Spiral Dynamics - Areas Of Application

By Leo Gura - December 17, 2018 | 3 Comments

Examples of how to apply Spiral Dynamics to improve the world

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Daniel says:

Leo, I can definitely see you opening up a turquoise/Yellow University.

Video’s I would Like To See…
– Stage Red
– Shamanism and Occult
– Your deep thoughts about Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson lol
– Shadow Work
– How World Travel Can Improve Your Life (For young people)
– Myers Briggs Personality Types
– Updated Video On Law Of Attractions

Perez says:

I approve of this recommended videos. I would probably take out the Peterson and Harris one though. To expand on the travel part, I’d say something like ‘Practical Advice For Young People’, I know that’s vague but Leo could narrow that down a bit I imagine. Also I’d throw in “Understanding Emotions Part 2” going into more detail on Self-Esteem, Anger, Depression, etc.

rami says:

Wondering if anyone knows of a yellow university out there, or any efforts to make one?

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