Understanding Absolute Infinity - Part 1

By Leo Gura - July 17, 2017 | 43 Comments

What is existence itself?

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Joey e says:

God loves us so much. Even if we go against everything he stands for he still loves us. Even if we sell out the devil he still loves us. Even if we sell out he still pursues us and wants us to be with him. It is not his will for anyone to perish and that’s why it’s so important to know where we are going before we die. It’s never to late to turn around to God but if the blind lead the blind both will fall into a pit. Turn to Jesus and accept his free gift…a gift has to be accepted! God bless you

Ninos says:

Well said joey e.
Leo you truly have a gifted mind. You really see reality in a clear and open minded view. As I think more about god and existence I start to view thru gods eyes, I try to view the universe and reality as god would see it. I see god being so powerful as to make infinity. So if we see everything as a pot we must think of the potter. Infinity being gods creation must make god beyond infinity. This means he could love us beyond infinity so much that he created everything for us. The creation makes it so easy to understand their has to be powerful being like god. God must exist, their is no explanation for reality. I have thought and read and come to a further conclusion that Jesus Christ is god himself. I am curious Leo, has your view changed? Do you believe in a god creating all of this reality?

Dobromir says:

Maybe try by watching the video.

Cameron Foster says:

The idea that “God” is an external being, separate from self is the problem here. You are “God”, I am “God”, we are all “God”. You create reality, I create reality, we all create reality. Ninos, to say “God” loves you, is to say that “You” love you. But how many people can say that they love themselves. It seems to me people are looking for some external source for love when all they have to do, is look to themselves and they will find it, already there. God is everything and you are everything, they are one and the same.

Bill says:

Joey e:

It appears that you totally and utterly failed to absord a single word in this video. God is not a ‘he’ or an ‘it’ or a ‘she’. Probably best to lay off the coolaid, stop reading the bible until you understand mythology and start meditating daily. Oh yeah, may be a good idea to smoke some changa/DMT just to kick start the process

Stephen Balliet says:

Before clicking play the length of almost 2 hours was observed, but it was percieved as one of your quickest video’s. That demonstrates the uniquely subjective nature of time.

What was inspired was the question of direct experience. Admitting as you did that everything presented was only a pointer, or collection of pointers. Given that our connection to the absolute, or all-and-everything-and-no-thing is inescapably subjective, the closest we can come is to BE simultaneously resonateing the three separate infinite worlds of physical sensation, emotional feeling, and mental thought, all harmonized in the “zip” of awareness the direct experience of I AM.

Thank you for also pointing out that it is up to each of us to open to this truth so intimately far and so infinitely close.

Gavin says:

Hey Leo, pretty epic stuff! Kind of seems like all your work has been building to this video

Although I’ll likely need to re-watch many times, I think I get how infinity explains duality and non-duality; how it must include both existence and nothingness and how they are inextricably linked, but… why is there infinity?

Why the everything-ness and the nothingness? Why do they exist and not-exist? Essentially, why does the infinite (block of sand) potentiality / God happen to be the case?

Is my question just a human, logical question that just doesn’t have an answer and doesn’t need one?

Kind of like a question you proposed before, (I think) regarding the sun – why does it exist? We can explain the how – the Newtonian mechanics behind it and it seems like with your help, we can explain the of why the physical constants of our universe, because they are a finite set of a potentially infinite set… but why is all this the case?

Can that be answered, or do we just have to accept that we clearly exist (in a manner of speaking) and then trace that back to infinity as the source/cause?

Sorry for all the question marks. It’s just that this has been one question that occurred to me throughout my life, occasionally out of nowhere – why is all this going on?

Leo Gura says:

Why infinity? Because what else could there be?

There can’t just be zero. Because what would enforce everything to be zero? Zero is a limit. There would need to be something outside of zero to enforce zero, which means now it’s no longer zero, but zero plus something outside it.

The key is to realize that limitation isn’t really possible due to the fact that ever limit requires another limit to enforce it, ad infinitum.

The only possible way anything can be, or not be, is as a part of absolute infinity. It’s a matrix of every possibility.

Gavin says:

Ah right, yeah, the limits enforcing limits doesn’t really hold up. I think I was getting tripped up by the label of infinity itself, when reducing it to a word, it seems like an object… or something. I’m not even sure I know what I’m asking anymore


P.S. The – God shooting himself in the face with a shotgun of everything – bit, was pretty hilarious

Leo Gura says:

You can’t hold Absolute Infinity as an object. It transcends all objects. “Object” is a distinction. No object is actually infinite.

Gavin says:

I’ll do well to remember that, seems like a profound and pithy insight by itself –
“an object is a distinction”. I need to make more time for taking notes during these videos! Thanks again.

