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October 25, 2019

"An aimless life is always a troubled life. Every individual should have an aim. But do not forget that the quality of your aim will depend the quality of your life. Your aim should be high and wide, generous and disinterested; this will make your life precious to yourself and to others. Whatever your ideal, it cannot be perfectly realized unless you have realized perfection in yourself."

-- Sri Aurobindo

October 24, 2019

Speaking of the media, here's an illuminating look into the inner workings of CNN:

I think Jeff Zucker is an intelligent and decent guy, but he does not understand the depth of the problem of what "reporting the truth" means. Truth is much more tricky than merely fact-checking some wrong information, because who gets to say what counts as valid fact-checking? You can't just assume that "facts" exist! What if "facts" are really how your mind constructs reality? Who's construction should we trust? Yours? Mine? Jeff Zucker's? A billionaire's? An atheist's? A Muslim's? A Christian's? A Buddhist's? A scientist's? A white person's? A black person's? etc. What if each person has their own "facts"? What do you do then?

I'd like you to notice that everything talked about in the above video is really an issue of epistemology (human knowledge). The question of "What is true?" is an epistemic question. Notice that this question is not merely philosophical, it has serious real-world consequences. How do you maintain a high quality society when people cannot agree with each other's perspectives on truth, or when some segments of society have really warped versions of truth? How do we deal with that as a society? How does CNN deal with it? How does Facebook deal with it? How does Google deal with it? How do you deal with it? How do your parents deal with it? What if the majority of the population believe in falsehood? How do you go about correcting that when they believe it's a fact?

Notice how challenging and deep this issue is. This is not merely a Trump problem. Epistemology has been a root problem for mankind since the dawn of civilization. We are always arguing about what is true, what is reasonable, what is biased, what is opinion, what is fact, and what is the proper interpretation of things. Have you wondered about why this is? What causes this? You'd think that if reality was an objective fact, we'd all agree on it by now. You'd think that if reality was an objective fact it would be impossible to mislead people about it. Yet human history shows the opposite. Masses of people are mislead all the time. How can this be? And can you be sure you aren't one of those who's misled? After all, if people are easy to mislead, you are person, therefore you must be easy to mislead.

Notice that before one can answer the question of the proper way to act, or make any proper plans, one must first answer the question of What is true? If your perspective of reality is so distorted that you see the world upside-down, your plans and actions will also be upside-down, doubling down on the problem. The solution to any serious problem is, first and foremost, to see the problem with undistorted perception. In many cases taking that first step is enough to resolve the problem. But most people want to jump straight into action, ignoring the first step by dismissing it as "mere philosophy" or "theory". But what good is pressing the accelerator pedal when you haven't first figured out which direction is True North? Undistorted perception is NOT "just theory".

Life's most important problems can only be solved by a shift in perspective & understanding. In such cases, there's something deep you're not conscious of about the problem which makes it manifest over and over again, and it will not stop until you see through to the root of it by properly using your mind.

Most problems are the result of the improper use of one's mind. Think about that.

People who casually blame CNN, The New York Times, "main stream media", "Jewish media", Hollywood elites, Silicon Valley, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and yes, even Fox News, do not understand the depth of the epistemic problem. The problem of disseminating "truth" is the most challenging problem that mankind has ever faced. We still haven't figured out how to do in over 10,000 years of trying. Schools, universities, parents, government, the media, science, religion, and every spiritual school all face this fundamental problem. Devils will ALWAYS corrupt the purest sources of truth because falsehood is necessary for survival. Not understanding this triples the problem.

When you understand the depth of what I'm saying here you will realize that epistemology is the most important topic that mankind can study, research, or teach. Yet precisely because this is so, it is not studied or taught almost at all. Devils are not interested in epistemology. It doesn't suite their schemes. So our problem then becomes: how do you teach 7 billion devils proper epistemology when their lives hinge on them not learning it? This problem is more challenging and more important to solve than the problem of building a colony on Mars. Yet it gets no attention and no funding.

October 23, 2019

October 18, 2019

Excellent discussion of what I call Conscious Politics:

October 13, 2019

Perfect timing!

On the day I release my How Corruption Works video, this video gets released:

This is the #1 most important political issue. Get all money out of politics NOW!

If you're not an American, your country probably has a similar problem, and probably worse.

Cenk is a great example of visionary leadership and life purpose. When you see examples of visionary leadership, take notice and study how it works. What are the principles of visionary leadership?

October 12, 2019

October 11, 2019

This man needs to be elected President so he can LEAD.

This is conscious politics in the flesh!

He has the strongest, most conscious, most loving vision for the next stage of America's evolution and he has the experience and balls to actualize it. Don't take such a rare leader for granted. After he's gone, there won't be another like him for a generation. He is a leader 40 years ahead of his time. Within 50 years, all of his plans will become the taken-for-granted norm regardless of whether he wins the Presidency or not.

October 10, 2019

Check out this wonderful YT channel called Journey To The Microcosmos. They feature videos on microscopic life. Notice the complexity and intelligence of even microscopic organisms.

There's more:

Try to imagine how unaware of the larger cosmos these little lifeforms are. Now imagine that you as a human are as unaware of a higher reality as these little guys are of human reality. This gives you a proper sense of how limited your consciousness is and how much more you have to become conscious of.

Your body is a super-organism composed of billions of tiny individuated organisms all working together perfectly to create the larger unity that is the human you. Yet none of those organisms are aware of the larger unity they create. Likewise, humans have no idea of the larger unity they create. And so it goes to infinity. Such is the intelligence of God's design. The intelligence of it is infinite.

Consciousness is alive at all scales, from infinitely small to infinitely large. In fact there is no such thing as small and large because the scale extends infinitely far in all directions and all dimensions. There is no difference in scale between a human, a moss piglet, and the Milky Way galaxy.

You are not truly awake until you are conscious of how intelligent consciousness is at all scales — of how every scale dovetails perfectly into higher and higher unities which extend upward to infinity. This is the body/mind of God, dreaming an infinite number of dreams and interweaving them together seamlessly into one Grand Unity. A cradle for infinite life. A fractal of all possible lifeforms, branching out forever — your human self is one tip of one branch.

October 8, 2019

Here's a good intro to the psychology of fascism which most people do not understand:

The funny thing about fascism is, fascism can only flourish when people are ignorant about what fascism is and therefore blind to their own participation in it.

In other words, a fascist does not understand he's a fascist. A fascist thinks he's a patriot. Unfortunately this stuff is not taught well in schools. Schools do not teach our citizens how easy it is to get sucked into fascist ideology, instead it demonizes Nazis, which makes people complacent.