Spiral Dynamics - Stage Yellow

By Leo Gura - July 10, 2018 | 13 Comments

Understanding the Systemic Multi-Perspectival stage of psychological development

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outlandish says:

Now I understand why you ask what color are lemons

Amazing talk as always.

if it concernes says:

ultimatively lemons are not at all all yellow.
it is impossible to communicate yellow thinking to people in first tier just by communication. its also an error to speak of yellow thinkers at all, thinkers are mostly caught up in blue and red or blue and orange. yellow people are not thinkers they are makers. building a forum or a website is not an indicator for yellow, especially if its content is in blue, and unfortunately most of the time in red. why thinking yellow could work in such a surrounding? you will not get much attention until hitler puts his attention to you, the structure is streamlined into an authoritarian system, the brain gets accustomed and trained through a dopaminerg system which makes you say lemons are yellow when they are already rotten and turned brownish. it is simple psychology which makes it criminal, maslows conditioning paired with a milgrim experiment.

Max Raoy Gron says:

I think I’m probably at stage yellow because of all this thinking, maybe I’m wrong, yeah, stage coral actually, I spend time by myself, I hate the world and I go out there and God is dead, I killed him. Therefore in reality I’m both stage coral and stage yellow, a bit of orange and some green.

AngelinaXia says:

What about Ken Wilber? I think he is pretty yellow. All the stuff he’s doing on tran-peronal psychology and the way he thinks

Daniel says:


I have a question. I have watch you for years, and consider myself a very systematic person. I relate well to many aspects of orange and green, and quite a few of yellow as well.

I have came to a dilemma on a specific issue, or perhaps rather an answer?. Its a very controversial issue and has been played out over and over again, but I believe I have had a breakthrough – and it is the exact opposite of what I have supported my whole life.


Yeah, I know – the issue that nobody ever changes their mind on, yet I think I did.

For years I have been a very secular person. I support women’s rights, and within that box I supported abortion. For me it was not that big of a deal, but now I realize I did not think about it through all perspectives.

Through self reflection I found that the moment of conception is when being exists. It might get kind of wonky, but I can only explain this through a big picture description.

Our planet travels around the sun at tens of thousands of miles per hour. Our solar system travels around the galaxy at hundred of miles per hour. Our galaxy is traveling at millions of miles per hour in the universe, relative to other galaxies, and possibly other universes. We as beings operate in space space time. Every single micro moment is both unique and part of the whole.

We as humans have cells with our body. These cells come together to form bones, muscles, nerves, and of course sperm and egg. The sperm and the egg are made of other completely unique cells depending on both how and when they were manufactured. When the sperm meets the egg, these products form yet other completely unique cells into making fertilized egg. They are also as unique as can be. The nutrients feeding the fertilized egg at that point are also as unique as can be, depending on how the mother process food.

Once the egg is fertilized we have many different scientific names, zigot, fetus, etc. We know the fertilized egg is not a parasite because parasites live their entire life on their host. It is not another creature because two humans fertilized the egg. From the moment of conception is it a human being – because given it’s potential it can never be anything more than a human being.

Unique, individual life is created at the moment of conception – because at that very moment in space time – which those unique cells – human life was created.

Now of course natural selection takes place. Not every conceived human lives. I am however very much a humanist. I don’t want to get into the good and evil – But is that what we do? Do we accept the fact that murder of innocent human life is ok because it is inconvenient? Is our choice a part of natural selection, or are we truly murdering the innocent humans because of choice? My humanist side whispers to me “murder” because natural selection simply acts and does not make “choices”.

I then took it further…

I imagined the future. At some time we may have the ability where a woman could make her choice and choose not to carry a baby – yet we now have the technology to make it so the human life can survive – in a test tube or something – and no human life has to die because someone else chose it. Would the “parents” still have the right to kill it and deny the life its own potential? If no – why do we do it now? Again, do we really accept the murder of human life as someone else’s right to do?

I am thinking to big and it has me all screwed up. Thanks a lot Leo.

Daniel says:

I’m always in tears whenever I watch your videos.

stephanie says:

Ever considered this?


stephanie says:

I should have mentioned the title for this video:

The Deep Truth Behind Why Trump Is President

Magdalena says:

I’ve started watching from the turquoise though… I haven’t watched your videos for years. Experienced just few from the beginning of your collection. The most recent one to me, was the one with my hand. I use it to centre myself and ground myself in reality. Each time I feel there’s too much pull in my head, there’s hand coming right in front of my face just to help me to notice what’s real. By the way, that’s my first comment on your material ever. Oh, and the video about your entrepreneurial pokemon business and starting up, thank you for that one too.

Brian says:

I’m sorry but Vulcans are an alien race with a different physiology to humans so can’t be described as “left brained” in the way you do human beings.

Max Raoy Gron says:

I’m actually left-brained and no, the doctors don’t understand how my mind works, my brain chemistry or what’s wrong with me. I’m not the things people think I should be or what they think should be my thinking. I’m my beliefs, I’m my philosophy. I don’t think: hmmmm, I’ll be evil and an idiot, always demanding and merely being the thing in itself, mentally weak, crappy, and a loser, and very very weird, and that people like me deserve medical treatment so I’ll just be crazy and a bullshit artist. My mind doesn’t work that way and people aren’t understanding me because they’re not getting inside my head to know that why I do anything is systematic, it’s my beliefs and disbeliefs, it’s my philosophy.

Max Gron says:

This is what I think, I think I was changing to atheism when for months I was non-stop believing in God. Of course this culture thing talked about and group think thing wasn’t about me, I don’t fit in the culture talked about, I’m not like those cultural people, it was always suspiciously deviating from the group or nation, as my younger brother was always a purist, I was always a modernist, that’s what I believed subconsciously, the only thing original about my brother are the words he strings together, he didn’t invent anything, do you see that people think I’m nothing, or they wish me to be, when everything in my life is about modern times and not things as they were 500 years ago? The point is I’m pseudo-blue, pseudo-yellow when all my life I was pseudo with everything, I know I’m 100% fake, my real beliefs is modernism, a hectic life, and Christianity as a rare cult, not these traditions of an old man, in reality my wisdom is very much like a kid’s, a kid who’s already wise and not at all silly, it’s not wisdom of foolish old men!

Max the shithead says:

Of changing myself, I know God’s real and I know truth’s stranger than fiction. People think things in ways you can imagine are problematic, this deteriorates me, I’m for myself, first and foremost, therefore I’m put in this problem of what I should be, whether past or future me, to be understood as a great man, it’s about the truth of my yellow stage.

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