Spiral Dynamics - Stage Red

By Leo Gura - August 3, 2020 | 37 Comments

The ego-centric, domineering stage of human psychological development

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Robert says:

Why are you so much against Trump?? He is the most appropriate president for US and hopefully wins the election. He has balls to criticize the criminal WHO. I’m not from US but like his style. The whole shit around George Floyd has been created against him.

Gosho says:

Your mind controls your emotions to serve your survival and your ideas of you but
the issues are whenever your mind serves you it is not serving the truth failure is a better teacher than success.If failure didn’t exist success would be meaningless,
predictable boring.without any tension in any life life can’t earn your attention so
be grateful for all problems that exidt becuse if they were less difficult,less skilled
people might have your job.Speed reading wasteful of your life read no less than
30 minutes half a hour

Kuroba Kaito says:

Zettai song Kaito as ranma the handsome popular sporty blue eyed brunette who can’t ice skate fears 1 animal boy in a love triangle of thoughtful violent yet cute respectful insecure flat chested tomboy called ugly by their love interest she lets
him know she accepts him calling her ugly without any revenge to their crush.Will
cook meals for them without asking for boys to pay them for their handmade mea
held a table to hit their crush for describing their bodies in unflattering sentences
with the same japanese male voice actor.Glare at boy if he calls any girl cute but
her.Long haired asian beautiful girl loving boy with same voice tries to feed her food to him.plans to cheat with magic to make him not to be shared to girls flirts
wirh him physically agressively not hiding her crush on 1 man loving brown blue insecure tomboy.Both took advantage of love sticker/plaster on boy to keep himso
no other girl can take him away.They even used physical pain on boy just for her
selfish plans,hating the idea of another girl being prefered by a man she Desired!

Jim says:

It seems easy to demonize red or what we “dont understand ” but what if we put ourselves in another’s shoe?

Kuroba Kaito says:

Gosho Aoyama,heres magic Kaito idea After Akako found and takes advantage of
the only magic that can control Kaito’s mind to make him faithful to her not Aoko?
Aoko tries her hardest to learn as much magic as possible regardess of how she is
to reverse the only magic that can force Kaito to be controlled by Akako love idea
Then Aoko Akako have their only real magic battle between Aoko blue magic,Red
magic from Akako.With Kaitou unable to free himself he must wait for someone to
free him completely from Akako’s control.unique or funny Red vs Blue ideas.Girls’l
fight for Kaito’s heart.After Aoko breaks Akako’s mind control from either telling10
unique ideas they only shared between them or someting better.Akako’s Jealousy
after failing to seduce Kaito no matter what,Seeing and hearing him being close to
Aoko.Akako asks herself what Aoko has that she deasn’t(Never cheats to win,Not
possessvie of Kaito no matter of how sad she feels.Doesn’t mind being unpopular
to teenage boys.Won’t insist he gives up presents from girls just to get her gift to
Kaito.Won’t use physical pain to control his authentic loyalty only after being rude!
Cares more about Kaito’s true happiness with another girl than keeping Kaito for
herself no matter how experienced she can be in any important habit kiingGoing
to errands,Respects his privacy if he’s busy without her.Told Kaito she won’t mind
if he can’t promise to come to her birthday party after he told her he’s busy today
As his childhood friend she wants Kaito to have all the glory he can get with her or
not she told girls she’s fine with Kaito skiing with another girl who can ski properly
hates Kaitou kid but she never complained once after she saw Kaito wearing that!
She smiled,blushed at him without believing him to be the real Kaitou kid in Japan
She never cheated with magic.She’ll insist on playing fair.She loves Kuroba Kaitou
more than she hates Kaitou 1412 because she secretly wanted Kid to win against
A detective to have Kaito the only boy to join her in a concert despite inviting Him

kaito says:

Movie Kaitou new ideas,plans,surprises,Maybe rivals love Aoko Steal interesting unpredictable challenges,ideas from your Magic Lupin.Kaito wore a mask to look like a boy Aoko never wants to kiss then he kissed her!Ilove all traditional anime cels of this movie.Aoko’s surprised of Kaito after he tasted her lips before smugly telling Aoko her lips tasted sweet after kiss!.If Aoko can’t tolerate Kaitou after she failed to persuade her dad to avoid him regardless of themost complicated reliable best plans even meditating for as long even if he enjoysmeditating for 4 hours everyday even after his addictions purely gone since hewas toddler, child, teen ,20s,30s,40s,Maybe funny to watch her time travel to pastto persuade her father to keep the best job possible to never let Kid distract him!But then Kaito secretly followed her saw her time travel without her noticing him!secretly watched her as he followed her to her fathers past.Heard her”After purelylosing all addictions,his fear of emptyness he’ll never be distracted by Any Thief orany other evil people He’ll stop worrying as much as he did before he meditated 4or more hours a day. never less I’ll never worry of losing my father to evil people Ihope he’ll always be the best unpredictable genius he can possibly become for meKaito never tries to stop her plan until after he experienced heists withnoNakamori to stop him,He honesty feels heists can’t be as exciting without her dadHe tries to stop his father from doing that stunt disguised as accident to kill him Idon’t know how Kaito can stop the pandora hunt organization from making a trap work properly before it killed his biological father without any evidence of KaitoKid being here to stop them maybe he’d be killed regardless of how many traps to killhim were broken by Kuroba Kaito as Kid or maybe they find pandorabefore killing him maybe he’s told by his father he’d rather die than let others diebefore willing sacrificing his life to save the most people possible after comfort sonHave Kaito kid grab Aoko surprising her beforecovering her mouth after she triedto struggle out of his grasp but failed because he’s stronger than her she’s furious but he blackmailed her”If you don’t tell me what you’re doing or why you’re doing this I’ll tell your father You tried to face danger by yourself without telling him Youwant your father to trust you?Aoko?”.Aoko was angry,nervous.Don’t call me AokoI always hate you! Why won’t you stay away from my life?Bakaito kid!she can’t stopcrying in front of Kid of all people.He felt sorry for Aoko,he didn’t let her go “No matter how strong you are physically,emotionally You can’t always be alone.You can’t always change the past but have you thought of how that changes your dadfuture if after you made him meditate everyday I’ve seen your plan,can see if you lie no matter how convincing you are to most humans.”Aoko glared at Kid said”so Before time travel I tried literally all methods to make him lose his addictions but he still chased you even after purely gone.The younger his addictions purely gone the least time possible he reveals his authentic personality so Kaito can’t predictas easily as before she made him meditate as young as possible

Phantom thief traditional anime cel Movie time travel to her fathers past with help
from professor who told her to find 1412 kids true identity if possible agree but first after trying fully correct all possible methods to remove all dads addiction at his age in the present before realising she can change her fathers past purely if
she’s wise,subtle,mysterious,unpredictable,powerful enough after she meditated 4
or more hours purely correctly before planning to make her father meditate young
as possible no less than 4 hours after succeeding more easily than she’s expected

Last Phantom thief movie after being popular long enough with literally no ideas I
am serious all possible unpredictable ideas are already cliche no matter how oldOr
new alien or down to earth close or far all cliche

Tendo Akane says:

I live in England 2020 in a semi tach house My father told me my drawings of 2D
cartoon characters from any country deserve to be laminated worth a lot money
if they’re not too easy to draw yet not too complicated usually the most cute girls
boys,Beautiful women Handsome me are the most memorable drawn cel anime I’l
get inspiration from japanese anime human characters because they are relatable
to me mainly with jet black hair darkest blue eyes.lighter skin tone for protagonist
girl, slight darker skin tone for protagonist boy.often girl hair more long but invert
can be interesting if not cliche,funny,relatable,unpredictable.Dad told me I’m truly
subconsciously bullied into tearing my paper drawings regardless how original odd
they are.He told me drawing in interestingly accurate or complicated hard to draw
one of the best ways to teach me how to deserve, earn real friends they may truly
compliment my drawings but they may not necessarily want to be my friend if she
or he thinks or understands how someone else they know draws better than mine
so I always practice drawing human characters because they’re the only character
I truly enjoy drawing because I can’t tolerate drawing ugly characters they’re not
interesting to look at unless you can imagine unique unpredictable ideas in their
personality before animating them with traditional cels they can be worth more money if done with patience,enthusiasm,loyalty,devotion,open minded ness new
ideas maybe ideas so old they’re forgotten or abandoned by most humans today I
love drawing the most attractive human characters learn traditional cel animation!

Not that I want her to have a official dye job in the next real anime but if I made
her as the author who did I’d make her hair black with the darkest blue highlight
or just darkest blue hair closest to black possible like Tendo Akane because many
anime characters have brown hair already her name means blue child in japanese
Always make her eyes only light blue to contrast with her love interest indigo dark
blue eyes.I usually prefer black hair than brown on boy protagonist but brownHair
looks handsome with indigo eyes white phantom thief magician outfit.no pointed
chins,not natural on humans.Only curved chins.Akako:red child in japanese so the darkest red hair, eyes dissonance seen as brown by anime character red by Real humans watching or reading them.Blue vs red love triangle.Blue personality Stoic,
Tomboysish,Adorable,Open minded,Never cheats but to save humans from dying!I
agree unpredictable, detached, physically stronger than phantom thief boy, not as
skilled in stealing,skiing,rollerskating,train animals archery magic tricks,inventing
more skilled elf deception languages healthy diet cooking meditating enlightenin
ice skating reading important books drawing accurately but not understand 9boys
who truly love her how they subtly flirt without wanting her to know their love for
her’s romantic.Akako’s vain,feminine,possessive of phantom thief boy not accept
him loving any girl romantically but herself,Hates being unable to woo even1man
to love her romantically as the fairest(more like unfairest)girl Use physical pain to
blackmail him to eat her chocolate made to control his mind to only serve her not
any other girl.If snow never came I wonder how interesting,Hates her bein adored
by the1man she loves romantically but can’t have unfairest girls red lost to blue’s
cool personality If Akako time traveled to replace Aoko as childhood friend how it’l
work similar to Lum time travelling to replace Shinobu as Ataru’s childhood loveIts
possible to make Akako more interesting than Lum can ever be maybe animate it!

