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September 12, 2021

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Here is my result:


So I got that goin' for me ;)

You can find other fascinating psychological tests at OpenPsychometrics.org

September 11, 2021

What it's like telling a scientist that all of reality is imaginary:

September 8, 2021

Curt Jaimungal interviewed me on the nature of reality, consciousness, God, and Love:

We also plan on recording a Part 2 in the next week or two, stay tuned for that if you want to see more.

His channel features a lot of interesting, nerdy interviews with scientist and academic -types. Check it out if you're a nerd.

September 5, 2021

Gravity is the epitome of an unbiased thing.

Behold how unbias looks at the physical level. The human mind is so accustomed to bias that when we see unbias in action it looks almost spooky and supernatural. But of course unbias is the natural state of the Universe.

Notice the intrinsic beauty of symmetry. That's the beauty of God/Love/Infinity.

What makes a beautiful mind? Symmetry, evenness, wholeness, openness, selflessness, honesty.

What makes an ugly mind? Bias, fragmentation, closeness, selfishness, dishonesty.

What do you think would happen if you made a life-long commitment to developing a beautiful mind? What if your mind became as unbiased as gravity?

Have you ever wondered why the Earth, moon, sun, and soap bubbles are near perfect spheres? Because God pulls equally in all directions.


Check this out: Frozen Soap Bubble

August 29, 2021

Here's a superb article explaining how propaganda works from the Consilience Project:

We Don't Make Propaganda, They Do!

They have many serious articles that will boost your grasp of epistemology. Be sure to read them and take notes.

August 27, 2021


August 23, 2021

Here are some additional points which were missing from the Everyone Acts From Good Intentions episode:

August 22, 2021

People laugh about clickbait online, but clickbait is no laughing matter. The pressures created by the clickbait arms-race significantly warps our epistemic ecosystem. I have touched on this issue in my episodes: The Social Matrix, and The Deep Problem Of Marketing.

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August 21, 2021

Be ware the anti-Critical Race Theory astroturfed propaganda campaigns that are circling around in the media. This video does a great job of exposing how blatantly intellectually dishonest the CRT controversy is:

August 19, 2021

Sometimes it helps the stubborn mind to hear the same shit from the mouth of someone who doesn't look or sound like me:

I hope you realize that none of the fundamental things I say are anything new or controversial.

Sometimes newbies get the sense that I say shocking or controversial things. Some naive folk even get outraged at my words. If it seems that way to you, it's only because: 1) You have not sufficiently done the reading nor studied the literature, 2) You are deeply inexperienced with the fields I talk about, and 3) I speak very bluntly about the consequences whereas most spiritual teachers dance around and never explicate the radical consequences of spiritual truth.

It is one thing to say that reality is ONE. That's easy for anyone to swallow. It sounds so innocent. But it's a very different thing to actually grasp the radical consequences of Oneness. If Oneness does not have you shitting your pants in awe and terror, you have not understood Oneness. The key difference between my style of teaching Oneness and the styles of traditional teachers is that I slap you across the face with it, whereas other teachers never confront you directly with it. This creates a two-fold illusion: 1) The illusion that my teachings are somehow aberrant or contradictory to classical teachings, and 2) That spirituality is this sweet, easy, comfortable thing. It's only sweet, easy, and comfortable because you haven't realized the full ramifications of it, you've just been listening to a bunch of comfortable stories.