Spiral Dynamics - Stage Blue

By Leo Gura - June 18, 2018 | 18 Comments

Understanding the Absolutist stage of psychological development

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Xain says:

Development is a myth

Xain says:

Not to mention there is no such thing as spiritual development.

Also you don’t understand how evolution works.

Kain says:

So in your understanding about evolution there is no such thing as a”governing”principle that made the occurrence of your beloved “Evolution” possible in the first place?

You would simply give credit to Chance & Chaos or whatever you think it is?

And what is Chance? What is Chaos made out of?

What are the bones of your beloved creatures made out of? What is matter made out of?

I smell blue… and a little bit of (st)atheist in this shoe…

Xain says:

No. The way evolution is isn’t like some sort of ladder, there are no “steps”. It’s a haphazard process by which some organisms pass on their genes. It literally is chance and chaos. To think evolution is a ladder is simply misinterpreting what it is, it is mostly a web of diverging paths.

Chaos is not “made” of anything but more to describe systems with high degrees of variance and little predictability. Chance is more about knowledge as it implies an outcome that one cannot control or predict. Like a deck of cards. Perhaps a few sharks can lessen the degree of variability but for most it’s really just random. To ask what they are made of would be to ask the wrong questions.

Bones are comprised of cells, which are made of atoms, which are made of smaller subatomic particles. That’s what matter is made of. Anything smaller than that is beyond my knowledge since I am not a physics major.

I don’t get what you stand to gain by asking such things since asking what matter is ultimately made off (at the most base level) doesn’t change our ability to manipulate it. Also your questions seem to suggest you don’t really get science.

I choose atheism because it is honest. I know people are scared and easily swayed by comforting answers but at least atheism tells me they aren’t convinced by arguments and that they don’t know. I am also somewhat convinced that spirituality is really just a concept or construct we made up to cope with existence. There is a chance that chaos and “chance” are just constructs of our minds, but maybe these are real phenomenon and we just give them words.

Personally though, questions like “why is there something instead of nothing” are a waste of time. The answer would not really change anything.

If anything is blue it’s Leo and this site. He’s really biased against materialism and I suspect because he doesn’t like it’s implications. So far it has worked out for me to explain reality. And no, quantum physics doesn’t debunk it.

Xain says:

It’s also telling that you direct your extreme question towards science and materialism but not spirituality or nonduality. Radical skepticism works both ways. But spirituality tries to dodge such questions behind subjectivity and experience, which Pyrrho said are reasons to doubt such claims.

In essence, radical skepticism leads to having nothing to stand on as ultimately something has to be based on no justification. Thing is science uses faith as a starting point, and so far it has worked rather well.

As I said again, I don’t underestimate the ability of humans to craft their reality. This leaves me skeptical of those who say that they have found “it”.

I also can’t help but feel your questions are just splitting hairs.

Kain says:

for one directing questions as such against spirituality and nonduality is like

Kain says:

Leo Wtf?

“Invalid Message: Special Characters Not Allowed”

I have remove all “special characters”..

How shall i have a discussion with Xain and convert him to spirituality, if your website throws rocks at me ?

Xain says:

It doesn’t work for mobile or else you get the error.

Also there is not a “for one” when directing such questions against spirituality and nonduality. The state of nonduality does not prove the teachings it is a result of them.

But again, you are proving my point about questioning. dodging inconvenient aspects just like other humans do. It’s like when Leo applied Pyrrhonism only against science and materialism unaware that doing so against his own views would yield the same results.

YOu aren’t that different from the church that handwaves criticism.

Paul says:

Hi Leo, this was very dense and full of eye opening material, As I watched and heard, as you spoke, I noticed some of the ‘Blue’ aspects inside me, especially taking one for the team, but also a sense of honor backed by guilt, or a sense of judgmental-ism also back by guilt, what you speak on resonates with me as I also come from an even more ‘Blue’ past, growing up home-schooled and strictly christian, programmed with certain beliefs about God, the world, people, and myself that I have struggled to overcome. I see that there is more to work on! I have not worked through it all. I am excited to see and hear the next five stages you will speak on, in past moments in my life, or even prolonged periods of time I can look back and see just how ‘Blue’ I was, and can also see areas of my life that continue with parts of that mindset.

great content as per usual, glad your’e back!


Xain says:

And now you are being programmed with a different set of beliefs.

There aren’t any “blue” aspects or even spiral dynamics. It’s all made up, an arbitrary set of categories that someone made up. It/they are not real. There are no stages.

You are merely trading a belief set for another.

Xain says:

Only utter nihilism is the truth. Anything else is just living in the dream.

Grapes says:

Give it a rest Xain, you’re going round in circles, and you’re dry dry dry!

steph says:

Unfortunately you still got it wrong about people’s motivations not voting for Obama – not all of them but a big portion. Please take a deeper look into this or why people voted for Trump – many of these voters are not in stage blue. Understand their real motivations – there is excellent info out there that goes quite deep, but you have to dig a bit and come out of that biased “liberal” bubble.

Mike says:

@Xain Why dont you make videos then? If you are so against leo and his insights/beliefs/content. ? I do agree with you that utter nihilism is the truth but still..

Julie says:

Lovely piece of work. You’re covering hard and emmotive subject. Well done. It was so hard to listen to this without passing judgment though.
I’m about to watch the next one, but all i can think is so glad i’m not blue! Fail!

Grapes says:

Try growing up with blue parents when you’re turquoise – sob!
Leo, loving your series on spiral dynamics. I already knew the theory but you have really made it come to life and fleshed it out, well done.
One point though – please try to be more balanced in your examples of individuals – and bring more women into the equation and perhaps use female pronouns from time to time…

Alessandra says:

Hi Leo, this is the first time I leave a comment in your videos but it’s been years I follow your website and I really love your content. It changed my life!
I found Spiral Dynamics very illuminating and I won’t think the same way anymore! So the fact is that I am dating a very blue guy (Jehova witness) and I am facing the difficulty of penetrating his mind and let him use his critical thinking. Do you have a specific video to suggest me that can help me being more effective or WILL YOU EVER MAKE A VIDEO ON THE BIBLE? …where you explain where it comes from and why we shouldn’t follow it word by word. I know that you have already created a video explaining where religions come from but when it comes to the Bible it is difficult to bring up a good argument with someone that believe in it so much.

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