Akako’s childhood time travel:Aoko told her in person she’s Kaito childhood friend!
but refused to tell her personal unique memories only she and him share Akako’s
thinking what does Aoko have that I don’t(Flat chest modest clothes behaviour 10
more never cheats in anything unless to save friends from dying tries to ensureHe
gets all the glory he can get without her if she can’t do something he can properly
Told him she honestly won’t mind him not coming for her birthday if busy with job
Volunteered to partner with a boy who can’t ski after no girl asked him before told
Kaito she agreed after he asked her to be his partner he knew her skiing bad but I
love how loyal he’s to Aoko his love interest.Patience to wait for Kaito to truly love
without any cheating from her)Jealous of their childhood love.real magic to travel
to past before Kaito met Aoko the first time.She stuck her love sticker written red
meet me alone don’t bring any girl with you.He obeyed alone with Akako she uses
more magic on him to make him fall in love with only her wore her revealing kako
in front if him hoping its the first time he’s seen real girls breasts if not jealousy’s
more strong than before.She kissed 1cm from his lips.But she’s surprised he truly
resisted her sex appeal no matter how young inexperienced Kaito purely immune
to all her charm she’s furious at Kaito for preferring any girl over her sex appeal I
want as many funny moments in this episode or movie only traditional anime cels

Similar to Lum Urusei Yatsura.Mature Sex appeal,Big breasts,17 year old long hair
enjoy wearing revealing clothes showing their stomach cleavage in public or boys!
popular in school with teenage men loving them romantically but1man they truly love resists her preferring brown hair girls they met childhood called her cute onc
but won’t want to be their boyfriends no matter what despite risking themselves 2
to save1girl from physical harm.Jealous of the brown hair girl he grew up with she
try to steal his body away from her but can’t be sustainable no matter how physic
she hurts him.the veronica to shinobu aoko betty.The magical love interest to aok
shinobu normal non magical love interest

Pat says:

What about stage Coral?

Gosho Aoyama says:

The Twelve Days of a Kaito Christmas between Kaitou Kuroba Aoko Nakamori uses
traditional handrawn handpainted cel animation just like the first ever episode of
Detective Conan 1994 Most Ranma episodes in 20th century Urusei Yatsura Yaiba!
please be inspired I love this story but never use any digital computer animation
for this movie please Many people prefer the originality,love,appreciation,inspired
ideas from direct experience in their greatest anime.The most memorable wisest
anime all have only been animated traditionally handdrawn character,backgrounds
moving chins down when opening mouth all realistic details handdrawn by9adults
or more dependening on how handome,beautful,cute,realistic,magicial,original100
or more can ever be.please never forget the irreplacable charm of traditional cel
anime no matter what they’re as precious as direct experiences,diaries,journalsSo
If you ever get to travel to japan please do whatever you can to learn traditional
cel anime handrawn handpainted editing

Gosho Aoyama says:

