Quantum Mechanics Debunk Materialism - Part 1

By Leo Gura - March 12, 2018 | 6 Comments

The radical metaphysical implications of quantum mechanics.

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Yann says:

( perhaps the answer to this question is in part 2) When you were experiencing absolute infinity, would you say you were experiencing:
1/ absolute infinity of potentiality, like from no point of observation in particular?
2/ actualised absolute infinity

(I would prefer if you answer were 1 )

John says:

Oh man.. You know.. I started spirituality only to understand and feel quantum mechanics.. It was the only thing that seemed to talk of the same thing as quantum mechanics.. And i find many of things i discovered in your video.. Really great work..
Spirituality is great.

john says:

I am really really amazed to see you made those connections so well !! I used to think of all those..

Barbara says:


You are amazing. This was a great presentation. Loved parts on wave function, field theory.
I practice Tibetan Buddhism and came to it through studying QP as a layperson for many years. Emptiness in Buddhism akin to the nothingness you speak of. And, of course, Buddhism full of the paradoxes you talked of. But don’t want to ruin your great talk by using it to prove truth of my own beliefs. Just so many parallels.

matt says:

I’ve spent 10 hours a week for the last 20 years studying science, epistemology and philosophy and Leo fucking nailed it. Brilliant and flawless.

Jose says:

Capra’s “The Tao of Physics” is a very interesting reading about this subject.

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