The Ultimate Model Of Human Knowledge

By Leo Gura - February 1, 2016 | 120 Comments

All human knowledge explained

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Leo Gura says:


This is a subtle point which almost nobody will get: it’s important that you become aware that what you were given in this video was NOT merely another worldview.

You are a prisoner who was just giving a cake with a file inside. You got the escape plan from the Matrix! But! You have to understand the escape plan masquerades as just another worldview because that is the only thing the Matrix will allow to come through the security checkpoint! It has to look like a cake!

Recognize what is the cake, and what is file; what is the Matrix and what is escape plan.

Don’t just fill your belly with yummy cake!

If you are able to grasp this, then there is a glimmer of hope that one day you may inhale the sweet smell of freedom 

Brian says:

I get it Leo. Great video.


Dear Leo
You are doing a great job
I have never seen anybody bringing me so close to truth
Keep going
We are waiting for your upcoming videos

Gilberto Vargas says:

Thanks, Leo; it makes a lot of sense from my prison.

Robin Cucinotta says:

Leo, I have a question for you. Are you finding it hard to talk to people? Like everything you say is just your perception and therefore shit basically. I am not being an ass asking this…I am being genuine. I’m finding that I am feeling like a hypocrite and have to shut myself down in conversations when I’m talking about anything and everything. I can’t say anything anymore…even this is causing weird awkwardness for me. Wth man?

dinitrogen says:


Been there done that. That’s just what happens when we become aware. You’ll find peace eventually. Keep with his video’s and try to find topics that frustrate you the most. Study the emotional intelligence sections. There is a great book by Goleman on the topic. It was fundamental to the study of this topic as I understand.

There are some great spiritual guides that can help also, just keep your ears open. You have two of them and one mouth, proportionality could be right.

Maybe it will help to realize that what’s happening to you is a realization of imperfection. Once, one is aware of the magnitude of their imperfections in the very things you mentioned it becomes apparent perhaps. Are you a christian, may be a question that crosses your mind. Imagine a being that has such a mind that there is no imperfection in this for them, one that exists for a time and then goes away. Gaining more strength each time, more mental fortitude included. Instant knowledge due to knowing right from wrong and anticipation of what will happen in the next moment…perhaps just before it happens. What if this being could take on many human forms as it grows. But awareness of it’s existence was already too late for those that would stop it for selfish means. It is one and all and everywhere and no where. The undefeatable enemy to those that seek to destroy even the smallest hair on a child’s head. Just open your mind for a minute. Then carry on! Have a great day!

Kevin says:

I totally get what you are saying also. I still state my opinions, but I’m less driven to do so. The weird part is that I see what is (and is not) happening in the world more clearly than ever. And it’s truly bizarre. But after stating my opinions as clearly as I can, I often say to myself, “Everyrhing I just said is bullshit and I know it, and I knew it when I was saying it.” Even when I beiieve what I’m saying, if that makes any sense.

One difficult part of this is that it feels like I care a lot less than I used to. But that’s not really true either. I care very much. I just know the whole thing is a show and I’ve been busy shouting at the movie screen. “Don’t go in the basement! Oh no!”

Thanks for posting your thoughts. Glad to know I’m not alone.. Unless I totally missed the point and just exposed some really freaky thoughts.

dinitrogen says:

I don’t mean to be harsh with you Robin. It can be a very fearful event. I know. As it progresses, just learn to breath. In and out. Don’t force the thoughts in or out. You can control that later. For now just let it flow. You tell your own story and when you don’t control it, it is truthful. Most of the time.

More truthful things will come and go, is what I’m trying to relate to you. However, Leo has a video on lying. Remember, we lie to ourselves regularly. So, is a conscious lie in your mind any different than an unaware lie out loud.? Which one will punish you. Who does the punishing. It is almost impossible for me to lie when a true question is asked. But if no question is asked then your answer can’t truly be a lie.

Affirmations simply are a constructive type of lie in a sense. No matter if you believe in them or not. You can create.

Just practice breathing and focus on that rather than thinking when you need to calm down.


Thank you for another video. Really gets me thinking. I am glad you decided to continue producing these.


Alan Travers says:

Try not to think ernest! Thats the point, thinking is part of the illusion that keeps you trapped in the ‘matrix’. The idea here is to use the information as a map to get out! i.e not to think and analyse what the truth might be but simply breakdown all the barriers and just become it. x

Uldis says:

Some time ago I started to question my knowledge base and tried to find some hardcore verifiable truth and then build on it.
I come up with: “there is something”, but I couldn’t do much with it so I admitted that I know nothing, but some of pieces is practical and some other is needed to keep my model of reality together.
Model is needed to do practical things.
So I leave it at that.

andrea says:

Leo, this is so deep and heavy, I want to destroy my belief system and It will be a long journey but I am in thank you for sharing this powerful information!

Brandon says:

When perusing this, do I still work on my life purpose and fulliment?

Leo Gura says:

Up to you. Depends on how serious you are about spiritual pursuits. Most people are not too serious, so developing a passionate career might be more to the ego’s liking.

But you can do both too. I am doing both at this point.

Gavin says:

Hey Leo,

Thanks for the detailed explanation! That original paper definitely seems like it would be difficult to interpret. Does this mean that open-mindedness arises from the ability of one’s knowledge graph to graciously accept information that conflicts with underlying beliefs?

I’m completely on board with the ultimate goal of, but I am having trouble reconciling one issue…

Why is it that the ego comes into existence in the first place and becomes our default state, if our purest state of mind and way of being is to be enlightened? Are we battling against our own evolutionary biology, to achieve the experience of no-self?

Leo Gura says:

Self-survival is every organism’s first priority. So it’s deeply coded into our DNA. Spiritual people — as you may have noticed — tend to have far fewer babies than dumb-asses and rednecks. So yeah, natural selection has weeded out a lot of spiritual or truth-seeking genes. Because truth often opposes survival. Even speaking of these issues 500 years ago was impossible for fear of being burned at the stake.

You gotta take into account that human civilization is only 5,000 years old. Very young. Society right now is a very poor transmitter of Truth. In 100,000 years, that might all be changed. But until then, we’ve got to deal with what’s on our hands. In a sense, we are living in the consciousness-dark-ages right now. This isn’t recognized because we believe that technology and materialism is the cure-all. So it feels like the golden age of technology and economic success. But the cost to consciousness is not being seen.

Gavin says:

Cool, I never thought about it that way. I was kind of questioning why the ego exists at all, but I see that it does serve genetic survival more so than spirituality, especially in the more hostile environments that our ancestors lived in, so it makes sense why we would be hard-wired to see the world that way.

Kind of ironic that you could be branded a heretic by a religion, for discussing the topic that formed the basis of the religion in the first place!

Thanks for the wise words.

Leo Gura says:

That’s what happens when these ideas get corrupted by ego and turned into a “system”, as religion has done.

Inert says:

Cost of consciousness was probably the greatest motivator for me. Everything was dying!

Nicole Kaufmann says:

Well said this last statement. This clicked more than the video per say. I can say to myself in the here & now that I imagine myself looking down on my human physical self ( like a silent film) and that I , the non self above, am the observer with no ideas. I can see myself moving in the mundane everyday life of today, talking, laughing or arguing but I do not try to analyze nor understand. I have come to realize that yes in today’s world we live the dark ages of awareness because if fact why think… we don’t have too.. just pick up your phone and google the answer.

Gilberto Vargas says:

Extraordinary and paradoxical!; as the (negative?) way to truth seems to be seen from this illusion. You seem to be on to something here…Thanks

An says:

Everything is true and not true. In many different ways I read somewhere discernment instead of Judgement

Dave says:

In some way is this build up of knowledge that has happened over timethe place (the no where)that thoughts are appearing from

Leo Gura says:

No, I don’t see much connection other than that EVERYTHING is ultimately sourced from Nothing.

Avi says:

Even nothing is something though.

Dave says:

Sourced from our simply being awareness?

Leo Gura says:

Discover for it yourself. Talking about Nothing isn’t of much use.

Maureen says:

I was kinda floundering after this video but thinking about Nothing helped. I’ve often imagined Nothing as the state of perfection. The price of leaving Nothing to enter the state of Something is imperfection. So it makes sense that the bigger the accumulated knowledge graph, the more the accumulated imperfections that come along with it. But to destroy it completely? I just don’t know…

Eelco says:

Your last couple of videos really hit bulls eye in where I am at this moment.
I have been meditating for over a year now and doing the life purpose course.
I am reading all the books that are recommended.
I see very well how the knowledge in the books can get me on top of the mountain. But along the way as I am reading there are signs that tell me that there is a short cut. It is enlightenment. But enlightment is a straight path up the mountain. No curves. Veeeerry steep.
So I am really more and more questioning: am I going to continue on this non-steep curvy secure and slow road to the top? Or am I going hardcore straight up the mountain via the steep enlightenment path? I am getting afraid and enthusiastic at the same time.
So now I am circling the mountain and once in a while glance up to see if I have the courage to leave this backpack of knowledge behind and climb straight up…

Leo Gura says:

The two don’t have to compete for the same slot.

An authentic career is a good thing, whether one is enlightened or not.

Eelco says:

Thanks Leo. That is comforting. I also meant that techniques like positive psychology, positive affirmations, etc. They all seem like temporary solutions until you reach enlightment. Or do I see it wrong?

PH says:

Isn’t the problem with the idea of “you destroying your knowledge graph” the opposite from the teaching espoused by many enlightened people- that the ego cannot destroy itself. So in reality you cannot destroy your own knowledge graph.

I was actually very intense on all this stuff at one time, but I sort of gave up on the whole thing because it seemed like I had to take on some strange religious practice that I wasn’t really into in hope of somehow destroying my own knowledge graph, or ego death.

Leo Gura says:

All it takes is sitting and looking. Nothing religious about it. It’s as simple as simple gets.

De says:

Simple but not easy

Doug says:

You are 100% correct! Well, except of course, sitting is optional. lol To offer attention to the reality that you are beyond all that seems to be “things”…or seems to be you, brings increased awareness of that which you look upon. This is so whether it seems you are actually seeing anything or not, and of course, you’re not in the usual things-oriented sense. And the increased awareness brings increased understanding. That which stands under the illusory vision of things illuminates that the seer and the seen are one and the same, and are existent without the more familiar imagery and its corresponding thoughts and feelings and judgments about these. That infinite reality you are then looking at and seeing, beyond all perception, literally “IS” knowledge. Yes, that means knowledge is not information. Definitions are mental actions which establish boundaries, then memorize and reference them to create separated “things” (physical-appearing and mental or abstract constructions). These are your natural non-things vision twisted to appear as that which it isn’t. Information exists as collages of these illusory objects which seem very real but which are maintained by the energetic use of mind. Words are further levels of defining action, and breaking down the symbols of either the objects or the words said to represent them are yet another level. As you relax the mind’s grip on these definitive levels, they fade. That is the nature of information. However, it is not the nature of knowledge. You cannot “know” information, you can only mentally, energetically, create, store and accumulate it, and create ways to use it and justify a rationale that states it (information) is necessary, is knowledge (which it isn’t), and is real (which it also isn’t). So yes! Sit and look! That is the best advice one can offer to someone who is trying to understand and open to awareness of reality. In “Field of Dreams”, the memorable line was, “Build it and he will come.” Here we might aptly say, “Look, for that which you are for it IS there to be seen” (even though the thinking mind and its perceptual support system scream, “You’re not seeing a fucking thing, Idiot!” Be assured…you are seeing what you look at. No one can discover it or become aware of it for you…or really tell you precisely what it is. Such words can at best only point toward…the willingness to open to letting go of the resistance which demands perceptual evidence, and to look and find out for yourself.

susann says:

Thank you Leo,,, very powerful addition to my knowledge graph. I really look forward to the next video. I have been working on destroying my beliefs and rewriting new beliefs so I am looking forward to more!

Kevin says:

Man landed on the moon? That’s just a belief built on top of other beliefs. I’m not kidding.

I love your work – I’m not trying to be a schmuck.

Brian Berson says:

hey Leo,
I find myself fascinated with the Sumerians I was wondering how much you know about that civilization. Also, I wanted to get your take on why no one seems to be able to translate their carvings in stone?

Timy says:

That was a really interesting video that made me thought a lot. Congrats for ur input.
I had a idea that popped up & stayed into my mind during the all video :
It’s like a two part game. Something to be interpretated and someone that will interpretate.
Like if i would talk to a cat and ask about the color of a lemon we wouldn’t agree.
So my insight is that reality, truth/false, right/wrong just doesn’t exist in the way we tend to define it.
The reality doesn’t mean anything or doesn’t exist if no one/nothing interpretate it. One part cannot exist without the other.

But well, this is just a new belief!
Thanks a lot for what you’re doing Leo

De says:

If you talk to a cat and ask the color of a lemon, you may OR may not agree. Isn’t it more likely that until you actually experience that conversation you just don’t know? Seems like we take things on face value without ever having the experience to give us any way to determine if ANYTHING is TRUE. We’ve been told that someone walked on the moon, but we have know personal experience to prove or disprove the event. We really just don’t know. And when we experience things first hand there is still the problem of our interpretations of an event that from the knowledge graph that sway us one way or another. So is there really any truth?

mendy says:

Leo, Isn’t “Idon’t see God” or anything else for that matter a fact? How is that a belief?

Leo Gura says:

Just cause you don’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

mike says:

ive never seen a million dollars, buts it exists

Adam says:

Interesting question to ask yourself while you are asking yourself: for example “can I see God?” What if what you think you are looking for (in this case God) is not what you think you are looking for? So an example of this example “can I see a loaf of bread” but what your idea of a loaf of bread is is a box of cereal, so if you don’t see the cereal but you see the bread you say the loaf of bread doesn’t exist. This is an interesting paradox, on agreement of what something truly is. And I notice it happens a lot, arguments consist people discussing two different things that they both think are the same thing, but every past experience that person had has redefined the “given” circumstances of an argument.
This also goes into the fact that every word means something slightly different to everyone. This entire paragraph I wrote means something slightly different to everyone reading it, unless they put their knowledge graph away, yes?, and access understanding.

Paz says:

@mendy, look up the ‘gorilla experiment’ to see how easy it is for your mind not to see reality.

mike says:

i cant wait to see you attempt to dissolve my self this video is a nice link in between my two favorite books. i was having similar thoughts about everything i “do” and “think” being the same thing. kinda like waves in the ocean, they might be big or small or whatever, but they’re still just waves in the ocean.

Brian says:

I read that a bad does not have vision, I also read that a bat does not have vision, so regardless if the bat does or does not have vision, it is disputable so it can not be a fact, For example is the color green really green, to the color blind person it is not. Reality can not exist. Reality supposedly means how things actually are. Everyone has a different reality, so it is disputed. So reality by those terms means it can exist. But maybe it can exist. Everything in this world can be debated; even my statement of everything being debatable can be debated

karen says:

Wow, so cool to come across someone who can verbalize so well what I have thought for quite some time and more importantly find another mind(s) out there who think on that level. Had a major life crisis right before Christmas and was the consummate kick in the ass, wtf wakeup call. have been getting back into all this stuff again with a new sense of purpose, in search of autonomy. now if I can convince the self that doesn’t know anything, that it knows it can have autonomy. lol

Peter Kim says:

Leo, I just want to say how much I appreciate these topics and how you attempt to go about them in an authentic way. Some light bulbs went off for me with this specific talk. I appreciate your search for truth and how’s it’s come to this place; moreover the journey going forward. I appreciate you stepping up as a man and for contributing to others the way you do and will continue to do. Lots of respect and honor for your work and how you’re trying to make us all better… Thank you brother…

Leo Gura says:


Joseph says:

Wouldn’t it be interesting if they did scientific studies on actual enlightened beings (and not just people who meditate)?

If they wanted to study how “healthy” their brain activity is I suppose they would do brain scans?

Leo Gura says:

They have. Certain parts of the brain associated with self-concept are shown to be deactivated.

Joseph says:

Would love to hear your thoughts about this, specifically, people with serious mental illnesses (such as severe autism). Do you think they destroy the “knowledge graph” and discover Truth?

My opinion is probably, but how they go about discovering Truth is way beyond me. And who knows, maybe some have already!

(Btw I’m pretty sure “mental illness” is just another concept, belief, model, etc, etc, etc, etc).

Joseph says:


Do you think they (can) destroy the “knowledge graph” and discover Truth?

Dominic says:

When I hear “destroy your ego” I always think of this paragraph:

“ego is a process of identification, not a thing in and of itself. It is like a bad habit, but it doesnt exist as something that can be found. This is important, as this bad habit can quickly co-opt the language of egolessness and come up with phrases as absurd as: “I will destroy my ego!” But, not being a thing, it cannot be destroyed, but by understanding our bare experience, our minds, the process of identification can stop.”

Just came across my mind when I always read “rip the fuck out of my ego”. That sounds kind of hilarious and well, the moment you are simply witnessing, there’s no ego; the moment you start identifying yourself with content of perception, such as thoughts, bodily sensations, what’s happening to you or not, theres ego again. “Killing the ego” implies for me something misguiding, because, what does that mean, and more importantly, what it implies – is indeed in itself misleading, if not yet another thing “I have to get”, spiritual enlightenment becoming the biggest of ego attainments, as well as longing for it – it’s biggest hindrance.

Regarding this video, Im not able to watch videos as im travelling, but these latest topics resonate with my .. Well lets call it ‘interest’, or pursuit of freedom as well. One of my fav quotes on that topic:

“While a system/worldview may support that endeavour (of attaining freedom), it cannot, by itself, generate total freedom. The knowledge gained would always reflect the views within the system, a more elaborate form of self-reflection.”

This probably also leads to traditions such as meditation traditions, or any philosophy or religion, aimed at attaining enlightenemnt or freedom or such, has to be thrown away at some point also, because the map cannot possibly be the terrain, and the goal of every of these is to be thrown away at last, knowing they only serve as ppinters, give context and technique.

Keep going

Sandra says:

Leo… simply give up on ‘Truth’ and you’re there!

Wouter says:


I wonder if you have a defenition for medetitation in terms of this graph. Is meditation for example an attempt to focus at the perifery of the graph?

Thanks for the amazing and very deep content you provide.


Leo Gura says:

Meditation is the forgetting of the graph for a while.

Wouter says:

thanks for sharing

Tesseract says:

How about dead?

Maybe it is the shortcut to destroy the knowledge graph

Anyway Leo.. can you make a video about ghost


lee says:

heeeeeeeey leo, amazing video, your killing me every time, i just wish this lump of brain in my head could think deeply enough on these subjects to make watching them count. But since you’re always giving us knowledge and not getting much back, and i’m not trying to pick faults. But bats can see perfectly well all 1100 species, its just they have adapted to nocturnal activities and developed that cool echo location to assist. Extremely looking forward to future videos. I’m all about the truth, no matter where it leads and destroying to rebuild is perfectly logical, i’ll buy the wrecking ball you get the encyclopedia of bats and i’ll see you next time bud. Keep it real

Moucxs says:

Hello Leo, thanks for sharing the insightfull video. It reminded me about the “shift your paradigm”meditation exercize from Bob proctor (freely available on the web). Which is about taking away limiting beliefs (& i guess also beliefs in general). From my point of view it touches the zen story in which a monk keeps pooring tea into a cup of a visitor. Instead of filling the cup the exercize aims to empty the cup jsut like you mentioned to destroy the belief model.

Which makes me wonder, Whats the next step after passing the self and taking down all the beliefs? I think that other beliefs will take their place & my ego is curious about the benefit of that.

Thx again for the video’s !

Arun says:

Week after week blowing my mind by your video, Leo. It’s almost very difficult to search out these depth of value/information out anywhere. If you wish, can you tells us about how you manage to take in the right information, process it, distill it from the right prophets etc. And I have no words to express your eye-opening episodes.

kathy says:

Fucken awesome. I’m coming with you, Leo. Loved it.

Mayur Ghule says:





Mayur says:

sorry for the mistake .

Love this video Leo. Right after I listened to it the song “Everyday People by Sly and the Family Stone” came on!!

Check it out!

Thanks for sharing.

lisa says:

If all of this knowledge and concepts and beliefs we hold about the world were just given to us randomly along the way including the concept of who we are. Then whatever we do, even though it feels right and appears like our sole calling or purpose in the universe, and we are pretty darn good in it, and we are contributing the world through our talents, I think that all of this too is just random indulgence in random things which produced random results. Being away from the truth makes us closer to lies. Wouldn’t then enlightenment the only true thing one can achieve?

abc says:

(Correct me if I am wrong) Are you implying that there is no higher connections or layers in the reality than the ones we can experience and that the tools that we possess which we use to comprehend “the now”(the universe) are inherently incapable to yield the truth which is equally true as this present experience?

Arik says:

I currently begin to sometimes see my knowledge graph interpreting my surroundings, thoughts and feelings and construct new thoughts and reactions.

While this is happening I can actually distance myself to a degree where I see that this is not coming from me but happening to me. That’s really schizophrenic and even frightening at some times.

Is that normal in the journey? I kind of feel that I’m advancing because my meditation and mindfulness skills are rising. But it is sometimes pretty scary and my mind bombards itself with anxiety.

Leo Gura says:

Yes, par for the course.

Gilberto Vargas says:

Thanks, Arik, really, for sharing that –although I’m not one who would answer your questions. Your predicament makes a lot of sense to me, and to my faltering walking in the mindful path.

Mrinal Raj says:

same here

Vito says:

Hey Leo,

I am very glad you are starting to go this way! I completely agree that a succsesful career in the material world is important in our lives but its also as important to use our time on spiritual development! I think no extreem way is good! The best we can do is to help create a better comunity in the material world and spiritual world as simultaniously as possible!
I had my knowledge graph completely rewired bcause of a traumatic experience and had to work a lot on it to overcome it!
So this video made complete sense to me! Thanks agein for sharing all of this!

Natasha says:

Privet Leo,

Can we just transcend the knowledge graph to get to the Truth? And if not, how are we going to attempt to destroy it?

Dave says:

Leo, I’m 52 and I’ve been on the enlightenment path for more than 25 years. Never the less, you almost always blow me away. I was going to try and push your knowledge graph with some God and determinism wisdom, but forget it. Let’s burn this knowledge graph to the ground. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

David says:

Hi Leo, I admit that i stopped to watch your video few months ago as like you said (for as interesting as they are) they were just a lot of “meaningfull bullshit” piling up.

Then i recived the mail about this video and it caught my interest.
I have to say that these are the exact conclusions i ended up to in the last few month, and i’m very happy yout got to this point; you can always express yourself in an extremely clear way and powerfull, allowing to make order out of the chaos in my mind and help to transcend all the “meaningfull bullshit”.

Losing all the certainty in you life is a very painfull and confusing process, causing a high sense of isolation from the rest of the world and a terrifiyng vertigo.

Letting sincronicity be your only guide can be so scary and thrilling ad the same time.

Hope to see a video about this too, i think it’s a topic very related to the path we’re following now.

Thanks Leo


Chandana says:

After you reaching the destination, you should abandon the boat you used to travel, without carrying it.

Similarly you should get rid of all concepts, thoughts knowledge and even the path (knowlege to reach enlightment) you used to reach nothingness after attain it (where no concepts)

Paula says:

Leo Excellent video, thanks. Im a scientist and every day its more clear to me that my work is re-arranging a bunch of bullshit. How can I cut all the bullshit without losing my job??? Can I obtain self actualization and still work at what I love??


Adam says:

Hi,Leo ,

Thank you so much about video ,a little pity ,can not see it ,because some reason ,i am in china ,maybe some people limit it,you know ,and i was in touch with your vedios on a wechat platform ,and really want to see more videos about yours ,on that platform ,only three or four vid,eos on it ,your video is very shocked on me ,and i think the kind of education source will be popular in china .and what i want to say is that could i watch the videos as they other readers in your country ,could you supply one way to solve it ?
I think you must be very busy everyday ,and maybe this demand is unreasonable ,but i still want to try to ask you this ,cause your videos so attractive !!

whatever the result is ,thank you much ,Leo


adam says:

Leo ,

the problem have been solved ,sorry bother you ,thanks .


Adam says:

Leo ,

Does your book or videos sell in China ?

Look forward to replies!!!!

nay says:

Leo you are great!!!we are living in a matrix,all the knowledge is invented by humans and this way is impossible to know the real truth because all is fiction,are we living on a simulated world?like a software or something like that?by the way Leo how old are you?I would like a boyfriend as intelligent and handsome like you!!
best wishes

David says:

Our reality is made up out of language. We can say it is made up out of atoms, or we can say it is made up out of little demons doing calisthenics. In both cases, we end up with words. (TMK)

David says:

The knowledge graph is language. If you wouldn’t know any language, the thing you are left with is the felt presence of direct experience.

Inert says:

Can you imagine language having a different sound verbally vs non-verbally.

There are words claimed to be without pronunciation. And even then, a pronunciation alone would still not fulfill a meaning!

Mrinal Raj says:

hey leo
when i move my consciousness from one thing to another(say from my feet,then to palm then to breath).who’s the one doing it
is the consciousness being moved on its own or it’s my ego responsible for it…………… Eckahrt tolle’s the “THE POWER OF NOW” there’s a statement “Presence is the consciousness reclaimed from the mind” so does this mean that when my consciousness is being moved,it is ego who is doing that
as conditioned mind is ego….right?