“KAITO GET AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER!” Nakamori shouted.”Dad calm We didn’t do anything!” Aoko tried.”Then why were you asleep on top of him on couch!?!” Nakamori asked.We were studying-“”Was it for anatomy or maybe sex-ed!?” Nakamori asked, glaring at Kaito.DAD!?!?! NO!!! We were studying for our math test!why would we do something like that!? Aoko squealed.’Not that I’d entirely mind’Kaito thought naughtily to himself.Kaito what you have to say for yourself!?” Nakamori asked glaring at the teenage magician.”I think I’ll pass my test now!” Kaito mumbled burst into laughter.Kaito took off running towards Aoko’s room. Aoko had followed, and Nakamori came last. Kaito slammed the door and locked it when Aoko was in the room with him.”Kaito!!! WHY DID YOU SAY THAT!? Aoko shouted annoyed.”It was too easy!!!” Kaito mumbled between giggles.”KAITO!!!” Aoko shouted, furious. Kaito said chuckling.You’re so mean!” Aoko whined.”AOKO, LET ME IN THERE!!!” Nakamori shouted.”Oh, I forgot about Dad…” Aoko said, walking towards the door.Kaito blocked door.”What are you doing, Kaito!?” Aoko asked, confused.”I still want to study.” Kaito mumbled in a low, husky voice.Aoko blushed “I don’t want to study Math… I think I like Nakamori’s choice…” Kaito whispered, seductively as he approached Aoko.Aoko blushed at the look Kaito was giving her.”K-Kaito!? Wait I no this is-.” Aoko mumbled blushing bright red.”DANG IT, KAITO!!! DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH MY DAUGHTER!!!?” Nakamori screamed.”K-Kaito, there isn’t any camera crew here. You said that you would kiss me on the night of the heist, not now! KID will think it’s still my first kiss and he’ll try to kiss me!!!” Aoko whispered.”I won’t kiss your lips… yet” Kaito whispered in low, husky seductive voice.Aoko blushed bright red, but before she could attempt to get to the door, Kaito snaked his strong arms around her waist and began to kiss Aoko’s neck. Aoko gasped at the heat the room suddenly reached. She whimpered and moaned as Kaito nipped at Aoko’s neck.”K-Kaito… I…I can’t breathe! W-why are you doing this!?” Aoko asked, groaning in pleasure.”WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO AOKO!?!?!?!” Nakamori shouted.”Nothing… Ginzo… I thought you’d be a little smarter than that… the door isn’t locked… it’s been held together with a small playing card that I stuck between the door and the door stopper. If you give a good shove it’ll open no problem.” Kaito explained.Aoko looked confused and as she look up she saw KID in the place of Kaito. She squealed in shock.KID!?!?!?!” Aoko yelp.”KID!? DANG IT, KID!HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY DAUGHTER AND USE KAITO AS THE DISGUISE!!?” Nakamori shouted, furious.He kicked the door open. Aoko slapped KID across the face and shouted, “WHERE’S KAITO!?”I kidnapped him while you love birds slept on the couch. I took his place, and guess what, Aoko-chan… I now know you and Kaito’s plan for my heist… I will have your first kiss!” KID shouted, disappearing in mid-air.Aoko shivered as she looked at the hickey on her neck. She was scared as she wondered where Kaito was taken. Just as she was about to as her father to send a search party out, Aoko heard a loud BANG from her closet. She opened it to find Kaito tied up (don’t ask how he did this himself and so quickly; he’s a magician, remember that..). She blushed because he was dressed in nothing but his boxers and socks. Aoko helped him out of the closet and untied him. Nakamori apologized for blaming him for the earlier events (Kaito mentally died from laughter at the irony). Kaito and Aoko got ready and rushed to school.”Aoko, why you wearing a scarf? I know it’s winter, but it isn’t that cold today.” Keiko mumbled reason Aoko squeaked, shocked.”Come on, just take it off!” Keiko chirped yank scarf off.”Aoko, i-is that what I th-think it is!?!” Keiko ask .”Kaito you finally got the guts to make a move, huh!?” Keiko said happily.NO!?!?!” Aoko squealed. “I ran into a tree branch on our way here,it left a mark!’Great excuse, Aoko…’ Kaito thought sarcastically to himself.

Movie idea:japanese girl whos name means blue child in japanese blue eyed black
hair,a real detective almost as skilled as 17 year old boy in a child’s body usually9
or more times better at singing,playing instruments than him though.She can be1
iconic female detective,scientist,doctor or 2 out of these 3 ideas.She can be clever
more skilled than witch as she’s used to being skilled in almost everything without
real or fake magic,so she can secretly be aware of how important self deception is
but pretends to know almost nothing so almost everyone underestimates her 100
times or more not less.Fatal flaw Trust issues she fears intimacy with most men as
she’s deathly scared of losing her first kiss,virginity to any man but her boyfriendI
want her love interest(secretly phantom thief in public)to feel more tension from being more romantically popular with other magician men,after never being loved
romantically with average or below average personalities in men.Hearing him talk
of her flat chest,shorter than most teenage girls,being more tomboyish than girly
Prefer to be scientist,detective,doctor,punch/Kick evil men for hurting real humans
than knitting,cooking,wear jewellry,hair decorations,expecting men to protect her.

Kaito kuroba says:

If born a real girl Kuroha instead of Kuroba.Kai or Kaia instead of Kaito or Kaito as japanese girls name?Definitely flat chested girl or can’t hide breasts if disguised10
or more as any men young or old or flat chested women,same short hair Arrogant
tomboy,unlocks mens lock to spy on teenage men undress,runs,taunts as teenage
men angrily chase her.disguised as phantom thief humans think she’s male but99
exact voice impressions,No one suspects her until Wizard trying to attract females
Detecive from europe try to find her identity.After Inspector saw her face closeset
believed her to be the real phantom thief,but she misleads them by disguising100
% accurate as her love interest he hate phantom thief,he thinks is male but after known as girl say he won’t forgive anyone making fun of anyone’s effort won’t let
her kiss him.Aoko loves kaia but hates phantom thief for disrespecting her mother
Hits her if she mock her mother,ask if he truly a girl on his birthday,saw his pants
she’s so tomboyish most people don’t mind Aoko trying to hit her in public school!

