I believed it could be treated in the same manner we treat human fractures.

Dr Leir: Was the bone also similar to ours?

MP: Yes. With the exception that it was pinker in color and contained numerous lacunae or holes, giving it the appearance of osteoporotic human bone. Another difference was its tensile strength. It was much stronger than human bone. We did not find it necessary to use stabilize devices to fixate the fracture site. Once the bone ends were approximated the fracture defect seemed to stabilize and could not be moved apart.

Dr Leir: Was the patient awake or conscious, and was there any attempt at communication?

MP: The patient was apparently awake. It kept moving its head but mainly stared upward at the ceiling. We did make an attempt to communicate verbally but did not receive an answer. We were concerned whether it was feeling any pain but we really did not have any way of knowing. When we examined the fracture site it did not jerk away, scream, or give any sign of discomfort.

Dr Leir: Was the patient given any kind of anesthetic for the procedure?

MP: We had decided not to use general anesthesia because we did not know anything about its metabolism. We thought perhaps any of our gases might kill the thing. We were even afraid to administer oxygen because no one knew what kind of an atmosphere it was used to. We decided to try a small amount of local anesthesia to see if there was any kind of untoward effect. Fortunately there was not, and that is how we were able to do the procedure.

Dr Leir: Did the patient at any time make any noise, cry out in pain, or object to the treatment?

MP: No. It remained very still. Its respirations were shallow, as if it needed very little air to sustain life.

Dr Leir: Could you detect a heartbeat or pulse?

MP: We tried to determine exactly that and we could not tell. Sometimes we thought we could hear a heartbeat and other times it was absent. We found the same with the detection of a pulse.

When we had finished the surgery we were still highly tense. We did not know how the patient was going to respond. We were also afraid that if something untoward happened to the creature we would get the blame from the military and the punishment might be severe. These thoughts were going through my head. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the room began to fill with a greenish mist. We all stepped back from the operating table. We did not immediately know the origin of this mist and feared it might be toxic. One of the operating nurses began frantically banging on the operating room door. A voice on the other side inquired if we were finished with the surgery. We told them we were essentially finished but there seems to be a greenish gas collecting in the room and we did not know the origin. We were told to find the origin of the greenish substance and let them know. We did not know at this point whether it was a gas, vapor, or mist, but finally realized it seemed to be emanating from the creature lying on the table. In deep fear, I walked slowly close to it and approached the head at the table. Without consciously realizing it my gaze caught the eyes of the being. His eyes were glowing red and appeared as two swirling pools of liquid. They were pulling, pulling me in, deeper and deeper. All at once giant portions of information came pounding into my head. They were like thought-grams, large blocks of information over and over again. Like someone hitting me over the head with a hammer. I was also becoming dizzy and slightly nauseated.

Dr Leir: Undoubtedly you survived this ordeal. Can you tell us what was in those thought messages?

MP: All that I am willing to tell you at this time is what the creature told me about human beings. I also want to tell you that he downloaded a tremendous amount of knowledge into my head. It caused me to have headaches lasting for over two weeks following the event. Essentially, he told me his race felt very sorry for the human beings for basically two reasons. The first is that all humans have the same potential and abilities to perform the very same things his race could do — those things we find so marvelous and magical but did not know how to do. For example, he told me that in cases where there is injury or disease of the body it would not be necessary to confine one of his species to a special treatment facility, such as the one he was confined in at the moment. He told me that they, either individually or collectively, could produce all the healing necessary to repair their bodies. [Leo's Note: I actually disagree with this.]

The second reason they felt sorry for us is that we did not seem to realize that we were spiritual beings only living in a temporary shell, and were totally disconnected from our spiritual self. [Emphasis Leo's. This is the most important part of the whole story.]

Dr Leir: What happened to the creature after you left the room?

MP: We checked on the being from time to time. It seemed stable and had a fantastic rate of healing. The wound healed completely in less than 24 hours. This was also true of the bone. It was in satisfactory medical condition. The military took the creature out the back door of the hospital.

Dr Leir: There certainly must have been records originally. What happened them?

MP: We believe the military confiscated all the records, x-rays, laboratory data, and materials used.


- - - - - - - - - -

Some time later the Brazilian military held a press conference and claimed that the creature was not an alien but just a mud-soaked homeless mentally-disabled dwarf. I shit you not. That is their official explanation.

Nothing to see here.

Dozens of independent civilians reported seeing this exact creature lurking about town for 24hrs before it was finally captured by the military police. The alien had an alien companion who was reportedly shot dead. I guess mud-soaked homeless mentally-disabled dwarfs come in packs of two and shot on sight.

