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July 15, 2023

It's amusing to see the look on this materialist's face when a serious scientist keeps telling him over and over again that the scientific evidence for ESP is undeniable.

Do you see? The problem is that a materialist cannot admit that any of these phenomena are real no matter how much scientific evidence is gathered for them. Because to admit even one valid case of the paranormal means that all of materialism is wrong. Materialism is the dogmatic worldview which says that paranormal things cannot exist. This worldview was never built on any facts or proofs, it was always just a dogma. And therefore no amount of studies can ever disprove it. You can't disprove something which was never adopted based on proof in the first place.

So how do we overcome this dogma? Well, you see, all the materialists have to die. And then we will get scientific progress. Science only advances one scientist's corpse at a time. Ta-daaaa! So less talking and more dying! Shut up and die already you scientist!

Please don't kill any scientists. Allow them to die naturally in their own ignorance.

July 14, 2023


July 13, 2023

It pains me to see such an intelligent man saying such unintelligent things. So I would like to help this brother out by answering all of his questions precisely:

1) "It looks like we live in an accidental world."

Only if you are blind — brainwashed by academia to take all of reality for granted.

The chances of a single atom appearing by accident out of nothing are literally ZERO! This is pure fairy tail. Everything in reality is designed with insane levels of intelligence. There's not a single bug or error in the operation of the entire Universe!

2) "GOD does not seem to stick his finger in the workings of the Universe."

The workings of the Universe ARE GOD's fingers. Your fingers are literally GOD's fingers.

3) "But what made GOD?"

GOD is self-creation. GOD made itself since nothing outside itself exists to prevent it from doing so.

GOD is the only possible metaphysical object that can create itself. This self-creation is made possible by the logic of INFINITY. INFINITY is a special object unlike any other. INFINITY can create itself by virtue of being so unlimited that it doesn't posses the limit of ordinary objects of being unable to create themselves. A finite object cannot create itself, but an infinite object can because what would stop it? What stops a finite object is that it needs to get energy from outside itself to create itself. But an infinite object does not have an outside and has infinite energy, thereby circumventing the ordinary prohibition on self-creation. Nothing else can create GOD but GOD. If GOD creating itself seems like a logical impossibility to you, just realize that logical possibility first has to be created by GOD before it can apply to GOD. So GOD is prior to the limits of logic. And yes, INFINITY is a paradoxical object. That's not an error. Just like you must learn to think differently to think about quantum mechanics, you must learn to think differently to think about INFINITY. That doesn't make INFINITY unreal or some kind of irrational dogma. INFINITY has a kind of meta-logic which is different from the finite logic which applies to finite objects.

4) "What is GOD made out of? Is it made out of atoms?"

GOD is made out of CONSCIOUSNESS. Atoms are made out of CONSCIOUSNESS.

5) "How many dimensions does GOD move around in?"


6) "Does GOD satisfy the laws of quantum mechanics?"

GOD is imagining the laws of quantum mechanics. GOD IS quantum mechanics, and much more.

7) "What agency allows GOD to poke his thing into the laws of nature?"

GOD doesn't need to poke his thing into the laws of nature, GOD IS nature.

The agency of GOD is Infinite Imagination. GOD is an unlimited mind-field which has no limits on what it can imagine.

8) "Why do human beings have such a strong need for the irrational?"

Why are scientists so irrational despite the clear answers I have given? Maybe it's because the truth is very threatening to the human mind. Rational and irrational are subjective and relative notions. Quantum mechanics and string theory would seem irrational to many uneducated people. Likewise, GOD seems irrational to those who have not made a deep study of the mechanics of GOD. What you regard as irrational are simply things which don't make sense to you or don't fit your current paradigm. To a caveman it would seem deeply irrational that we live on a round planet and yet all the land looks flat and we don't ever fall off. There are many higher orders to reality which are not irrational but trans-rational. GOD is not irrational, it is trans-rational. GOD operates by a nonlinear multi-dimension strange-loopy logic which would break the human mind. This is not a cop-out. I am not merely saying that "God works in mysterious ways and so just shut up and blindly believe and pray". If you bother to transcend your human mind you can understand GOD's logic. But you have to grow yourself so much that you will stop feeling human.

9) "Why do so many human beings believe in GOD?"

You will find this very difficult to believe but here's the honest answer: for the exact same reason that most human beings believe in Antarctica.

10) "If it's true that there is an intelligence that created the Universe, how do you describe it?"

Very easily. The Universe is an Infinite Mind which dreamed itself into existence. You ARE this mind. The Universe is an Unlimited Intelligence. The Universe can have Unlimited Intelligence simply because there's nothing stopping it. It's as easy for the Universe to be dumb as it is to be intelligent. So really the Universe can play both functions. It can be infinitely dumb or infinitely intelligent, and everything in between. It just depends on how CONSCIOUS it happens to be at the moment.

11) "What are the rules?"

Since nothing exists outside of this ONE Infinite Mind, there literally are no rules. Which allows it to dream anything it wants. An Infinite Mind can impose whatever rules it wants on itself in order to experience itself as a finite mind. So the rules of physics are all imaginary constructions designed to create the experience of a finite mind. This finite mind is what you're presently experiencing as yourself and your life.

12) "How did it get there?"

It has always existed, FOREVER, because existence is an ABSOLUTE. Unlike all other finite objects, GOD does not need a "how" to get here, it doesn't need a source, because INFINITY can exist without source or cause. That's just the special, magical property of INFINITY. All other objects need a cause/source, but GOD does not because there exists nothing outside of GOD to impose that limitation upon it. There are no objects outside GOD because what it means to be INFINITE is to not have an outside.

Another way to look at it is that GOD is not some kind of special object, GOD is the superset of all finite objects. The superset of all finite objects is NOT the same kind of thing as any one of those finite objects. So none of the limits of finite objects apply to the superset. This means GOD has unique properties which no physical object can have. To regard GOD as just another kind of physical object is what's known as a category error.

Consider an analogy from mathematics: It is well known to mathematicians that the set of all finite integers is not itself a finite integer, but infinity. And you cannot treat infinity like any individual number. Infinity as an object has very different features than any finite number, even though its just made up of finite numbers.

13) But if GOD can exist without a cause or source, why can't we just cut out GOD and say that the Universe exists without cause or source? Why do we need the notion of GOD at all?

Because what scientists regard as the physical universe is just a tiny subset of GOD. There's way more which scientists are totally clueless about. The scientist's notion of "the universe" is as a finite object. Even the scientist's notion of a multiverse is still a finite object. GOD is an infinite object. This is a crucial difference and not merely a word game.

And also because it's not enough to just think of the universe as the universe. It's absolutely crucial that you recognize that the universe IS GOD. This is not just a religious notion or a matter of word games. To understand what GOD is is the single most important realization you can have about reality. Your understanding of science and physics will NEVER be complete unless you have the epic epiphany that, "OH! OF COURSE! IT'S ALL GOD!" GOD is not a religious notion that we are trying to impose or sneak into physics. GOD is an epiphany, like when you realize that all the angles in a triangle always add up to 180 degrees. If you don't have that epiphany you're missing something absolutely essential about triangles.

The problem is that you're looking at the universe and fooling yourself that it is a physical object outside of you. But you could one day realize that what scientist have referred to as the physical universe is just YOUR OWN MIND, and nothing more! When you realize that, that's you discovering GOD. That doesn't mean that a bearded man appears in the clouds for you, it means that your whole mind shifts out of materialism into idealism. This shift is not a belief of any kind. Until you experience this shift you cannot understand what physics is. Physics is simply incomplete without realizing GOD.

14) "Why is there something rather than nothing?"

Something is identical to nothing, but your mind is too biased to recognize this identity because you're biased towards survival and finite objects.