Aoko says:

“What heist?”Nakamori ask”Well Kaito flash newspaper today with a KID message in it. I didn’t read it, but I assumed you already knew about it”Aoko mumble confused.got no conformation on a KID heist! DANG IT!!! THAT KID!!! He’s send them through newspaper now!” Nakamori shout “Look at the newspaper!” Kaito said, showing the article with KID’s announce “NOT AGAIN but it’s so close to Christmas! Why can’t he wait a few weeks!” Aoko whined .”Maybe this is his way of Christmas shopping” Kaito said, smirking.”I hate KID, I hate him and his guts. Oh, I almost forgot, I hate his hat, tuxedo, monocle, and every single thing about him!!!” Aoko shouted, sitting at her seat annoyed.”Oh, but you didn’t read the message…” Kaito said, whining.”I don’t care!” Aoko say “But! Just take one look-“”NO!””BUT!”NO!!”Aoko scream in Kaito’s ear.”Aoko why you always have to scream in my ear!You’re so stubborn” Kaito say annoyed.”I don’t care what KID has to say I hate him his normal identity his guts his father his grandfather his great-grandfather any other human that may have helped make such a cold-hearted human as KID!I HATE KID!HE DESERVES NO LOVE,I DON’T CARE IF HE DIES!”Aoko shout” AOKO! SHUT UP!”Kaito shout.”Oh, I forgot how much you love that heartless jerk!”Aoko shout”He’s not heartless.It’s one thing to hate his crimes but to hate his usual self you don’t even know him!He might be some usual guy with normal life who has a reason for this!”Kaito shout angry.”HOW WOULD YOU KNOW! I HATE HIM!Because of him I won’t be able to spend time with my Dad! I already lost my mom I’m slowing losing Dad,I think I’m slowly losing you! You’re never around when I need to talk to you!What sort of friend never has time to hang out with his friend because of part-time jobs!” Aoko shout”Look I’m sorry if I haven’t been around that much anymore but I’ve been busy!” Kaito said trying to stop the argument between them.”I HATE KID!I WISH HE NEVER EXISTED! I WISH I CAN HAVE MY DAD BACK MY BEST FRIEND BACK AND I WISH KAITO KID WOULD JUST DISAPPEAR!”Aoko scream walking to a door.”I was going to show you something interesting Aoko but KID must be an idiot if he’d write a notice to flat chestd you”he replied angrily to his love interest the 1 girl who hated the KID!

Aoko says:

Aoko Nakamori,Kaito Kuroba(KID)Genre:Romance more exciting info on the KID heist coming “”Oh, yippee.” Aoko whined, sarcastically.”We’re at Tokyo City’s mall following KID’s next target!”1reporter yells Aoko was surprised when she thought she had heard the voice of the reporter nearby. She turned to find a crowd of reporters swarmed around HER!?”what do you want!?!” Aoko asked, confused .”What do you have to say about the upcoming KID heist Miss Nakamori?”One ask .”I hate it I hate KID! Wait how do you know my name?”Aoko ask shocked “Haven’t you read the newspaper?”human ask “No I could care less about KID’s messages they’re always with some crappy riddle a stupid cartoon,then he makes a fool of the cops If anything I’d love to BURN anything that has to do with KID!” Aoko say angry”Well if had read the paper you’d know he sent his message to the only daughter of Ginzo Nakamori, which would be you, Aoko Nakamori…” The news reporter explain “What!? I don’t want any messages from KID, throw it away!” Aoko shout trying to escape.”Will you just read it?” The people moaned, annoyed.”Fine, what does it say… ‘Dear Inspector NakamoriSince it is the holidays and I really have a target I must take, I will clearly say ,my next treasure…On Christmas Eve at 8 P.M I will arrive at the Nakamori household to steal the first kiss of your only daughter the sweet, Aoko Nakamori.Your’s Truly, Kaito KID Wow I really hate him now! HE WANTS MY FIRST KISS!?! KID, if you are around here somewhere GO TO HELL!!!! Aoko shout ran to her original destination.Around the corner a certain magician was shivering at his childhood friends scary comment.He sigh but then he smile ‘If I can steal a kiss from Aoko, my life will be complete Well I still need to destroy Pandora but that’s a different story of completeness ‘Kaito thought to himself.He disappear go to a mop-swing ,hot-tempered girl’s house.There he left a little surprise and poofed away.Aoko came home with two arm fulls of bags and a heart full of anger. She drop bags on her bedrooms blue carpet screamed at the top of her lungs,”I HATE KAITO KID!!!”

Aoyama says:

She told dad that KID wasn’t planning to strike till Christmas Eve and if he dared to try and come 5 feet near her she would crack him skull in with her mop. She sighed when she finally got past the news reporters,when she sat down, she was swarmed by a group KID fan girls.”Aoko why do you think KID wants your first kiss!?”she ask “Because he wants to make an even bigger fool out of my family. He can’t stop with degrading my dad now he has to degrade me too.” Aoko mumbled,sizzling at the thought.”What if he’s doing it because he has a crush on you, Aoko?”Kaito ask her yawning in his seat to get sleep before class start”Why are so tired, Kaito?” Aoko asked, walking up to Kaito’s desk.”So does this mean you’re talking to me again?” Kaito ask “Well, we can talk, but I’m not happy with youI’m just curious about why you look so sleepy.” Aoko said, not looking at him. “Well,didnt sleep last night because I had a strange dream not worth repeating Kaito say closing his eyes.”What about?” Aoko asked.”Didn’t I just say it wasn’t worth repeating?” Kaito mumbled annoyed.”Fine be like that!I was concerned about you but you don’t care why I care up your ungrateful, KID-loving, jerk!!!” Aoko shouted in his ear and stormed to her seat.”Aoko! Now my head is spinning Kaito say feeling dizzy.”did I hurt your head Well I DON’T CARE! I’LL MAKE IT WORSE! You’re just like KID! You steal my peace! I was going to forgive,forget, but you don’t care about how I feel so why do I try. If KID wants a kiss, he can have it. Since it’s just a stupid joke to him. Christmas is in 10 daysIt’s 9 days till Christmas Eve and if giving KID my first kiss will mean someone cares about me then maybe that would be OK. Maybe I’ll be like everyone else on Christmas Eve! Maybe I’ll be able to smile and squeal every time I see KID. WILL THAT MAKE YOU FREAKIN’ HAPPY!?!?!” Aoko scream go to door.”Wait, Aoko!” Kaito said running and grab her hand.”WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!” Aoko shouted, sobbing trying to get loose of his grip “Aoko, I’m sorry… I… my dream was embarrassing I thought if I told you then you’d laugh at me or n-never want to speak to me again…” Kaito said, not even paying attention to the cracking of his poker face.”What do you mean?” Aoko asked, trying to stop crying.Kaito wiped Aoko’s tears away and whispered in her ear, “I dreamed that I was your first kiss…””W-WHAT!?! Wait Kaito, where are you taking me!” Aoko squeaked, as she was lifted in Kaito’s arms.”I’m kidnapping the inspector’s daughter!” Kaito snickered as he walked out the door with the scared Aoko in his arms.When they near the gate, Kaito suddenly took off his ‘mask’,Aoko squealed as she realized Kaito was no longer holding her but she was in the arms of KID!?!”EK!!!!!!!KID!?!?!?!?!” Aoko yelled .”Hey, Aoko… I thought I get some of love before the holidays. Inspector, I know you are around here somewhere… got anything to say to this?” KID said, kissing Aoko on the cheek.Aoko screamed, Inspector Nakamori ran to the rescue, and KID got away with Aoko squirming in his arms.Back at Nakamori house”KID!?!?!?! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!! You disguised yourself as my childhood friend, tell me that you want to kiss me, as Kaito might I add, and then show yourself as KID just to annoy me and my dad.NOT TO MENTION YOU JUST KISSED MY CHEEK!!!!”Aoko screamed .”Yah, sorry about that. I just know that your friend wasn’t going to come to school because he felt bad about hurting you so he told me to leave you this…” KID said,poofing three plush chickens with a French flag on their bellies to Aoko.Aoko winced as she looked at the extra note… It read, “On the 3rd day my true love gave to me THREE FRENCH HENS, TWO TURTLEDOVES,A PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE “So this was hisdoing…?” Aoko ask”Maybe, maybe not. I could be another trick from me, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask him. So long, Aoko-sama. I wait desperately for your sweet lips come Christmas Eve. Ado, Aoko…” KID said, disappearing into thin air.”SIGH Life is way to complicating Aoko mumbled flopping on her bed and deciding to go back to bed.

Zyrix says:

Read Blue child fanfic first inspired by handsome teenage Phantom thief from Our Unique Japan named K K alliteration in both public and private identity even his
First name is pronounced exactly like his phantom thief name beginning with K K

I’m true detective flat chest skinny girl I love solving mysteries I hate a phantom
thief but if he’s truly my handsome charismatic cool talented detached gentleman
I may forgive him if his reasons personal or generic are mostly justified everyday.

Kaito Kuroba says:

She’s violent.flat chested,short,skinny,childish,immature,impulsive,awkward,loud,
close minded to people sometimes,judgemental,hypocritical,short tempered,looks
like a flat chested short tomboy not real boy,but she’s also selfless funny assertive
opinionated determined thoughtful honest caring to her friends loyal to her father
Too bad her chest didn’t develop even on her 17 birthday but I promise to be here
for her because she’s my romantic interest since we were childhood friends I gave
her real flowers to help her feel positive because of me I want her remember me

He’s kissed by a blonde hair blue eyed princess from a European country who has
her own pet cat!He’s correct I’m jealous he freely honestly called her cute in front
or me I should’nt have spoken to him of staring at a cute european princess when
I was jealously annoyed if him never honestly complimenting me or body languag
indicating he finds me truly honestly attractive besides being funny challenging for
his own personal entertainment sure he insisted he’ll come to my birthday party I
trusted him to come I was waiting for 1 evening just to welcome him in my home
but he’s too late after my female friends left So what if he’s the only man I invited
my dad’s obsessed with trying to catch a male phantom thief who physically looks
like my magician romantic interest a Karate girl who wears her hair as a horn told
the phantom thief lied to her about being her detective romantic interest since the
lost ship in the sky.If he tried to steal my first kiss on my lips I would cry because
my childhood love is the only boy I want to kiss.He tried to kiss a man’s girlfriend

Kaito Kuroba says:

Personal Unfair sex double standards He’s allowed to let a european princess once
honestly call her cute in front of his childhood girl who’s hides her romantic love 4
him.Call fan girls who love his phantom thief identity cute in front of her honestly!
He’s even tried to flirt with a detective’s only love interest who’s a karate champio
wears her brown hair as a horn,purple eyes,detective father he even tried to kiss
her during lost ship in the sky after telling a detective shrunk to his younger body
to keep his eyes on her after she was almost stolen by a strong man despite truly
defending herself with unarmed strength properly he physically looks too similar 2
the famous teennage detective of the east even as a real phantom thief he lied to
detective’s only romantic interest by claiming he’ll stop being a thief if she let him
kiss her lips or tounge kiss?Their were only inches apart before they can kiss lips!
but thankfully he groped her rear and she knew since then he lied about being her
detective love interest he kissed her hand instead told her he can steal her heart!

But after she agreed to let a detective boy join her in a concert 2 tickets she’swon
Her magician childhood friend said out loud(where no one can hear him)He’l never
let him or any other man go on a date with his childhood girl her name mean blue
child in japanese Detective boy even kissed her hand willingly despite no one askd
for him to do that at all he just met her and he’s already interested in joining her2
a concert told magician if he catched the phantom thief he’ll date her but if detect
ive lost to phantom thief again magician may join her instead he’s willingly aceptd
despite claiming he doesn’t want to go to a concert told her father tonights heist
has a special meaning for him he never told why or how but its clear to viewersHe
secretly never wants to allow his childhood girl date any other man despite calling
her the daughter of a hopeless inspector a good match with incompetent detectiv
whocan’t catch the phantom thief of japan who’s known for being the white thief

while he’s getting out of the bath, both are naked, although girl at least has a towel.Her immediate reaction valid: she thinks he might be a pervert in their bathtub is understandably mad But after explanations are made she insists he’s a pervert because he saw her naked something he didn’t intend nor initiate,he was immediately contrite about all the trouble When he points out the unfairness of this double-standard, since she walked in on him had a much longer look at him and very pointedly looked him up and down while he held her gaze she responds with “It’s different when a girl sees a boy naked!Men should’nt see women naked!
Unfair sex double standards

Female-on-male violence is viewed as more acceptable in life than male-on-female violence. Often, a woman using physical violence on a man will be Played for Laughs; sometimes it will be Disproportionate Retribution. The key is that in most works where this trope is in effect, it would be completely impossible to imagine the same violent situation play out with the participants’ genders reversed without a large dose of drama getting added into the mix. The basic Double Standard at work in this trope is sexist on both sides: no woman is strong enough to harm a man, so any man weak enough to be harmed by a woman isn’t a real man, and that’s funny

Zyrix says:

Abuse or slapstick of men by women is Played for Laughs or just not taken seriously while it is considered unacceptable if their roles were switched. Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male, Armor-Piercing Slap: In fictionland, women are weak and ineffectual. Consequently, women can inflict physical violence to men all they want, it can’t be that serious. And if it is, it’s “justified” since women are morally superior, hence use violence more wisely than men. As for psychological abuse, it doesn’t count since it’s Unmanly for a man to have feelings aside from fury

Akako says:

Fangirl vs Fan Boy The former is able to “get away” with actions that would get the latter locked up or looked down upon, in both fiction and Real Life. Girl cosplays? That’s childish cute! Guy cosplays? He’s an asocial loser who needs to get out of his mom’s basement. Girl admits to wanting to sleep with a male celebrity, complete with fanart? That’s cute, since girls are innocent and childlike, never sinister or dangerous. Guy admits he wants to sleep with a female celebrity, complete with fanart? Creepy stalker who needs to stop fapping to girls he will never have. Defiled Forever: The idea that extramarital sex, including sexual assault, morally corrupts and/or defiles a woman forever, to the point of barring them from marriage and/or True Love. Give Geeks a Chance: Funny how only male geeks end up with the babes. This may be largely due to the cultural perception that there are no female geeks in the first place. It also furthers the idea that men can expect women way beyond their league and be really shallow about it, whereas a woman can’t even have reasonable standards without being called a bitch

Kaito Kuroba says:

They’re both Jerk Heart Gold protagonists Teen Geniuses they’re insufferable their own high school they’re considered aces their respective fields (K – magician, S – detective)they’ve been interested in since their own childhoods because of their respective skills popularity natural good looks they’e both popular with great girls but only interested in childhood girl best friend even if they’ve a weird way to show it. Currently they’re both live double life due to personal plans because of their circumstances they must keep identities even from their only love interest. in their new identities they’ve their own improbable weapon to use in danger (K – card gun S – soccer ball)their main goal in their own show is find Bad organization responsible for a personal matter (K – killing his father, S – attempting to kill him). They even have the same Japanese voice actor!Even their love interests have long
dark brown hair with at least one noticable hair spike on their heads try to cook
for their childhood boy friend suspected them of their true same identities before

Akane Tendo says:

She’s basically S M from U Y if She had never been dethroned from the position of main character. She’s a tsundere Girl Next Door with Super Strength who balances out a fundamentally sweet nature,girlish desires with short temper, a willingness to resort to violence, and a somewhat hypocritical attitude, all whilst being surrounded by beautiful, exotic female rivals.Accuses boys they wanted as their boyfriend of being perverts after seeing them with a beautiful girl in revealin
clothes She’s thrown tables and carried just to hit their love interests with tables
before for offending them emotionally Jealous of a beautiful long haired exoticgirl
who’s fluent in another language besides japanese Complains about men out loud
men be damned I hate boys their hairs usually purely undecorated and completely
loose on or above shoulders with straight hair bangs fringe

Hot Witch,Dark Magical Girl with power to make men fall in love with her just by looking at her she’s put off by discovering phantom thief Kid somehow only man immune to her spell After2failed plans to force him to fall for her another plan to just kill him when he rejects her love she truly falls in love with him spends rest of his series helping him out in her own way via dropping cryptic warnings disguising herself as phantom thief Kid on one occasion to stop boy detective from proving K K and phantom thief Kid are the same person.2love interests in Love Triangle1 a sweet “familiar” down to earth Girl Next Door, and other sensually “exotic”, who can be aloof or hot-tempered on the outside, but sweet inside can be as or more popular than childhood girl 2love interest with drastically opposite personalities.a sweet reliable everyday Girl Next Door type mean “kind of dull” a more alluring, exotic,edgy, but more mischievous,icy personality can mean kind of a bitch This translates to their physical appearances 1will be pretty but modest in dress flat chested often more tomboyish while she’ll wear revealing clothes in all her glory.

Kaito Kuroba says:

The more mysterious,rebellious,infamous,magical crush to her childhood’s lawful,
Disadvantaged in hiding his identity,Tone deaf detective oriented more skilled in
ice skating but less in understanding msgic how to sing beautifully disguising right
He almost kissed a high school detective’s only serious love interest their lips inch
apart only how will Aoko react if she saw or heard this truth happening of happen
after she learns phantom thief kids real identity’s a magicians son who’s name
means phantom thief in japanese

Kaito Kuroba says:

I want to see him drawn exactly as he’s drawn in last wizard century,Detective219
1.Kiss blue child’s lips in final movie or out of jealousy of another boy kissing her.
tease blue child of loving his phantom thief indentity after saves her from badmen
tease blue child of not finding a husband after not being romantically popular with
most men until later with many magician men only3carry blue child he uses hang
glider to fly wear he wants to only interesting places.Kiss bllue childs hand in front of many women only.Plans to wear his phantom theif costume annoy blue child as
her partner without anyone suspecting him as the real phantom thief.Lie of kissin
blue child as phantom thief to annoy her father to chase him agian after he stops
trying to catch him.Blackmail blue child to wear phantom thief costume in public
after she accurately mimics phantom thief kid’s voice acting in public.accurately
mimics almost as many voices as K K.

Ataru says:

A lot of background artists can be pretty lazy nowadays. Going for a generic look cause they have digital brushes that can make foliage rather than drawing it themselves. We need to balance efficiency with artistic thought.Everything good is
hard to do everything evil is evil dying,cheating, and mediocrity are easy STAY AWAY FROM EASY EXCEPT EASY NECESSARY HEALTHY HABITS LIKE MEDITATING

Kaito Kid says:

is similar to Mew 2 their both real phantom thiefs stealing time from people

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