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September 24, 2018

Here's an excellent salvia trip report. It gives a sense of how radically surreal consciousness can get. Salvia is one of the craziest psychedelics. I've heard descriptions like "I became a glass of orange juice" or "I drowned in a waterfall of Post-It notes."

Saliva is a dangerous psychedelic which I do not recommend, and certainly never do it without a reliable trip sitter.

September 23, 2018

This is how Spiral Dynamics stage Blue reasons about morality:

In reality, murder is NOT wrong precisely BECAUSE God exists! God IS murder! How could God be infinite and yet exclude murder?? In the eyes of God, nothing is wrong. Only in the eyes of a big fat ego — like Dennis Prager (above) — is anything "wrong".

This is the fundamental delusion of conservatives — they all tend to be moralists.

Oh, the ignorance!

September 20, 2018


Your mind's interconnectedness, placebo vs mushrooms:


Now that's what integral thinking looks like! :D


September 18, 2018

Vernon Howard is the one of the greatest least-known nondual teachers of all time.

If you've ever wondered why I sometimes deliver teachings like I am talking down to you, it's because I love Vernon's acerbic, in-your-face style. He has no qualms belittling you like a school girl.

When he speaks, your dumbass listens:

This is nonduality for people who love getting schooled for the devils that they are.

Damn, I love it! The epitome of masculine compassion.

September 16, 2018

Here we answer the question, "How are metaphysics and epistemology connected?" This is what 2500 years of Western philosophy and science have failed to understand:

September 10, 2018

Here's what I mean by Get Rich Quick Schemes & MLMs

September 6, 2018

I recorded this a few days ago and was planning to release it next week, but seeing all the Trump craziness happening in the news this week, it feels appropriate to release it now.

September 4, 2018

For those who ask, "But what's wrong with Jordan Peterson??" Here it is in 5 minutes directly from the horse's mouth, unedited:

The fear-mongering and strawmanning here of Spiral Dynamics stage Green is downright laughable. His argument may as well be a drawing of a hippie on a chalkboard with devil horns.

Peterson's is such an obvious stage Blue/Orange reactionary ideology.

What is this but a projection of Peterson's own fear of relativism, communalism, progressivism, and evolution?

"Damn you hippies! Damn you all to hell with your long hair, your drum circles, and your... your... equality, diversity, and inclusion! How dare you!", said the cranky old grandpa sitting on his porch.

Here's a hilarious blow-by-blow analysis, although it still misses the Spiral Dynamics perspective:

P.S. PragerU is not a real university, it's a right-wing propaganda Youtube channel funded by stage Blue Christian fundamentalists and stage Orange hydraulic fracking billionaires as explained in this Mother Jones article. They create videos like "Why Everyone Should Stand For The National Anthem" and "Just Say Merry Christmas". That Jordan Peterson would create content for such an organization tells you a lot about him.

September 3, 2018

Here's a really good video of a guy who evolved from Spiral Dynamics stage Blue to stage Orange. Being now at Orange, notice how he falls into the Pre/Trans Fallacy, conflating orthodox religion with transpersonal, transrational consciousness. Notice how his understanding of mystical experience is warped by the stage Orange materialistic, rational, naturalistic paradigm. Notice how he uses the concept of "the brain" to metaphysically ground his entire understanding of reality, without realizing that the brain is also just a personal experience, a conceptual anchor point.

You cannot deny the validity of mystical experience by saying "they are just experiences" because EVERYTHING, including the brain, science, reason, and proof, are also just experiences. However you ground yourself in "reality" it will always be through experience. (Until you realize the Groundless Ground.) It does not matter whether your experiences and justifications of those experiences are religious or scientific — they are equally mental constructions.

Yes, of course, when mystical experiences happen at the stage Blue level of development, the ego-mind interprets them in a limited, orthodox, ego-centric, chauvinistic way. To then re-interpret them via the scientific materialist paradigm is to evolve one stage, but it is to still fundamentally misunderstand what they are.

What's not being understood here is that the nature of reality is subjective and mind-constructed, and therefore "physical" reality can change if you just change the way you use your mind. This possibility is not taken seriously because Stage Blue and Orange underestimates reality. These stages assume that reality is a fixed, static thing, limited thing — which turns out to be a very mistaken metaphysical assumption.

Basically every atheist commits this mistake. They take it completely for granted that the metaphysics of modern science is correct and unquestionable. But it isn't! The atheist fails to understand that spirituality isn't about personal experience, it is about metaphysics.

These kinds of errors are the direct result of our culture's marginalization of metaphysics and epistemology. Because our culture de-emphasizes it, very few people investigate it or take it seriously, believing that "metaphysics has no practical applications". Well, here is your practical application! Lack of metaphysical depth leads to all sorts of fundamental errors in thinking — and what's worse, these errors go completely unnoticed. Because to notice them would require doing metaphysics, which nobody wants to do! Therein lies the tragedy of mankind in the 21st century.