Ninos says:

Yes you most defiantly have to ask why is it this way. The answer I come back to is for god to show you his power. So when you don’t believe in him and he sends you to hell, he can justly say you deserve hell , since he did so much to prove his existence and you still denied him. Now he doesn’t want to come out and tell you who he is and point out your faults. Oh wait he did do that! He got crucified.

Dobromir says:

Are you sure you’re not living in fantasy land? Your comments seem like you believe your beliefs to be truth, when belief can never exist without doubt following. You’ve done a good job covering up the doubt by repeating the belief.

The bible in a nutshell. There’s a lot of Golden nuggets in the bible too, but this book looks to me like is brainwashing people. Very sad, definitely not what Jesus wanted.

Please familiarise yourself with Ekhart Tolle.

Danny Fortune says:

I don’t know if Leo will resonate with what I say, but

In mathematical terms, God is Absolute Infinity. This seems to be what Leo experienced when taking 5 me O DMT.

In spiritual terms, what Leo seems to have experienced is the fulfillment of an ancient Hebrew proverb that says, “He also placed eternity within them , yet, no person can fully comprehend what God is doing from beginning to end.”

eternity = infinity
the measure of time we cannot fully comprehend = absolute infinity

Very interesting Stuff. Great video.

Jacques Poirier says:

This episode, “What is existence itself?”, is to me the most profound of all your video so far. It gives me a ton of work to do on my believes and myself as a being.

I am gratefull for the awsome work you share with us every week in all your blog and video.

Thank you Leo.

Jacques, Montreal, Canada.

Ninos says:

Dobrimar, I am familiar with Elkhart tollay. To me he is a bigger conman then the worst of the religions. I have not found a better explanation of what eternity and existence and realty so far better then god and Jesus Christ. Now I used to go to church and I gave up church because I found the devil was in church more then any place. As far as I see Jesus Christ has no flaw, nothing he says makes me think he is a con man with alternative motives. He died for our sins a innocent man. Everything he taught made good sense once I thought about it in depth. Most people that denie Jesus and god are worried if they accept the existence of god will have to worry about having to answer to higher power. Only the guilty are afraid of judgement, and god is the ultimate judge. If after all the amazing things Leo said in his video and we don’t believe in a god making all this happen, would mean there is something we are hiding from, the real truth. Which is easier to believe that everything is nothing and nothing is everything and god is nothing and everything. The ying and yang and other psychobable to try to denie the existence of a higher power, remember this higher power is not a tyrant, he is loving god wanting only the best for his children, a forgiving all knowing god. El Khartoum tile has nothing on Jesus Christ.

Ninos says:

elkhart tollay. Damn auto correct.

Ben allal says:

hi; in the begining off the video you ask a question :where god is setting to create reallity? well; this question presume that god have the same nature of the reality he want to create: he need space to be in… i have an analogy for this situation: imaging a philosopher; from a strange simcity witch don’t discribe our reality; for exemple lets programming and make an intelegent life in planet venus dealing withe the hot and toxique atmosphere. now imaging this philosopher wondring how his creator (the programmer from earth) can enjoy the sunrise? sorry for my bad english;i can’t devloppe more because my weekness in english…

Michael says:

Sweet video finite form Leo. Is there a distinction between imagination and possibility in the context of absolute infinity?

Leo Gura can sprout 7 heads, all of which go insane for exactly 9 million years straight. Does this potential actualization, in my imagination of course, need to manifest as. necessary consequence of the nature of absolute infinity? Or can potential manifestations just remain in potential?

If my example of 7 Leo heads is too absurd maybe let’s go with 7 million grains of sand all moving, one at a time, 2 inches to he left. It can happen, so must it happen? Or can it remain in potential as nothingness?

Leo Gura says:

Within our “physical reality” much is limited and impossible. But beyond it, all sorts of weird stuff can happen. You’d have to go explore outside of physical reality. You’re not limited to physical reality by any means.

Mayur says:

Would analogy of universal set help, I mean the venn diagram in set theory, I just thought that maybe it would help. The universal set includes all the elements and within different sets, outside the sets, it includes all !

Ryan says:

Great video. Watched the documentary “Zero and One”. The next day it happed to me. Wepps “like a little girl” just like you said. It was so beautiful and simple.

Ryan says:

“wept..” typing too fast.

Sevi says:

Well.. inspiring as fuck.

Eric says:

Hi Leo,

Many thanks for all your work and for sharing it freely !

If everything that exists in the universe is just a chain of causes and consequences, with all the components linked together because they are part of the reality, and the reality works the way it works, how come life showed up at some point ?

