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December 14, 2021

Speaking of toxins, this news just broke:

Do not drink or cook with tap water.

December 13, 2021

Got my Pfizer booster today. Feeling good.

UPDATE: Side-effects included feeling very fatigued the next day, had to sleep much longer than usual. But this cleared up in 24 hours.


Remember, the issue here is not the presence of side-effects but the delta between the side-effects of a vaccine vs Covid itself. That delta is far in favor of the vaccine.

The promise is not that the vaccine won't give you any side-effects, the promise is that, statistically, Covid is likely to give you worse and more side-effects. Understand this before you get the shot and don't let Social Matrix fear-mongering cloud your decision.

December 13, 2021

If you care about your health, cognitive function, and level of consciousness you must eliminate all sources of heavy metals from your diet and lifestyle.

Dried spices are one such source that you may be overlooking.

Recent studies suggest that dried spices can contain high amounts of lead, arsenic, and cadmium. This tends to be the case regardless of brand name or whether the spices are "organic".

Read the full article here and avoid using the most contaminated spices: oregano and thyme.

There is no safe level of lead, arsenic, or mercury for your brain. Every bit lowers cognitive performance and consciousness.

December 4, 2021

"It's a lot of work to stay alive."

-- 5 year old girl complaining to her father about swimming in the pool

November 27, 2021

The trap of human life boils down to this:

In life there are things which feel good but are very bad for you. And there are things which feel bad but are very good for you.

The trick to a great life is to always be keenly aware of this trap and to proactively and counter-intuitively act against it.

Wisdom is doing that which feels bad but is very good for you. Foolishness is doing that which feels good but is very bad for you.

Contemplate how many times you've fallen into this trap.

The good life is so counter-intuitive it's hiding from you in plain sight. Having the good life is not just a matter of working hard or achieving more, it's about seeing reality in a different way. It's fundamentally a problem of perception. Which is why the wise highly value right perception and fools do not.

November 25, 2021

It's hard for the non-wealthy to fathom how it could be that the ultra-wealthy are just as miserable, if not even more miserable, than average people.

That's because true happiness in life comes from love and selfless. The reason life purpose makes you happy is because it's supposed to an act of love and selfless. To have a life purpose is to devote your life in the service of others, showering the world with your love. If you don't have that, no amount of money will fulfill you.

So what's really being missed is a spiritual connection to life. Spirituality is just the cultivation of your love and selflessness.

And this is the fundamental problem with capitalism. Capitalism creates a relentless pressure to chase after more wealth and material success at the cost of spiritual connection. Most material resources are funneled to the top 10% or 1%, while everyone else is left in wage slavery. In such a system the ultra-wealthy are too busy hoarding resources to develop a spiritual connection while the non-wealthy are too busy working for crumbs to develop a spiritual connection. And so neither the top nor the bottom of society has any spiritual depth, with both ending up miserable. It's a lose-lose dynamic.

November 17, 2021

This is Jordan Peterson at his best:

November 11, 2021

People keep wanting a proof for God. But what never occurs to them is that God is so selflessly doing the human you that God becomes invisible.

God is invisible BECAUSE it is absolutely selfless!

Since God is ONE, it's selflessness and your selfishness precisely occupy the same space. You can't see God because your finite self lies perfectly in its place. Or, in other words, God is BEING you so profoundly that all you see is your human self instead of God.

God's absolute selflessness is what allows you to be so selfish. You don't see God because God is fully giving you what you want: to be your finite self. Which leaves no more room to see God. To see God you'd have to give up yourself. But you want to keep yourself and still see God. Well, that's impossible because God is absolute selflessness!

If you want proof of God become selfless and you will realize that God is you. You are God's existence proof! — but only if you manage to recognize yourself as God. It's not a matter of proof, it's a matter of recognition.

The reason you cannot prove God is because you assume God is other to you, and you're too selfish to surrender yourself to discover that God isn't other, it's YOU!

It's like you're trying to yank up a rug without recognizing that the reason it won't budge is because you're standing on it. "But Leo! The rug really won't budge!"

Of course! Get out the fucking way first!

"I am human" << this one idea is what prevents you from proving God. So long as you keep imagining and insisting that you are human you are doomed to be disconnected from God — your True Self. Your whole life you have been denying yourself, and you dare to call this humility. No! This fake humility is the height of egotism.

November 9, 2021

The Social Matrix is getting dumber:

November 6, 2021

This gives you a sense of what Infinity is like:

Reality has no beginning or end. Consciousness is circular and infinite in all directions, all dimensions.