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June 13, 2023


June 11, 2023

Utter shamelessness and depravity. I don't know how people like this can live with themselves:

June 11, 2023

I believe this is true:

Of course, I could be wrong. But all my understanding of reality tells me it's true. It's not even a question in my mind whether aliens observe Earth. Of course they do. They shit themselves laughing at our stupidity.

I expect that within my lifetime mankind will universally acknowledge the existence of alien life far more intelligent than humans.

June 10, 2023


May 21, 2023

This is one of the most disturbing and disgusting things about how the government works:

How can we have a conscious society when high-consciousness people are deliberately weeded out from the most important positions?

It's very disappointing that one of the most developed countries in the world has to employ such tactics.

This is fucking crazy what the CIA does:

May 21, 2023

Grant Cardone is a popular get-rich-quick online sales guru who claims to be a billionaire. Here's how he scammed over $100 million from his online followers. This kind of stuff is rampant in the online money-making guru industry.

This is the real secret to making lots of money online quickly: You build an audience of gullible followers and then you milk and scam them dry. It's utterly shameless. And hey! — this is exactly what Trump does. And then people actually admire this kind of behavior and call it good business.

April 19, 2023

A good example of why socialism doesn't work:

April 14, 2023

This is the 10-year anniversary of my running Actualized.org. So I have been doing much reflecting on the nature of my work — what it's really about — and how to adjust and evolve it to best serve you. Here are some of my thoughts:

The only function of my teachings is to help you deepen your understanding of reality and reduce your self-deception. If at any point in studying my work you find some parts which you feel inhibit either of those, I want you to ignore those parts and follow your own truth.

My goal is not to make you believe what I believe, but to motivate you to undertake a profound personal investigation of Reality and Mind — the deepest investigation possible. The work is not in adopting beliefs but in doing contemplation. Be careful not to frame contemplation as some extraneous labor, like some annoying homework I'm forcing you to do when you would rather be playing video games. Reframe contemplation as the game! Savor the opportunity to explore the workings of Consciousness. Otherwise you will just fall into beliefs and ideology like every other fool.

We are not interested in spiritual or philosophical ideology here. What saves you is the contemplation and personal investigation you freely and joyfully engage in. That's what purifies you from all the human bullshit and illusions. That's where the truth comes from. The truth doesn't come from me. You are going to use your own mind to purify itself, like a bodybuilder uses years of lifting to sculpt his body. No ideology adds muscle to the body, only lifting does. And the whole point of bodybuilding is not to reach some final result but to enjoy the entire process of lifting. To fall in love with lifting. So fall in love with contemplation! You will be doing it for the next 40 years. There is no way to succeed in that without loving it. Stop racing ahead to some imagined results. Slow down and relish the process. THAT is my teaching. I am not here to teach you things to believe. You don't need to believe anything, just fucking contemplate for 40 years.

My job is to inspire you to contemplate reality in the deepest ways possible, and to feed grist into your contemplation mill. Let's you and I just spend the next 40 years contemplating together and see where we end up! Trust that if you do this diligently you will end up somewhere extraordinary.

My work is going to significantly evolve and mature over the next year or two. I know I've said this before, and some will accuse me of saying that but not actually doing it. Some might even say my work has devolved or gotten less mature — more arrogant, more hostile. Nothing could be further from the truth. You just have to distinguish between surface appearances and deep internal evolution. When I talk about evolving my work I am not talking about shallow stuff like adopting a more pleasant spiritual veneer in my behavior or manner of communication — as most people would like me to do. To get the kind of evolution and maturity I am looking for, I've had to dig very deep and make drastic internal realizations and shifts in how I relate to the entire field of spirituality and mankind as a whole. I had to jailbreak my mind from 10 years of human spiritual crap that I was taught. Only now are things getting serious as my mind achieves complete sovereignty and independence. This was a huge internal accomplishment for me over the last year — it required a lot of non-public work — and it's still not over. My audience does not comprehend how significant this was for me. Over the last year I escaped the gravitational pull of the entire intellectual tradition of humankind, both West and East, to finally fly free and alone in the vastness of deep space — which is exactly where I need and want to be. Although the process is not yet complete.

The evolution and maturation of my work is not going to be a straight upward line from my audience's POV. Sometimes the way I act or things I say will seem like regression. That's because serious stuff is being worked out internally. I care about the internal much more than the external. Repressed, emotional stuff is getting worked out. I am going through a process of becoming radically independent, authentic, and truthful — which requires shedding old layers of thought, belief, and habit. I'm just letting you know so you don't freak out from the turbulence. It just so happens that the destination we're flying to has lots of choppy clouds and there will be turbulence. Don't worry, I got a solid handle on it, but there may be more turbulence over the next year or two as I metamorphosize and settle into my final form. Everything up to this point was just my cocoon stage.

As I've said in my videos, if you want to build high you must lay your foundation deep. So that's what I've been doing. At times it may look selfish from your POV because I am focusing more on me than on serving you. But that is so that I can serve mankind a much more profound way in the future. Don't take it too personally.

April 13, 2023

Interesting studies show that rich people have less empathy and compassion than poor people:

How Wealth Reduces Compassion

This shouldn't be surprising. Rich and powerful people require less empathy and more selfishness in order to achieve their ambitious goals. There is a tradeoff between empathy and effectiveness. Generally speaking, you do not become highly successful and powerful by being honest, empathetic, and kind. You do it through ruthless manipulation of everyone and everything.

