Samsung GalaxyBook3s

By Leo Gura - January 25, 2024

I found a new laptop that I really like. I’m extremely picky when it comes to laptops. I’ve purchased plenty which I end up returning in disappointment and frustration.

The Samsung GalaxyBook3’s are awesome. I got the GalaxyBook3 360 13″, but there are other good versions like the GalaxyBook3 Pro and the GalaxyBook3 Pro 360, and they all come in various screen sizes.

In my opinion this is the best Windows ultra light-weight laptop, as good as the Macbook Air design but lets you run Windows. I’ve used the Macbook Airs for 13 years but now I’ve finally found something better.

The OLED screen is perfect. The trackpad is good. The keyboard is perfect. The design of the case is perfect. Very light-weight and slim. The dark grey color is excellent. The microSD card slot is great. The battery life is decent. The IO port selection is great. The software drivers are great. The speakers are decent. It doesn’t overheat. There is an option to run it in 100% silent fanless mode (an awesome feature). It has a touchscreen with pen support. The screen flips back 360 degrees with a quality hinge. It has more RAM than a Macbook Air. And some of the versions even have an extra SSD M2 drive slot inside if you want to install your own second drive. All of this adds up to nearly the perfect laptop.

I’ve waited for years to find a laptop of this quality and style. I’m gonna buy a second one when it goes one sale.

Samsung – GalaxyBook3 360 13″

Amazon – GalaxyBook3 Pro 14″ (affiliate link)

A few months ago they were selling for 25%-50% off the retail price. So look out for sales. BestBuy was selling them for $750 in December! That’s a crazy deal.

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