Chances to see life appearing are so low (as scientists claim it), that we can just wonder if outside the reality as us, human beings we perceive it with our limited vision, a kind of force had influenced this reality or more precisely the way some elements have to interact with each other … At the other end of the spectrum, if the life on earth hadn’t existed, we wouldn’t be here discussing about this topic … We are maybe as living beings not an exception, as pehaps there are many other sorts of living beings in the universe, meaning finally that odds to see life appearing are not so low, but our ability to see it is just very, extremely limited, with us blind for many centuries / milleniums.

Disrupting …


Leo Gura says:

No, no, no!

Life didn’t just show up at some point.

Everything is ALIVE! Look around you. Your artificial human distinctions are social fabrications. There is nothing which isn’t alive. Just because your coffee table isn’t biting you, doesn’t mean it’s not alive. It’s not separate from you AT ALL.

Consciousness is alive and intelligent as a motherfucker. It spawned the Sun, the Earth, the moon, your coffee table, your dog, the tree outside your house, Aristotle, Jesus, Napoleon, Descartes, Hume, Einstein, Stephen Hawking, you, and spawned every single idea that ever popped into your mind. It did all that, and it’s doing it right this second to make sense of the pixels on this screen. You do not own this intelligence or consciousness. It’s universal. It owns you. You are its bitch. You are but an imprint in universal life.

Stop looking at this through the lens of science. Science is clueless to the kind of things we’re speaking of. Reality is not limited to the physical universe, and no scientific formula is going to capture what is being spoken of here. Forget about the Big Bang theory. The Big Bang and the universe in which you think you sit, is just a conceptual construction. Science is a RELATIVE endeavor. Which is not to say it’s pure fantasy. Science tracks relative relationships between phenomena.

Mia says:

I love you Leo, thanks

Dustin says:

I hope you revisit the law of attraction in a future video. Everything we want and don’t want already exists in the infinite sand. Our will (god’s will) brings it into our “reality”. Tons of teachers throughout history teach this.

Outlandish says:

Nice one Leo

Maria says:

I am speechless … while there’s no-one there to be speechless …

Lauri says:

@leo, would absolute infinity also include all impossibilities ?

Lauri says:

@Leo Gura, would absolute infinity also include all impossibilities ?

Yann says:

I struggle to adopt your idea of a descrete conception of reality (existence and non extistence being two sides of a coin) because I cling to the idea of absolute nothingness.
Obviously there is something, so it is too late (so to speak) for absolute nothingness. But still, isn’t it theorically conceavable as the absence of ANYTHING (including God, possibility, maths, ideas, etc) ? So this nothing at all would not relate to infinity, because it’s just…nothing at all. What do you think?

Leo Gura says:

What you fail to grasp is that Nothingness and infinity are the same thing.

The problem here is that you’re trying to imagine Nothingness. This isn’t possible, because it circles back around into everything.

Actual Nothingness is not a duality.

God is not a thing. God is Nothing.

Yann says:

Here is a little quizz :

By coming up with our human context, with our finitude, infinity wants to experiment :

My answer would be a) and I bet enlightened people (as amazing it is for them) do not bring anything special to infinity.
You said it : enlightenment is ultimately death. So if everyone was enlightened, it might as well be the end of the world!

Let infinity slum it with us lot

Chaz says:

Wow! Just Wow!

I stumbled upon this gem! Leo, this video is truly remarkable! I thank you

brett says:

For more on this topic, check out Peter Ralston’s new “Genius of Being” after working with the first two books in the Trilogy. It has obviously enriched Leo’s story and most definitely this very one too!! -b Thanks Peter, Leo – Metta.

Connor says:

Your point on formlessness isn’t striking home with me yet. I can wrap my head around the infinity of scale(no grounding for anything) and contrast(everything is one substance/distinctions are human creations) but not formlessness. You have the image of every possible shape of sand castle already being in the infinite block of sand. You also discuss how things appear a certain type of way but are really all ways: imagining a circle that is also a triangle and a square is impossible for us because of our mental circuitry. But our experience is not formless but formful. Why? My thinking about this falls into a more scientific realm: we see the things we see and experience the things we experience because of evolution. Experiencing form is more conducive under Darwin than experiencing all sorts of things. There is an amazing talk about visual perception and reality by Donald Hoffman on Ted called Do We See Reality As It Really Is? (please let me know your take! I expect you will point out his assumption of an underlying, objective substance of reality). Is this too simplistic a way of thinking? I’m totally open to the idea that infinite forms exist outside of our experience. I’m just struggling to conceive “where” these infinite possibilities are occurring…

Leo Gura says:


“Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form.”

What you’re missing is that form and formlessness are in fact exactly identical! That’s the ever definition of nonduality.

Your experience IS formless, but you’re not conscious of the formlessness of form yet because you’re preoccupied with form. Enlightenment is just the realization that all form is actually formless.