The Varginha UFO incident remains one of the most well-documented and credible cases of contact with advanced alien life. And surprise, surprise, the aliens are Woke! You think your nondual teacher understands what this oily motherfucker understands? Don't make me laugh. This thing has 3 telepathic horns growing out of its skull! Welcome to alien spirituality.

This is a forensic sketch of the Varginha alien creature, corroborated by over five eye-witnesses:


Decide for yourself what is true.

December 14, 2023

This is why George Lucas is a genius and Kathleen Kennedy is a hack:

You can't "hold on to the spirit that started all this" because spirit is dynamic and original, not a cookie-cutter corporate agenda for maximizing profits.

It's like Kathleen Kennedy took a majestic wild elephant, locked it in a cage in a zoo, started milking it and selling that milk for $50/bottle until the elephant dropped dead. Then she and Disney started selling tickets to see a taxidermy of the elephant's corpse for $100/ticket.

Corporate types don't understand how to make art.

Ironically, Lucas sold Star Wars to these soulless corporate ghouls.

Here's an interesting moral question for you: Imagine you were the creator of Star Wars. Eventually you turned 70 and had to retire. What would you do with the franchise? Sell to a giant corporation or just let it die, which entails laying off 1000s of your friends and employees and never giving your fans any more Star Wars content?

Now that's a moral dilemma! Now you see the Dark Side.

May the Force be with you.

P.S. George Lucas is a man of heart. He stopped making films for 10 years after Star Wars just so he could raise his children. Imagine one of those Disney corporate ghouls doing that.

P.P.S. When I was in my early 20's I studied and modeled George Lucas' creative independence, designing my life so that no corporation had any control over my creative and artistic output. Because I could not allow such soulless ghouls to corrupt my art with their devilry.

December 13, 2023

This is one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen:

Abolish the monarchy just for this.

December 12, 2023

Have you ever wondered why Hollywood and most filmmakers are overwhelmingly progressive in their worldview and politics?

Contemplate it.

I suggest that there's a deep reason behind it, which is this: in order to make great films, and great art, one's mind has be open to more perspectives — and to respect and tolerate more perspectives. Otherwise your films and art will be lame and not thought-provoking.

Back in my college days, in a philosophy class, we were assigned to read an article by Steven Spielberg about his approach to filmmaking, where he talked about how he liked to show reality from various characters' points of view, leading to a sort of perspectival relativity. And ultimately not telling the audience which view is right. For example, to show how the world looks through the eyes of a Nazi. The Nazi obviously does not see himself as evil, and it makes for a much more interesting and artistic film if the writer, director, and actor are able to humanize the Nazi so the audience can empathize and see the world from the Nazi's perspective. This is much more interesting and intellectually stimulating than depicting the Nazi as an evil monster. This also requires more cognitive ability to achieve because you have to step outside your view that Nazis are all evil monsters and look at the world through their eyes. Your mind has to be flexible enough to imagine how a Nazi sees himself as a hero, not a villain. But this is not obvious nor easy for most minds to do. There's a tendency to say to yourself, "Yes, we can pretend that Nazi's saw themselves as heroes but they were in fact villains!"

As obvious as all this might seem to you, there was a fundamentalist Christian guy in my class who refused to agree with this article because he was so stuck on there being an objective good vs evil, right vs wrong. So, for him, a Nazi must be depicted as evil because he is in fact evil and that's all there is to the story. When I heard this, I was blown away. How can someone think there is only one right way to see the world? But the conservative mind really struggles with relativity and perspectivalism. To this Christian college guy, the notion that you can have two perspectives of Nazis, one in which Nazis are bad and one in which Nazis are good, without either perspective being objectively right or wrong, simply did not compute!

Consider that to make great films and great art it's important to have a mind which is comfortable with the relativity of perspectives. This is one reason why artists need to be very openminded. Because exploring new perspectives is more interesting than beating someone over the head with one "right" perspective. A film that moralizes and demonizes Nazis is just not interesting or intellectual stimulating compared to a film that humanizes Nazis. It takes quite a bit of mental flexibility to be able to write, direct, and even act out a Nazi without turning him into a cartoon caricature monster. The conservative mind tends to get stuck in moralizing and demonizing, thereby missing out on the delicious complexity of life. This delicious complexity is what makes for great art. If art was morally black & white, it wouldn't be true to life. In real life moral issues are frustratingly complicated and multi-perspectival. Just look at the Gaza-Israel situation. It's a moral clusterfuck, not a battle of good vs evil. Although, of course, a more conservative mind will tend to see it as a simple battle of good vs evil, further compounding the problem.

Imagine if you were a serious method actor, like Daniel Day-Lewis. When Daniel Day-Lewis took on the role of playing Abraham Lincoln, he told Steven Spielberg that he needed 1 year to prepare for the role, to get into character. So Spielberg gave him 1 year. By the time they started shooting, Daniel Day-Lewis WAS Lincoln. Now imagine doing that with a Nazi. Imagine how you would have to think to enter the mind-frame of a Nazi. That's not as easy as it seems. If you were to seriously attempt this you would have to spend months studying how real Nazis think, to the point where you might start to agree with some of their ideas. Which takes you into dangerous territory. It's no longer just "acting". Your mind is genuinely expanding into new territory, nevermind whether this territory is good or bad for you. My point is that a liberal mind will have an easier time of this than a conservative mind. And at the end of that process you will be a changed person — which is exactly what the conservative mind fears!

Note: This is obviously a generalization. I am not saying that great actors cannot be conservative. James Woods is a great actor and a batshit MAGA conservative. So be careful not to over-generalize here. Openmindedness and multi-perspectival thinking is just one of the factors for good filmmaking, not the only factor. So be careful not to do a simplistic reduction here.

Note: Even though liberals have a higher capacity for perspectival and relativistic thinking, they are not perfect at it. They still struggle with it because getting stuck in ones own perspective is such a sticky trap.

Note: Many Hollywood films these days are bad art. That's because they lack this kind of nuance, maturity, and verisimilitude. Superhero films are especially guilty of this because they cater to children. Morally complex and delicious films are rare these days as Hollywood has been corrupted by capitalism. This also makes it easier for writers, directors, and actors, since they don't need so much mental nuance to make their living. It takes 3x more mental labor to craft a morally complex, multi-perspectival story than a one-sided, black & white one. Which is why most stories found in Hollywood these days are such juvenile trash they are not worth watching. CGI spectacle has supplanted nuanced story.

I found the following video interesting and related to this topic:

It's interesting that, for example, I've seen conservatives who are Star Wars fans but don't realize that all of Star Wars is Luke — a social justice warrior — fighting against right-wing authoritarianism and fascism — literally Nazi "stormtroopers". Luke is basically Antifa. But when a conservative watches Star Wars he thinks the Empire represents leftist progressive neo-Marxist feminists and BLM. Some conservatives are so dense that they believe Nazis were left-wing socialists!

Guys like Alex Jones, Andrew Tate, Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Kanye West, Steve Bannon, Aleksandr Dugin, etc. think that they are Luke Skywalker fighting the Empire. When really they are Palpatine overthrowing the Republic. They just lack the self-awareness to see that.

Note: I'm exaggerating a bit. I'm not saying these people are evil in any objective sense. The whole notion of evil is relativistic. But it requires an advanced mind to grok that. And when your mind is able to relativize evil you can make much more interesting stories and films.

Note: Don't use any of this to demonize conservatives. That's not the point here. Be nuanced.

December 11, 2023

I started experimenting with ChatGPT to see what it's capable of. I've just started using version 3.5 and it's been very impressive so far. I tested it for truthfulness by asking it questions about God, infinity, mystical stuff, psychedelics, book suggestions, strange loops, Stalin, Hitler, politics, corruption, insanity, and video games. All the answers I got were factually accurate, nuanced, and high-quality — better than you would get from most educated humans.

I have been trying to see how I could leverage ChatGPT to improve my philosophical contemplations and my work. I'm still testing that out.

Here's a little example of what I asked it to do for me:

(click image to enlarge)


The coolest thing about it is that you can ask it to generate totally unique, new content — not just scraped stuff of the web. Like the poem above. I was able to get it to generate totally original examples of strange loops for me, stuff that is not found anywhere on the internet. This is potentially extremely valuable. This is what makes it different than just Google search. Also, what I like about it is there is no commercial crap clogging it up, unlike modern-day Google results.

ChatGPT is quite impressive. And I haven't even tried version 4.0 yet, which is supposed to be much better, with real-time access to the internet.

You can use ChatGPT for free for yourself at that link. It merely requires signing up with your email for free. You get unlimited access to ChatGPT 3.5. ChatGPT 4 costs $20/mo. Give it a try. This technology is truly revolutionary and it will soon become incorporated into all lines of work so you might as well get your feet wet.

As with life, the key to unlocking ChatGPT's power is asking high quality questions. The better your questions the more value you'll get out of it.