15) "Who or what breathes fire into the equation?"

YOU! GOD! You're dreaming your stupid fucking equations! There are no equations outside your mind! There is nothing outside your mind — you scientist rat! ALL OF SCIENCE IS IMAGINARY! You're just too bought into it to believe me. Science is basically a cult which you have been brainwashed into without ever suspecting it. YES! Of course that's possible!

- - - - - - -

Leonard Suskind claims that he's simply too curious and loses interest too easily in the question of GOD. NO! It's exactly the opposite. He's too incurious. He takes existence, material objects, and science entirely for granted. A truly curious person would never do that.

He says, "I lose interest in questions which are so far beyond me that I can't answer it. I just feel that this is so far beyond me that it would be silly for me to have an opinion."

Well, this is what we in the self-help field call a limiting belief. How can you answer a question if you are too unserious, too incurious, and too inconfident to pursue it for years? That is not the scientific way, that's just surrendering the fight without throwing a single punch. A truly curious person would pursue even seemingly impossible questions because he understands that you can never know which questions can or cannot be answered until your give it a serious try. Which is exactly what I did and why I AWOKE and Leonard Suskind never will.

As the old Henry Ford cliche goes, "Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can't, you're right." The only difference between me and Leonard Suskind — and all the other scientist rats like him — is that I had the balls to believe that I could understand the entire Universe. And that's exactly what I did. Self-confidence is very important if you want success in any field of life. I'm no rocket scientist, I just understand self-help 101.

I hope this teaches you a lesson. Wouldn't it be a shame if GOD was hiding under your bed but you never found him simply because you never bothered to look because you thought it was impossible? Well, that's exactly what Leonard Suskind has done. What a shame.

July 12, 2023

Imagine asking that kitten for "proof". Lol. Humans have turned rationality into insanity.


When I look at myself in the mirror, I'm stunned by what GOD looks like. I still cannot believe it. How can GOD look like this??


July 11, 2023

When you realize you're GOD ;)

July 11, 2023

My brother shared this article with me. Read it:

UniverseToday: The Largest Rotating Structures In The Universe

This is the largest-scale structure of the Universe that we know:


When I say Universal Mind, I mean Universal Mind. The entire physical Universe is literally GOD's brain. What scientists do not yet comprehend, but I do since I've become insanely conscious, is that the purpose of the movement of every atom in existence is to create an Infinitely Intelligent Supermind. When you are flipping through your phone in the morning while taking a shit, that whole activity is a molecule inside of GOD's brain, contributing to its Infinite Intelligence. The entire purpose of evolution is to create Infinite Intelligence, which is necessary for GOD to comprehend itself. And when you reach the highest scale of the Universe you will realize that it is analogous to your own brain.

The Universe is a giant Mind whose entire purpose is just to comprehend and love itself, since there's nothing else to do. Ta-daaaa!

How many hundreds of years will it take for scientists to admit this? You could do it within a few years of psychedelic work.

Scientists and atheists keep crying, "But where is God?! Where's the proof?" You're inside of GOD, you silly monkey. You're like an ant asking, "Where's the proof of Earth?" What's lacking is not proof, it's your perspective. Your perspective is so small and narrow you look right through GOD. All scientific proofs do is point at trees and always miss the forest. Then scientists complain that no proof for forests exists and that forests are just the superstitions of soft-brained people. But what scientists regard as soft-brained people are just people with a wider perspective than scientific dogma is willing to tolerate because scientific dogma requires everything be quantifiable. But GOD is too large to quantify. This is precisely our present condition. The attempt to quantify Reality/GOD/Truth is utter nonsense. How long will it take for scientists to admit this?

July 11, 2023


July 10, 2023


July 8, 2023


July 8, 2023

In this video Chopra does a good job of deconstructing scientism and materialism. He's correct about many points. However, he's still not AWAKE and he still doesn't grasp what consciousness is.

Human perception is Absolute Truth.

Vedanta will not lead you to AWAKENING.