Don't think of this as a moral judgment against the rich. Think of it as a structural requirement of wealth-generation. How do you think wealth is made? It isn't done by shoveling shit from dawn to dusk. It's primarily done by screwing people over. It's hard to screw someone over if you're highly empathetic. This isn't rocket science.

What's galling is when wealthy people act like they are not professionals at screwing people over. Wealthy people are masters at screwing people over, and masters at denying it. Don't take this as a demonization of wealthy people. I'm not interested in that. It's just mechanically how wealth has always worked. Just look at the history of where massive wealth comes from. It does NOT come from honest labor or fair dealings. Of course there are exceptions. But one of the key skills of the wealthy is that they are really good at doing unfair dealings but then justifying it to themselves and everyone else as fair. This is quite a skill. Which is why wealthy people are full of shit at their core. They are professional bullshit artists.

Wealthy people work really, really hard. At bullshit. In this way they make billions. I'm not judging it per se, I'm just revealing some of the bullshit. Because if you ask a wealthy person point-blank if he does this, he will deny it. Because he had to deceive himself long ago to pull it off. He couldn't live with himself otherwise. Which is one of the reasons why wealthy people surround themselves with other wealthy people, because it is easier to bullshit yourself as a group. The entire upper class of society has designed elaborate social systems to blow smoke up each others asses to maintain their sense of entitlement to their wealth. Country clubs, galas, parties, exclusive nightclubs, private clubs, yachts, networking events, retreats, mastermind groups, etc. What function do you think these primarily serve? It's not just entertainment and luxury for its own sake. It's ways to socialize to bullshit each other to maintain a sense of entitlement to unearned wealth. Every rich person has to invent a story for himself for why he deserves his wealth and why it is fair.

This isn't some new phenomenon. It's been going on for all of human history. Every society, in every era, had their own version of this. You could write a 1000-page history book just documenting all the ways rich people invented to bullshit themselves. That would be quite the study in self-deception.

Of course, don't get too self-righteous if you're poor. Poor people have also invented some elaborate ways to bullshit themselves. One of which is Marxism/socialism/Communism. Yes! Of course socialism is bullshit. Did you really think you would escape self-deception so easily? Ha! Don't be a fool. This is way more complicated than anyone understands.

Warning: If you are looking to build financial independence and success for yourself, do not take what I said here as a prohibition against that. There are honorable ways to make money in the world. I am not telling you to remain a humble, poor, wage slave for the rest of your life. Please learn to create some success for yourself. Earning a few million dollars is not the kind of wealth I was criticizing here. Most normies don't even understand what wealth is. A few million hardly deserves to be called wealth. I am reminded of the opening chapter of Maxim Magazine founder Felix Dennis's book, in which he says, If you have $100 million, you're basically broke.

April 10, 2023

Having grown tired of the talking points and platitudes, I've been taking a much deeper look into the facts behind the trans gender issue. I've been thinking more deeply about the possible effects it has on kids and teens. I think it is a legitimate topic of debate to question it, and a mistake to shrug it off as mere transphobia. It's important to take seriously cases where transition fails to work. I like hearing from people who have actually gone through it, rather than listening to political activists mouthing off. I don't think the standard progressive position on this issue is fully correct because I don't see them seriously contending with cases like the following:

Yes, Jordan Peterson is pretty biased on this issue. But his biases are not as unfounded as Progressives love to claim. Yes, the trans issue IS full of transphobia, but it is not just transphobia. Not everyone who is concerned about their children changing genders is a transphobe. On this issue Jordan Peterson offers an important perspective. Obviously his perspective is not the full perspective, but he makes some good points that should be taken seriously and not just dismissed with Progressive scorn or outrage. If I had a kid who told me that he/she wanted to change genders, I would be very concerned, because this has huge life-long consequences and it should be a very rare phenomenon. Parents are not crazy for being concerned here. I see a problem here of gaslighting parents by calling them transphobes.

I encourage you to make up your own mind AFTER doing some ACTUAL research. And listening to political pundits does not count as research. Understanding this thorny issue requires direct experience with it. Or at least closer to direct experience. You need to listen to people for whom it has worked as well as people for whom it hasn't.

From the metaphysical point of view, it is the case that your identity is relative and fluid. On this matter conservatives are dead wrong — and that is the elephant in the room which they do not want to acknowledge. However! — that is not the end of the story. On the pragmatic level — at the level of everyday human life where most people reside, have sex, have families, and experience emotions — identity is not some willy-nilly thing to be toyed with. If you get this wrong your self-esteem will be shot, your dating and sex-life will be miserable, and you will become depressed and suicidal. So the stakes are high. I do not buy the notion that there is zero social contagion to the trans issue. Which is not to say that all transitioning is social contagion. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Remember, on this issue the primary concern should not be political activism, nor even the well-being of your children, but TRUTH. Forget about all the human emotions and suffering for a minute and consider what is purely true. Are there actually more than 2 genders? Can gender actually be disconnected from sex? Can gender actually just be a state of mind? Is it actually healthy to change genders? Don't take any of this for granted. Set all your personal feelings and politics positions aside and question it all from scratch. You can start by admitting to yourself that you don't actually know what a man or a woman is. You don't know what gender is. You don't know what identity is. And you certainly don't know what role culture plays in influencing gender identity. None of this is well-understood by anyone.