The Man Who Groomed The World

By Leo Gura - September 3, 2023

A new Andrew Tate documentary — “The Man Who Groomed The World” — just dropped on BBC, with new in-depth investigative journalism into how his organization, The War Room, operates behind the scenes to groom naive girls into sex work.

I’ve seen a lot of toxic masculinity in the pickup community, but what Tate is doing is a whole new level of toxic. Tate makes the most toxic pickup seem like child’s play. Tate’s whole inner circle uses shameless psychological manipulation techniques to groom women. The word “cult” is much misused today, but this is the true definition of a cult: when an organization’s leaders use psychological manipulation techniques to intentionally groom and brainwash naive people to extract money, work, and sex from them. I have a high standard for calling something a cult. I have a clinical level of understanding of how cults operate. Andrew Tate is running a sex trafficking cult. That’s not hyperbole, that’s literally what he’s doing and how he made so much money. This is seriously toxic and dangerous stuff. If you look up to this guy, you’re getting badly misled.

Here’s a preview:

The full BBC Documentary (this will likely get taken down soon):

All the gaslighting by Tate fans needs to stop. What Tate has done is extremely damaging to both young women and men and he should be in prison for a long time. This is not a joke. Stop treating this guy as though he’s just some misunderstood online personality with a few edgy, politically-incorrect takes. No! He’s a sociopathic criminal cult leader. That is the most accurate, technical definition of what he’s doing. Stop falling for his bullshit.

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