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May 22, 2022

2022 & 2024 are going to be pivotal elections in America, with possibility for disaster if MAGA seizes power. The MAGA fever has not yet broken and the disaster-potential of MAGA has not yet been actualized.

May 19, 2022

Strong Nazi Germany vibes with this one:


Let's see here... one party is in favor of overthrowing legitimate elections, disenfranchising colored people, and re-electing the world's biggest narcissist and con artist, the other party has some SJWs in it and is pro unions.


Trump is not leading a party of division and hate? What world is Musk living in? Intelligence in business does not carry over into intelligence in governance.

Smart people's minds are getting rotted-out thanks to the culture wars. And in this case, business agenda. This is how businesses sided with Hitler in Nazi Germany. He was good for business. An environment of scumbaggery is great for business, until society collapses.

The statement that "unions, which is just another form of monopoly" is laughably stupid. If that is true, then every corporation of any size is a monopoly. And even then, unions would merely be on par with corporations, which is only fair. The reality is that unions are not monopolies, but they do create leverage over the power of corporations, which is precisely why they are so demonized by corporate tycoons and why today they have been driven to near extinction. And yet, even that is not good enough for Musk. Even though we have the lowest union membership in our lifetimes, that's still enough reason for Musk to support a MAGA-lead Republican party that will overthrow a democratic election if given the chance. This is how business sides with fascism. There is nothing moderate about today's Republican party. It is morally bankrupt to its core.

Corporate power and monopoly is not in the interest of the people. Corporate tax cuts are not in the interest of the people. Corporate lobbying is not in the interest of the people. Overturning democracy is not in the interest of the people. Christian nationalism is not in the interest of the people. And reelecting the world's biggest narcissist and con artist cannot be in the interest of the people.

Unions and workplace democracy, on the other hand, ARE in the interest of the people. But they are not in the interest of Elon Musk. And there's the rub. Everything revolves around self-interest.

May 18, 2022

Even though I disagree with many of Peterson's political views, his Biblical Series is really quite good and worth listening to. Yes, it has a conservative spin laced all through it, but it's also useful to consider high quality conservative perspectives. It's rare to find intelligent conservatives, and I consider JP to be one. The best thing about JP is that he's an intellectually honest conservative, which is rare these days.

You can find the entire 15 part playlist on his YT channel. It includes fifteen 2.5-hr lectures. Search for "The Psychological Significance Of Bible Stories" playlist.

This series of lectures covers the psychological and spiritual principles present in Bible stories, and how to apply them in modern times.

Of course this is not a direct teaching of God, spirituality, Truth, or consciousness. It's all obscured in mythology, symbolism, and human survival crap. But it's going to be more relatable and practical for normies than the advanced, direct stuff that I teach about God.

What's cool about listening to the whole series is that you really get a good sense of the appeal of the conservative worldview, which basically boils down to: "Life is hard. Don't get too clever for your own good. Follow the rules and brace yourself against misery." If you've ever wondered to yourself, "How can people be conservatives? It makes no sense!", then listening to this lecture series will help you understand the appeal. It's one of the best steelmans of the conservative worldview. One of the tragedies of today's political climate is that the conservative worldview has gotten so strawmanned and ridiculed — and rightly so because conservatives have not been doing themselves any favors lately — that it's easy to overlook the healthy and intelligent versions of it.

And if you think that the conservative worldview is stupid and has no merit at all, I got some news for you: you're fooling yourself and you're missing something important about life. The reality is that life is very challenging and it requires discipline and sacrifice to live well. There are right and wrong ways to live in the sense that if you don't live according to wisdom and timeless principles then you will suffer needlessly. JP is correct about that.

Just understand that the conservative worldview — while it does have merit — is a very partial understanding of the world and spirituality. Spirituality goes so much deeper than Jordan Peterson understands.

May 16, 2022

A member on the Actualized Forum by the name of ItsNick shared this art and I was so wowed by it that I wanted to share it with everyone.

This is the perfect illustration of God's infinite consciousness, and it captures its profound beauty too.

These remind me of my 5-MeO-MALT trips. Similar vibe.

You can find more of this cool art on the Heavens Last Angel YT channel.

P.S. Come join the Actualized Forum. Where people share cool stuff like this sometimes.

May 9, 2022

The Egyptians were no fools. They knew.

May 8, 2022

I enjoyed this discussion on Rebel Wisdom about the current online free speech debate. It was a good, nuanced discussion that introduced some unique distinctions that I feel the free speech debate is lacking.

Still, the discussion was not sufficiently deep or comprehensive, so I made a comment under the video adding a few crucial points. Here's my comment:

Good conversation.

What I don't see anyone mentioning in free speech discussions is how this problem of free speech is just a microcosm of the larger problem of freedom and anarchy. Humanity has already solved this problem when we invented government. The function of government is to limit absolute freedom in order to maximize survival and higher orders of effective freedom. We did this because absolute freedom is intolerable, even to so-call freedom absolutists. If someone is raping your daughter, you will stop caring about freedom, because freedom means nothing if your survival is sufficiently threatened. You can only complain about lack of freedom if you are alive and comfortable. We solved this problem by creating laws, democracy, monopoly on force, a court system, an appeals process, judges, etc. This is what Twitter needs. Twitter is just like a virtual society, and it will require the complex sort of governance and regulation that a healthy society requires. Anarchy is not going to work because humans are not conscious enough to behave themselves. If the majority of online citizens were well-behave, honest, and conscious — we wouldn't need any moderation. But we also wouldn't need government, courts, judges, laws, police, and military. If you think humanity can work without these instruments in our lifetime you are kidding yourself. These instruments were invented and evolved over 10,000+ years for very good reason. Libertarians and anarchists do not understand this, and the mind-virus of libertarianism has unfortunately infected the minds of many billionaires, because it serves their survival agenda.

These free speech debates always feel like we are reinventing the wheel. Humanity has a long and rich history of dealing successfully with anarchy. Twitter is just the next front line in that struggle.

People deeply do not understand that freedom is not what you want. Absolute freedom = death. You would shit your pants if you got a taste of absolute freedom. You only want freedom that serves your ego's survival. Admit this much to yourself and we can start to make some progress. But if you keep lying to yourself that you can handle and even enjoy absolute freedom, we cannot make progress. Anarchy is all fun and games until your daughter gets raped in the name of someone's freedom. And if you believe that there are not a million people on this planet who would feel it is their legitimate freedom and right to rape your daughter, you do not understand the human mind.

The problem of where to draw the line when making laws will always exist and never be resolved to everyone's satisfaction because in truth all such lines are human inventions. Reality is infinite and has no lines. But even so, if we want a healthy society we have no choice but to draw subjective lines. These lines are drawn and then enforced by physical force precisely because not everyone will agree, and those who disagree sufficiently enough must simply be killed or removed from the community. The final arbiter of where the lines get drawn is death. Society is a human invention, a game, with the highest possible consequences. So welcome to civilization. Play nice. Or don't and suffer the karma ;)

I plan to do a video on free speech in the future which addresses the issue in a deep, nuanced, and comprehensive way. This was a preview of my thoughts on the free speech debate.

May 4, 2022

When libertarianism goes to a comical extreme:

April 10, 2022

Good interview:

April 9, 2022

I thought this was a good explanation of the state of our politics:

March 18, 2022

Conscious Leadership is a topic I'll cover in depth in the future, but for now here's a powerful example of Conscious Leadership:

Schwarzenegger's Message To The Russian People