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February 8, 2022

The slowest season in Vegas:

February 7, 2022

A great Tier 2 conversation about the future of our energy ecology:

Great demonstration of systems thinking and Spiral Dynamics Yellow/Turquoise.

January 30, 2022

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Of course the criteria for what counts as a conspiracy theory is highly relative and not everything labeled as such is false. "Conspiracy theory" is a similar label to "pseudoscience". There cannot be a clear distinction between science vs pseudoscience, and there cannot be a clear distinction between "grounded in reality" vs "detached from reality". Assuming a clear distinction between these terms is question begging. But telling this to conspiracy theorists is pouring gasoline on a dumpster fire.

January 29, 2022

If I wasn't so lazy I would make a public catalogue of the world's supposedly best scientists and academics saying dumb shit. Here's a bit to get us started :

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David Wolpert: "is an American mathematician, physicist and computer scientist. He is a professor at Santa Fe Institute. He is the author of three books, three patents, over one hundred refereed papers, and has received numerous awards." Yet has no clue why religion exists or what Buddhism is.

Buddhism "is grounded in obsession with self"? Lol

This is said about him on his Wikipedia page:

"Limitations On Knowledge: Wolpert has put forward a formal argument to show that it is in principle impossible for any intellect to know everything about the universe of which it forms a part."

Yet he lacks the intellect to see that his intelligence is not just some part of the Universe but the whole of the Universe.

The Universe (YOU) is capable of knowing everything about itself because it is whole, one, sovereign, conscious, and infinitely intelligent. You are capable of omniscience. Wake up! The Universe is your Mind!

Listening to these scientists and academics reason about reality is like watching children trying to eat a whole roast turkey with chopsticks while wearing tuxedos and patting each other on the back.

P.S. What's educational about Curt's channel is that he spends so much time and intellectual energy interviewing all these world-class intellectuals, academics, scientists, and PhDs in a desperate attempt to comprehend the ultimate nature of reality — yet reality is never understood. That's not because reality cannot be understood. It's just that such conversations always go in circles because you cannot understand the ultimate nature of reality through scientific analysis. So what's missing is a deep recognition of that fact. A method beyond science is necessary. But if you grew up indoctrinated in the methods of science (as Curt and his audience has), your mind lacks the requisite variety necessary to transcend science. And so you keep going around in intellectual circles forever, thinking you are making progress. No offense to Curt. He does a fantastic job. But it will not ever result in Truth. And this is a highly educational point for those of you who are serious about seeking Truth. I'm not saying this to attack some scientist or Curt, I'm pointing out a serious trap to you. Do you understand how deep the self-deception problem goes? Do you understand that you will fuck this up unless you're super careful with how you use your mind? I hope so.

January 29, 2022

An insightful analysis of the problems and dangers with the crypto and NFT communities/ideologies.

Full Disclosure: I own some crypto. This is not investment advice.

January 26, 2022

Go read this article:

The Atlantic — Why Some Women Choose To Get Circumcised

I love, love, love how it reveals a distributing degree of relativity. The freaky thing about female circumcision is not that it happens, but that many women want it! Try to comprehend that. That is the power of the mind.

This should give you an epistemic existential crisis. How much of what you want and think of as right and proper is actually the function of your cultural programming, The Social Matrix?

January 25, 2022

"Then he realized: 'All this creation is actually myself; for I have poured it forth from myself.' In that way he became this creation. And verily, he who knows this becomes in this creation a creator."

-- Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

January 24, 2022

"The day of my spiritual awakening was the day I saw and knew I saw all things in God and God in all things."

-- Mechthild of Magdeburg
(medieval German Christian mystic)

And today we call that the Dark Ages. Lol

January 23, 2022

Two smart dudes reveal they have no idea what God or goodness is:

This is what I mean when I criticism science and academia. It sounds smart, onlookers take it as something smart, but it's stupid. This is what academia does.

- - - - -

Who is God? You.

What is good? Everything, when stripped of your biases.

So simple.

January 22, 2022

Consciousness can create worlds like this:

I have experienced non-euclidean consciousness on DMT, where there exist more dimensions and impossible objects that the human mind cannot imagine and that cannot be depicted in 3D space. It would be impossible for me to talk about such things with you because your mind has not the language nor the frames of reference necessary to understand it. But what's even stranger is that my human mind's memory does not have the capacity to hold such experiences, such that I cannot even communicate about it to my own self! How that's for a mindfuck! I have experienced hyperbolic consciousness but I cannot store that experience precisely in my own memory. I only have a fuzzy recollection of it.

What I can tell you is that such an experience is quite terrifying. Subjectively it feels like hyper-dimensional insanity. In other words you become so conscious that it's like you've gone insane in more dimensions than a human mind can imagine. You think regular insanity is scary enough? Try a dose of hyperbolic insanity.

Have you ever wondered what an alien intelligence higher than a human's might be like? It would be something like this. Imagine an intelligence so high that a human mind cannot think in that many dimensions and would consider it insane. Imagine, for example, being so intelligent that you could look at a person and access their mind, access their memories, and also the memories of their entire chain of ancestors as though you were looking at a grapevine in your mind's eye. That's what a truly alien hyper-intelligence would be like. It's a level of intelligence so high that it seems like pure magic to a human. It would violate all the limits of physics. Now imagine trying to communicate with such an intelligence as a human.

And finally, imagine an infinite intelligence. Imagine an intelligence so high that it can manifest all of reality out of nothing simply using its will. This intelligence exists, and it is God. If you became infinitely intelligent you would gain complete omniscience over how your mind creates reality. This is true Awakening. You are not really awake until you reach this level.