Spiral Dynamics - Stage Green

By Leo Gura - July 2, 2018 | 10 Comments

Understanding the Relativistic Empathetic stage of psychological development

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Ricardo Castro says:

Hello, my name is Ricardo, I’m from Portugal, I’m watching all your episodes, I’m a great admirer of your work, I’ve never met a person so similar to my way of thinking, incredible

Sean says:

I’ve watched all three of your spiral dynamics videos, and I’ve found that the blue stage doesn’t describe my beliefs at all, maybe a couple things in orange, and a few things in green. I am also an atheist libertarian. I believe in individualism, such that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, that you can become and do anything you want regardless of race or gender or other pointless classifications. I am against affirmative action, it’s discriminatory to make it easier for blacks to get into college, but make it harder for asians, it takes away opportunities from asians and whites just because those ethnicities have statistically done better. Race is a useless categorization, it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, whoever does the job better gets hired. I am against the government telling you how to live your life, if you wanna smoke some dope, smoke some dope, if you wanna marry someone of your own sex, do it, it’s not the governments job to stop you. I don’t support environmental regulation of companies, as in forcing them to limit things like carbon emissions, etc, but I am for providing incentives for companies that are more friendly to the environment. I am of the opinion that the global warming issue is more of a priority problem. Is controlling pollution worth the jobs and the growth the we will lose? In most cases I think it is. I support gun rights, the second amendment is a doomsday provision, it is the right for when all other rights fail. The second amendment protects our other rights, when governments have gone tyrannical, every single time, they have taken away our guns first. In terms of school shootings, guns are not the problem, in the 1970s, before any school shootings were happening, gun ownership was over twice the rate it is now, the problem is social decay, not guns. If gun control worked, cities like Chicago and D.C. would be the safest cities in America, but they are the most dangerous. Gun control takes away guns from law abiding citizens, not criminals. I don’t believe there is a god. However I am spiritual, thanks to Leo here. There is no creator, nobody designed us, there is tremendous proof the evolution did happen and is how we were developed. I’ve probably gone on with this bit far longer than I probably should have. I am looking forward to your next video Leo, I haven’t connected with the blue, orange, and green stages so far, and I would like to see how much I connect to yellow. If you disagree with anything I’ve said, be polite please

Max Gron says:

Yes, as much as I’d like to go down that path of green, I’m blue now when my previous moving house was me at the orange stage, blue when it was Luciferian, given all this confusion I don’t know whether I’m an individualist but I know I’m a conventionalist and anti-perfectionist, with Leo you weren’t meant to be an atheist, of course atheists cling to atheism like any religious person clings to religion, it’s what feels safe. My religion doesn’t feel safe but it feels like letting go of it isn’t important, there’s no good reason to let it go. All my beliefs have a lot of defending to do, I constantly have to tell people I’m not perfect and that it’s OK, I know who I am and it’s going downhill fast, changing my life makes me feel uncomfortable, and for the record I’m not feeling good, that stomach ache is the result of junk food from trusted companies, that’s why I get chimp beliefs and concepts, it’s because I’m a chimp in a tweed jacket or a chimp in cheap clothes. Yes, I heard society is screwing me in the arse but I don’t believe Leo in what he’s saying, society is rooting you in the arse, but not to the extreme of sports & corporate greed and religions in general, it’s Christianity and the Eucharist and holiness of one god that’s chimp behaviour. Enough said.

Farzad says:

Watching your videos have helped me a lot in many aspects of my life.

I am eagerly following you, your recommendations about what to read and do, your videos and your journey through this path…

Thanks a lot man!

Lisa says:

Greatest teacher, Leo!


Bryant T says:

Perfect example of absolute pure green: The tv show “Sense8”








Leland Mcknight

Max Gron says:

Please don’t make me decide, I’m happy figuring out what I am before choosing a value system, I’ve reflected upon why I do what I do and I know I’m not nothing and not just a freak, but that’s not up to me, is it! It’s up to mankind whether I’m a freak or not. I’ve been thinking of the trap of letting people win losing my identity or I succeed in keeping it or changing it, I know what I am, I know I regularly always do some of the same things, I know I solved the Socrates problem of knowing myself, and I know falsely how authentic I am (I’m not authentic, the authentic me is what I’ll become when I’ve slowly weaned off the videos). As for stage green I don’t know if that’s a lofty ideal for myself, I think I should be one of these stages, as a blue man my ideal is the rule of kings and a code of honour, it’s better than chaos and disorder which can’t be used to run a government. You know very well that I don’t want the activities that are easy, but the painful process of being a little Leo.

Max Gron says:

I’m not going to waste my inactions on video after video of these activities without taking action, and on posts and comments, but I do want to learn from reading books, from forums, from taking courses (and not just from Leo), as I’ve learned a long time ago, even though my memory on this is hazy and unclear, when I’m only listening to this stage green video and that’s it, all that I am consistently is mainly a Puritan, Kierkegaardian, man of Leo Gura and Jordan Peterson & Sadhguru and Osho, from whom I learned from, only does success from a green not orange perspective as I indoctrinated myself to be solid green and back to green as I have been all through my adulthood until my mid-thirties and back again in my late thirties. It’s not so simple, it’s all very complicated what this whole point in my life is and truth is when I partially watched Leo’s video on the 3 stages of self-development I knew right away that I’m seemingly at the newbie stage when I tried 3% of direct experience and took 3% of the actions as commanded repeatedly by Leo, accurately understood without interpretation very few if any of the advanced teachings, and got engaged in consciousness work, was interested in truth for truth’s sake, and not interested just in things to improve or help with my life and not just involved in theory, so I’m at the intermediate stage, in hearing him say watching more videos to distract myself from the work I immediately turned off the video and understood both that it’s a video to stop watching and not a video to watch the whole video, and that I should take action to which the message in that video being to stop watching videos, I should and will stop watching self-actualization and personal growth videos, it’s as simple as that.

Robert murray says:

Hi there, looking at getting ideas on green books and yellow books on spiral dynamics just those two colours? I have books on all colours just seeing if there is any by themselves
Cheers Robert

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