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July 11, 2023

My brother shared this article with me. Read it:

UniverseToday: The Largest Rotating Structures In The Universe

This is the largest-scale structure of the Universe that we know:


When I say Universal Mind, I mean Universal Mind. The entire physical Universe is literally GOD's brain. What scientists do not yet comprehend, but I do since I've become insanely conscious, is that the purpose of the movement of every atom in existence is to create an Infinitely Intelligent Supermind. When you are flipping through your phone in the morning while taking a shit, that whole activity is a molecule inside of GOD's brain, contributing to its Infinite Intelligence. The entire purpose of evolution is to create Infinite Intelligence, which is necessary for GOD to comprehend itself. And when you reach the highest scale of the Universe you will realize that it is analogous to your own brain.

The Universe is a giant Mind whose entire purpose is just to comprehend and love itself, since there's nothing else to do. Ta-daaaa!

How many hundreds of years will it take for scientists to admit this? You could do it within a few years of psychedelic work.

Scientists and atheists keep crying, "But where is God?! Where's the proof?" You're inside of GOD, you silly monkey. You're like an ant asking, "Where's the proof of Earth?" What's lacking is not proof, it's your perspective. Your perspective is so small and narrow you look right through GOD. All scientific proofs do is point at trees and always miss the forest. Then scientists complain that no proof for forests exists and that forests are just the superstitions of soft-brained people. But what scientists regard as soft-brained people are just people with a wider perspective than scientific dogma is willing to tolerate because scientific dogma requires everything be quantifiable. But GOD is too large to quantify. This is precisely our present condition. The attempt to quantify Reality/GOD/Truth is utter nonsense. How long will it take for scientists to admit this?

July 11, 2023


July 10, 2023


July 8, 2023


July 8, 2023

In this video Chopra does a good job of deconstructing scientism and materialism. He's correct about many points. However, he's still not AWAKE and he still doesn't grasp what consciousness is.

Human perception is Absolute Truth.

Vedanta will not lead you to AWAKENING.

July 6, 2023


July 3, 2023

A week ago I posted about fraud and corruption within the scientific community. Some people gave me shit for this, as though I was exaggerating things. "But Leo! Just because science has a few bad apples, that's expected." No! It goes deeper than that. The corruption of science is systemic. It's like systemic racism in police departments. People who deny the systemic corruption of science are just like people who deny systemic racism. Exactly the same cliched language is used to deny it: "Just a few bad apples", "It's not a big deal", "But are you saying all police are bad?", "But why do you hate the police?!"

"But Leo! Why do you hate science!?" I love science more than you. I love police more than you. Which is why I want to see them both cleansed of their corruption.

"But Leo! Scientists are already cleansing science of corruption!" To a degree. But it's all relative. I simply hold science to a much stricter standard than anyone else. If you are in science you will tend to give science a pass, just like if you're in the police you will tend to overlook the corruption of your cop friends because admitting it would be too painful and inconvenient. This is so counter-intuitive because at first glance you'd think that scientists should have a stricter standard for science than a non-scientist. But this isn't the case in practice because they have an enormous conflict of interest. They are too close to the problem to see it objectively. If I was a professional, licensed scientist my understanding of science would be shallower than it presently is. The most damning critiques of science must come from outside of science because science cannot see itself objectively. This is not just true of science, this dynamic is true of all institutions and even individuals. One of the most challenging things in the world is to see yourself objectively. I don't see myself objectively.

Anyhow, this story just broke:

Don't misunderstand me: THERE ARE DEFINITELY GOOD PARTS TO SCIENCE. Not all scientists are as shameless as that lady.

July 3, 2023


July 2, 2023

It is ABSOLUTELY TRUE that the US government is in possession of alien spacecraft.

It's time for humans to stop bullshitting themselves about this.

"But Leo! This is outrageous! How can you say something like that?!" Because I know how to use my mind properly, and you don't. Truth gives zero shits about how outrageous you feel something is. There is no mistake. Reality is OUTRAGEOUS motherfucker! More outrageous than you will ever comprehend. Alien spacecraft is relatively normal and easy compared to the highest things I have become conscious of. To me this stuff is obvious, but to a normal human mind it seems impossible.

You've actually convinced yourself that you're being "scientific" when you deny alien spacecraft? You have bastardized science! Science clearly tells you that there are well over 1 trillion planets in our universe. 1 trillion! How dare you speak of science to me! You have no idea what science is. The most scientific thing in the world is recognizing that intelligent life — orders of magnitude beyond human — definitely exists. This is not a "maybe". This is absolutely the case, you are just too closeminded to accept it. Humans are not the center of the universe. Humans are a slug-like species living in a swampy backwater of the universe. Don't doubt yourself about that. What you should be conservative about is not UFOs but human intelligence. Once you realize all humans are stupid, everything suddenly makes so much more sense.

July 1, 2023

I see many people jumping onboard to support RFK Jr as some sort of great alternative to Biden. However, they don't consider his seriously problematic positions on health issues:

Skip to timestamp: 1:17:11

This new, fashionable crusade against "Big Phrama" has become the latest mind-virus spreading through social media. Generally what I see is that people who rant against "Big Pharma" have no serious understanding of how the medicine industry works, they are parroting group-think and not seriously thinking. Big Pharma is not good nor bad, it's way more complicated than that. Big Pharma saves millions of lives, but they are also deeply corrupted by capitalism. Sorting that out requires far more nuance and intelligence than can fit within a social media post. People have a lot of deluded ideas about Big Pharma and how it operates.

I will tell you something very important, so listen up. As you get into the spirituality rabbit hole, you will get into the New Age rabbit hole, which also includes the "holistic medicine" rabbit hole. While there are plenty of good and important ideas within holistic medicine and health, there is also a lot of nonsense and outright delusional horseshit. So be careful. Joining some New Age holistic health cult is not the solution to "Big Pharma" or conventional medicine. You're just replacing a corrupt system with a deluded system. If some of these holistic New Agers were allowed to run the US healthcare system their buffoonery and incompetence would result in the deaths of tens of millions of people. Worse than anything Big Pharma does. Which is why I cannot endorse someone like RFK Jr even though I actually like him. It's sad because otherwise he has some very good ideas and I believe he is a good, decent person.