Spiral Dynamics - Important Insights

By Leo Gura - November 19, 2018 | 8 Comments

Additional insights and nuances for how to apply Spiral Dynamics properly

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Mayur says:

There is nobody who is so enlightened that they don’t need to work on themselves.

-Terence McKenna

Kartik says:

Hey leo , i am a student and want to ask how to stay present while studying as i find it very hard to understand this?

Andrew says:

Just get involved in studying what’s so difficult about it !

Watch Leo’s “How to study” episode.

David Turcot says:

Im from Canada and I must say I am worried. Because of Donald Trump. He his the purest Orange ever. USA citizens are mmore evolved than him. Why is he the president? I Will never understand this as a Canadian…

David Turcot says:

Actually I understand and its fine. I am fine, who am I to Judge and whats the point of judging if i’m not acting on it. Jiddhu Krisnamurti was probably coral and he his the ultimate example, but I have to work on where I am, One step at the time. I dont know where I am. Im a rainbow.

David Turcot says:

I’m beige most of the time but I know it and I dont act on it most of the time. I know I am a fool thinking than I am more evolved than I actually am. Knowing it is the first step.

rami says:

Leo No! Your view of hunter gatherer societies is not as educated as it can be and it colors a few of your videos in incorrect misleading thinking.
Please read the work of Daniel Quinn. I think he mastered yellow and teaches the most important lesson that needs to be taught in yellow.
Read ‘Ishmael’ first, then ‘Story of B’, then ‘My Ishmael’, Then ‘Beyond Civilization’.

Tristan says:

Spiral Dynamics NOTES

This model is not 100% inclusive to everyone’s beliefs however it is the most accurate model possible and most if not all of us reside on multiple parts of this spectrum. Think of it as ‘levels of self-awareness’. It also correlates with Abraham Mazlow’s hierarchy of needs and he talks about spiral dynamics in many of his works. NOTE: This is not a chart used for stereotyping people rather it is to be used for a greater understanding of how these thought processes work. For me it’s helped me be more compassionate. Thank you so much Leo!

Stage beige the most primitive and basic. Those on stage beige only depend on survival and nothing more and they have no awareness of themselves nor do they have any goals or ambitions.

Stage purple is the tribalist survivalist stage. This stage evolves from an individualistic standpoint to a collectivist standpoint and at this stage is tribes are formed and wars are fought. The survival of the collective is essential.

Stage Red again switches back from a collectivist standpoint to an individualistic standpoint. Authority and superiority take the forefront and it is at this stage where idol worship holds a key factor. Personal willpower and courage are huge components to those at stage red, and at it pique you see hierarchy, authoritarian dictatorships or in worst cases anarchy. Selfishness is the virtue at this stage.

Stage Blue is the fundamentalist stage. This is where consciousness evolves to follow a divine or absolute truth outside of physical idol worship. This shifts back to a collectivist mindest as those at stage blue value family, tradition and morality. They are often very humbled and hard-working but at worst cases, societies at stage blue can lead to theocracy and moral police states.

Stage Orange switches yet again to an individualist stage. Those at this stage value individual achievement and self-mastery over the collective. At stage Orange, dogmatic divine truths are replaced with scientific insight and love of materialism. At this stage, a strong sense of Nihilism and pragmatism are often embraced. Selfishness makes a grand return as in the worst cases greed overtakes all and the love of personal success overshadows the environment and equality within the collective.

Stage Green returns to collectivism. This is the evolution into a love for others, art, intimacy, as well as the environment nature, and an overall more liberal mindset. The love of science is still there but in more extreme cases stage green can lean more towards spirituality and curiosity towards life. People at stage green value equality, and peace. At worst cases stage green can lead to extreme sensitivity as well as passivity.

Stage Yellow is when the spiral model enters tier 2. This is more advanced levels of thinking. Stage yellow follows the pattern and switches yet again to a more individualist mindset. People at this stage become aware of the spiral it’self and become aware of the conscious evolution that led to this stage. It is a deep questioning of reality it’s self and is what Abraham Mazlow called ‘self-actualization (being the top of the hierarchy of needs pyramid.). People at this stage have radical open-mindedness and they hear from all perspectives and evolve passed the desire to be correct about a particular topic rather they see every belief as having speckles of truth. It is a stage that takes years of self-development to reach.

Stage Turkoise is the final stage which is not included above ‘self-actualization’ on Mazlow’s pyramid because this stage transcends the ‘self.’.. Like the stages before it, stage turquoise makes a final switch to collectivist thinking as those who reach this stage through years of self-inquiry, psychological development, deep questioning, experimentation with psychedelics and meditation begin to unravel the entire human ego. It is the realization of the collective being whole, and being one.

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