American Religion

By Leo Gura - October 23, 2023

A third of the way into this video I just burst out in hysterical laughter.

Don’t forget that 70% of Americans are Christians and 25% are Born-Again Evangelical Christians. This explains why American politics is so retarded. The level of self-deception of American Evangelicals is difficult to comprehend. These sort of people are sitting on the Supreme Court and in the Senate & House!

It takes a lot of study and contemplation to appreciate how deeply religion shapes one’s mind. It is such an elaborate web of mental constructions, fantasies, and self-deceptions that it becomes a reality unto itself. It’s not just a set of beliefs, it’s a whole way of perceiving reality and a whole way of life.

Religion is a self-brainwashing system. You brainwash yourself so thoroughly that you start to inhabit a new reality. And then you use your experience of that new reality to validate to yourself that you have the truth.

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