Quantum Mechanics Debunk Materialism - Part 1

By Leo Gura - March 12, 2018 | 3 Comments

The radical metaphysical implications of quantum mechanics.

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Yann says:

( perhaps the answer to this question is in part 2) When you were experiencing absolute infinity, would you say you were experiencing:
1/ absolute infinity of potentiality, like from no point of observation in particular?
2/ actualised absolute infinity

(I would prefer if you answer were 1 )

John says:

Oh man.. You know.. I started spirituality only to understand and feel quantum mechanics.. It was the only thing that seemed to talk of the same thing as quantum mechanics.. And i find many of things i discovered in your video.. Really great work..
Spirituality is great.

john says:

I am really really amazed to see you made those connections so well !! I used to think of all those..

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