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June 19, 2023

Few laymen realize how much outright fraud and bullshit passes as scientific research.

Scientists and researchers in universities will simply fabricate scientific data and results. Don't assume they are above that.

"Many of the most prolific fraudsters are senior scientists at big universities or hospitals. Few have spoken openly about their motives for making up research. But the confessions from those who have speak volumes about what may push others down the path."

There Is A Worrying Amount Of Fraud In Medical Research
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Never forget, science is a social game. It is not a pure pursuit of truth for its own sake. It never has been. That is one of the biggest myths of science. Science has always been corrupted with survival concerns. The #1 priority of universities, institutes, think-tanks, nonprofits, corporations, and hospitals is NOT truth, but survival. These scientists are corrupted from the top-down by their need for funding. And since most scientists are dirt-poor, they are easily corrupted by corporate money. Corporate agenda has seriously distorted science. We are no longer living in the innocent days of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Now giant corporations run the show and they set the agenda. Most scientists and researchers are so specialized that they cannot even see how their work is being influenced and skewed by corporate funding. And they are not in a position to do anything about it. They are like tadpoles swimming in ocean currents which go way over their heads. And the whales are Wall Street business tycoons who hold all the purse-strings, not scientists.

Credit: This article was shared with me by Maria Zia on Instagram.

I have a funny personal story on this subject: When I was in 9th grade, my science class gave everyone an assignment to come up with and run their own science experiment at home and then present the results in class. I came up with an experiment to test whether people could tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi in a blind taste test. My method was to set up a stand outside a busy grocery store on the weekend and invite passersby to take the taste test, then record the results. So a week later I presented my results in the front of class with tables, charts, and graphs. My teacher and all the kids were amazed by how meticulous and objective it all was. I got a big round of applause. In reality, I was simply too lazy to bother going to a grocery store and doing all that testing. So the night before my presentation I just invented all the data out of thin air. Nobody ever knew I pulled the whole thing out of my ass. Now that's real science! Do not underestimate the mind's capacity to bullshit.

All the problems that exist within religion — the insane corruption — exist within science too. Of course! How could it not?! It's run by selfish, fearful, greedy, clingy, ignorant, closedminded humans. Of course it's corrupt! Anything a human touches goes corrupt! Because all humans are full of shit. Religion does not have any kind of monopoly on corruption. Atheists get this point wrong by trying to assign some sort of special evil to religion. In doing so they end up deluded by science. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

June 16, 2023


June 15, 2023


June 15, 2023

Skip to timestamp 52:50 for the story:

When I tell you that being a conservative is a reaction to harsh survival conditions, now you understand what I mean. This is what liberals and Progressives do not understand! You Progressives are so fucking spoiled you have no clue! When you drag your mother out from under a pile for human corpses, only then will you understand why people are conservative. All your Progressive whining is childish crap. It's time to grow up.

To truly understand politics you need to be dropped in the middle of a war zone with no way out. Not sitting at home binging on YT and Twitter.

June 14, 2023


Love vs fear. It all boils down to that.

This anti-"grooming" stuff has turned into the next mass moral delusion. If anyone is grooming your children, it's straight religious people, not gays. What the right-wing has done with this anti-grooming crusade is both stupid and despicable. They have no morals.

June 13, 2023


June 11, 2023

Utter shamelessness and depravity. I don't know how people like this can live with themselves:

June 11, 2023

I believe this is true:

Of course, I could be wrong. But all my understanding of reality tells me it's true. It's not even a question in my mind whether aliens observe Earth. Of course they do. They shit themselves laughing at our stupidity.

I expect that within my lifetime mankind will universally acknowledge the existence of alien life far more intelligent than humans.

June 10, 2023


May 21, 2023

This is one of the most disturbing and disgusting things about how the government works:

How can we have a conscious society when high-consciousness people are deliberately weeded out from the most important positions?

It's very disappointing that one of the most developed countries in the world has to employ such tactics.

This is fucking crazy what the CIA does: