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August 9, 2019

Sadly it's trendy today for young people to feel like government does nothing for them. This kind of nihilistic, cynical apathy is deeply problematic because it plays right into the hands of those who rig the system.

August 6, 2019

At some point in your spiritual journey you will reach a point where you must switch off your targeting computer — let go and trust your highest wisdom and intuition.

This scene captures it perfectly. George Lucas had an amazing ability to convey spiritual concepts:

That is what you must do to master life.

This can be scary for many rationalists, materialists, and skeptics to do because in their paradigm a thing isn't real unless it is "hard" quantifiable. Anything short of that is dismissed as wishful thinking, "faith", sentimentality, or pseudoscience. The only problem with that is, Truth and Consciousness are infinite, so they are not quantifiable. To quantify it would be to limit it. To make it "hard" would be to weaken it. This is what a lot of Stage Orange conventional thinkers don't understand. The deepest aspects of life are not quantifiable in principle. Why would you assume they could be?

"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."

-- A sign supposedly hanging in Einstein's office at Princeton

August 5, 2019

In this video a former health insurance executive admits to being a devil, falsifying the debate on universal healthcare to maximize profits. Now he has seen the light and is working to redeem himself:

A devil who realizes his devilry becomes a vehicle for Love. Devilry ends through consciousness, and no other way, because devilry is nothing but lack of consciousness. To defeat darkness all you must do is turn on the lights.

What you must understand about corporate executives is that they — like all devils — do not understand that they are devils. They are unconscious survival machines.

"Forgiven them father, for they know not what they do."

August 4, 2019

I love this guy's down to Earth political analysis:

This is a grounded example of stage Green politics. Stage Green is not all crazy college feminist protestors as you sometimes see portrayed by right-wing YouTube or Jordan Peterson and his ilk.

There are serious, practical, reasonable, and masculine stage Green thinkers. As you would expect, since healthy stage Green doesn't negate stage Orange but transcends AND includes it. Healthy Green is built on a foundation of healthy Orange. What Green adds to Orange is empathy & a recognition of the importance of collective issues. While Orange believes all problems in society can be resolved through individualism and personal success, Green understands that this is necessary but insufficient. Collective responsibility is just as important. Green contrasts sharply with Blue in that it is able to appreciate the value of diversity & multiculturalism in a way that Blue is totally blind to. Green can look through the eyes of different cultures while Blue cannot. Green's masculinity is also more grounded, more comfortable with the feminine, whereas stage Blue & Orange masculinity tends to be a juvenile bravado which struggles to appreciate the feminine beyond child rearing and personal sexual gratification.

August 3, 2019

A great documentary which gives you an inside look at how American politics works:

It's available on Netflix. I highly recommend watching it if you're interested in Conscious Politics.

August 2, 2019

An eye-opening look into Venezuela's largest slum by an independent Youtuber:

Note: Venezuela is not an example of the evils of socialism. It's an example of a grossly underdeveloped country. This is a distinction folks commonly fail to make. Socialism cannot work in an underdeveloped country because survival needs are simply too pressing so selfishness and corruption run rampant. Stage Red/Blue countries are not developed enough to sustain socialist ideals. Which is why socialism failed in places like the Soviet Union and North Korea but aspects of it have succeeded in Northern Europe. A totalitarian state which adopts a socialist veneer is still structurally a totalitarian state. The content of the ideology is irrelevant because what runs the show is the structure, which in this case is totalitarian. The reason aspects of socialism have succeeded in Northern Europe is because those states evolved way beyond totalitarianism before they started toying around with socialism.

Not that I consider myself a socialist. Just pointing out a common mistake I see in politics. People routinely misunderstand the causes of Venezuela's situation. Their problem is developmental and infrastructural, not ideological. Corruption is a massive problem which has choked up their entire system.

It's the same problem as a criminal trying to act like a spiritual man of God. It doesn't work because it's just a veneer. Structurally he's still a selfish, egotistical criminal. No amount godly language or godly ideals will change that. To embody spirituality he'd have to first outgrow his criminality. Likewise, adopting a socialist ideology in a totalitarian state only serves as an Orwellian disguise. In theory the state is for the people, but in practice it's every man for himself, looting as much wealth under the table as possible while maintaining the facade of selflessness.

So the lesson of the 20th century is not that socialism is evil but that socialism should not be adopted by underdeveloped countries at Stage Blue or below because they cannot sustain it. Socialism would only be possible at Stage Green or above. But even then, I still have critiques of socialism and I don't support its blanket adoption. Aspects of it need to be cherrypicked and hybridized with capitalism.

We see in China that socialism has also not been sustainable because China has not yet evolved past Stage Orange capitalism. So even though China puts on a veneer of socialism, structurally it's very capitalistic and also totalitarian because it cannot help itself. You can't shortcut structural development with a flowery ideology. If only it were so easy. Moralistic ideology is not growth! It's a fake front designed to say that no growth is necessary because it has already been actualized. It's the same problem as saying that you are a devout follower of God, yet you have never actually become conscious of what God is. Talking about God without first being conscious of God is idol worship. It will not make you godly because the structure of your consciousness is still dualistic.

August 1, 2019

Here's some really interesting research on corruption:

Corruption World Map

Corruption is basically a measure of Collective Ego, or the consciousness level and the developmental level of a country. The less conscious a group of people are, the more corrupt their country is.

If you want to quantify which countries are the most evolved, don't measure their GDP, measure their corruption index. If you want to know whether a country is advancing forward or regressing backward, look to see if their corruption index is improving decade after decade.

You want to live in a country which has the least corruption. Unless you're a corrupt devil, in which case you want to exploit that corruption to benefit your survival.

A quick way to gauge whether a specific policy proposal is high consciousness or low consciousness is to ask the question: Does this reduce or increase corruption? You'd be amazed by how many laws, bills, and proposals actually increase corruption! This is by design. Corruption can't help but to spread itself.

If the corruption index of your country is below 50, then you're in a sketchy part of the world and development will be harder for you. Not impossible, just harder. Countries below 50 will have a lot of Spiral Dynamics Stage Blue and countries below 40 will have a lot of Stage Red & Purple. Don't create a victim mentality about it. Do the best you can with the cards you've been dealt. And if you were born in a country with a corruption index above 50, consider yourself very lucky. You don't even understand how bad life can get. You have been totally spoiled. Be grateful and use this gift to make something of your life and uplift the world. Countries below 50 badly need help from the countries above 50. Be careful not to demonize countries below 50. They need your help, not your scorn.

July 26, 2019

A substantive discussion of how to address climate change. An example of conscious politics happening in the real world.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an amazing conscious politician, uncorrupted by corporate money.

July 22, 2019

Slide from my Conscious Politics - Part 2 video: