A Guide To Critical Race Theory

By Leo Gura - February 7, 2024

Here’s a great, impartial explanation of CRT:

I’ll just add a bit of my own commentary here: The notion that being “objective, neutral, and balanced” is a white value is so wrong that it’s hard to believe anyone actually holds such a position. Ironically, it’s racist to suggest that neutrality, objectivity, balance, and ultimately truth, are white values. But this is lost on post-modernists because they have foolishly convinced themselves that truth is a social construction. It’s not.

In a nutshell, CRT is stupid, but right-wing reactionary outrage over CRT is even more stupid.

With that said, of course systemic racism exists and needs to be eliminated.

Note: While truth is not a social construction, don’t forget that the valuing of truth IS a bias. There is nothing in the universe that requires you to care about truth. If you care about truth, that’s a bias you have. Most creatures and humans don’t share that bias.

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