Of course your perceptual system was utterly shaped by self-survival (evolution). Nonduality doesn’t contradict that, it takes that line of reasoning to its ultimate conclusion: everything you experience is a hallucination designed to create an illusion of self-existence. Because illusion is the only kind of existence there can be. It’s not merely that you evolved to have a handy perceptual system. It’s that you are a hallucination hallucinating yourself into existence!

Your idea of infinity is wrong. Infinity is NOTHING. It has no form. It has no distinction. Infinity isn’t happening somewhere “out there”, it’s happening right now! You are it! Everything you see around you is a tiny part of Absolute Infinity. Every form is part of formless infinity.

Think of infinity this way: if you add up all the positive and negative numbers, what do you get? Zero. And where is zero located? Nowhere and everywhere! That tree is zero, that cat is zero, that car is zero, the world is zero, you are zero.

There is no difference between infinity and zero. They are IDENTICAL.

But you cannot understand this with logic or belief. This requires a massive enlightenment experience.

Gary Ehlenberger says:

The stationary, fractal mega-multiverse , look up the paper.

daniel says:

Maybe philosopher Graham Harman’s terms overmining and undermining might be useful to add to your non-duality vocabulary.

Object Oriented Ontology, maybe you like that too.

Max the know better says:

Here we go with the formless that can’t be imagined, I took a 3-hour contemplation of what the truth is and found out that must mean that the thing doesn’t exist. Contemplation doesn’t lead to truth, it leads to delusion and giving in to believing in God and religion, truth isn’t what you think, even though it’s in your personal thoughts, but those are ideas of a place or period, not your thinking. The thoughts I have as a first priority is atomism and Soren Kierkegaard’s thoughts. And no, thinking doesn’t lead to truth, and it’s not reality, my contemplation of the truth led me to know that maybe it’s outside of my thinking, and no, truth isn’t all based on fact and it’s not without evidence, or without proof, there’s a reason to believe all this. I might be wrong everything I think, but it’s like I thought, truth is outside of my thinking, it’s in the outside world, it’s neither objective nor subjective. This is the matrix, like it or not, it’s all made of atoms, it’s a cruel world mingled with art and beauty and melancholy, with God, it’s me going back to the “good old days” to the extreme, and it’s a world where truthful beliefs work, and yes it’s also that maybe is the case, like maybe something good comes about a man, it’s not “no it’s not”, it’s maybe, despite evidence to the contrary, don’t get me wrong but search for the truth led me to my life as it is, that my culture’s Australian, that I like a very few Italian foods, such as pasta in tomato or herb or cheese sauce, and Chinese food like “egg noodles” (the egg is scrambled in the mixture) with cabbage or chicken (seasoned with soy sauce), that’s the truth, my culture says of the impossible things you’re talking rubbish and that God is possible, am I missing something here?! I think infinitude is an impossible thing, but I might be wrong, it might just not be manifest. God is underdeveloped, it’s (it’s hard to say this) caveman bullshit, just admit your beliefs are bullshit, realise you’re living in a world of hobbits, and fire-breathing dragons, and sorcery, Leo!

Max the know better says:

Nothing is infinite, I’m living in a limited universe, the universe is only a certain way, the music people listen to is only limited to the source they get it from, like the radio, style, artist, or composer, or maybe the producer, people are limited, even if they’re universal to all things of people infinitely, indiscriminately, they’re still finite, there’s only a few trillion things of the universe, and of the world, it doesn’t go on forever without end, nor does the universe, nor does zooming in or zooming out, there’s a limit to both of these, if you go too far in the universe you’ll end up back forward above or below where you just started, located from you just started but not in there, therefore the universe isn’t endless, it’s not infinite, being in God mode to do anything, it can’t happen, you can’t do anything! You can only do certain things, all this you’re saying is impossible. It either exists or it doesn’t, it can’t be both, and it can’t be neither, and it can’t be neither and both at the same time, that’s against the law of non-contradiction, the truth is Aristotle was right and you’re wrong. You didn’t discover the truth, only aesthetic God belief with cynical elements from Kierkegaard is the truth, it covers everything, it’s not just one thing, everything else is assumptions, guesses, made by people who don’t have the answer. Truth is as simple as one belief, one philosophy, one religion, but it’s not a simple belief, you should believe in only one belief, a belief that’s comprehensive. In reality I won’t wake up after I’m dead therefore in all that’s objective or subjective everyone is wrong, religion’s about neither objectivity nor subjectivity, I just want to live in a human way, doing human things, like Shakespeare, Mozart, and smoking cigars, I do and believe what people do and say and I’m proud of it, I just want human beliefs and to be human.

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