Simulating Liberals vs Conservatives

By Leo Gura - January 23, 2024

I was surprised to find how profound the following simulation is in understanding the difference between liberals and conservatives. It goes to show that liberal vs conservative is not merely an issue of right vs wrong but a deeper trade-off between survival strategies. This insight is key for properly making sense of politics in a Tier 2 fashion, without getting trapped in petty Tier 1 bickering and ideology.

I recommend skipping to timestamp 16:24.

This video is not broken, it’s only viewable on YT:

The concept of local maxima is also very powerful. For example, you could say that Western nonduality teachings are a local maxima but not a global maxima. Notice that it’s easy to get trapped in an island of local maxima while missing the higher awakenings. That’s what most spiritual people do.

Regular awakening is a local maxima. Alien Awakening is a higher maxima. Imagine that Consciousness is a rolling landscape where various peaks correspond to various types and heights of awakening. This is a much more realistic model of spirituality than the one-dimensional, binary one provided by nondual teachers.

What sets my spiritual teachings apart from most of the others out there is that I teach that awakening is a multi-dimensional landscape, not a binary or linear thing. There are not only degrees of awakening but qualitatively new kinds of awakening. This is where things get really advanced and really interesting. Almost no one teaches this, which is a shame because a lot of awesome stuff is being missed.

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