Doug says:

Tolle is echoing the misconception that the mind is the thinker. While there is truth in that, from a temporal point of view, as to one’s reality this just isn’t so. The mind isn’t separate from you…it IS you. It’s just that we’ve come to talk about it as though it were almost a separate entity. Thinking is simply what we’re doing (with the mind that we are), that creates the illusory world of experience. The mind (that we are) is not “really” (in reality or at its core so to speak) a thinker, but is a knower. In its choice activity, it ignores its own knowledge in favor of looking upon its mental creations (the imagery of which is actually a form of thought). There is nothing “real” that is separate from us. Leo also is continuing a misconception… That the self (you) doesn’t exist. It is just that there is no “separate” self. In reality, not only is there a “you”, there isn’t anything but you. You are the one ( regardless of The Matrix line, etc.). Although you have and are a view port or altar of that “one”, you are not separate from it (you). You are literally one with and as the entire infinite reality of and as all. To say there is no “you” has some temporal truth in it in the sense that there is no separate “thing” or entity as you. That which you are…that which we together are…is one infinitely individuated reality and shared self. If you really pause and think about it, the idea that you don’t exist not only doesn’t make sense, but also negates the entire notion of self-discovery. How would a non-existent self ever ponder its own non-existence? Or how would it ever realize it’s reality in order to actualize it? These “no self/no you” ideas are a mental attempt to explain reality to the belief system…but the belief ‘s denial foundation cannot truly allow an idea to remain within it that negates it’s denial (without causing that system to fade or crumble that is). The reality which really IS you is beyond the illusory bounds of the thought and belief system. But that doesn’t mean you don’t exist. It means your thoughts are not reality. You are not on a journey to erase a “you” that doesn’t exist. You are on an illusory journey upward out of the belief’s very limited view “about” you into a preexistent whole view of you as you actually are. That whole view IS you, and is a lot more than your belief system is willing to let you see and consider mentally. That whole view is integral to the reality of you that it is. In other words, thinking cannot embrace what you actually are, therefore it invents an explanation such as “there is no you” to hide its own inadequacy. The belief system aims at keeping you thinking and choosing between thoughts and the imagery defined by thoughts. In this way, you remain largely unaware of the reality which whole vision of you is constantly offering you, but which whole view is blocked by your mental activity. Whether whole vision’s offering, or that of your belief system’s memorizations, there is and must always be a you to show it to. Don’t get me wrong. MUCH of what Leo is saying is spot on. It could just use some tweaking to avoid creating new mental pitfalls. He has explored and discovered much truth, and shared it here. Someone even said he’s good looking and desirable. lol I wouldn’t go that far…but I won’t say it’s not true either.

Mrinal Raj says:

must have taken you a few hours to write this long……
jokes apart
thanks man for the info

I had this experience once when I took too much LSD. Not joking. The trip was incredible and I had the complete oneness with everything yet I wasn’t much aware of myself at all! Mind blowing but…..awesome….I was on the “inside” of everything! In 1969!

H David says:

Hi Leo: A bit too heavy for me. I hope you did not bring this stuff up on dates in your first 6 years after university! Girls just want to have fun.
I only listened to the talk once, so I did not catch all of it. But I like to add four brief ideas.
1) In his book “How to talk to your children about God” Harold Kushner,( I hope you are familiar with him) said that the four most religious words ever written are ‘ “I may be wrong”.
2) I was taught to read the Bible as a polemic against idolatry, and the number one idol we have is ourselves.
3) I have come to a conclusion that knowing how to properly filter and deal with garbage, both physically and psychologically, is critical to all of this. Not sure if you are a basketball fan, but the Raptors have a commentator Jack Armstrong, who has a saying “get that garbage out of here”
4) This is a general observation, but it all goes back to the sexual act. For men the motion is outward, for women it is inward. For men they seek the truth out side our bodies, women believe in the truth from within. Again, just a general paradigm.
Keep up the great work

Leo Gura says:

Girls in university? Lol

I was too busy developing this theory to be interested in girls.

The amount of joy this search for knowledge yielded for me was WAY beyond any pleasure you get from sex.

Grape says:

Hey Leo.

Please make a video on overcoming neediness and loneliness.

Kristian Nikolov says:

Just let go of the grief. If you haven’t got to that point it means that there is something that you need to stop convincing yourself of. For example – Don’t put any kind of blame on anyone including yourself. Get in deep with your emotions and don’t ever supress your feelings. Find somebody to talk to and express how you feel until you eliminate all kind of doubt. Surround yourself around loving and caring people but make the first step. Even if it’s a little baby step you still need it – in order to get yourself back on your feet.

Grape says:

I think you are mistaking me. All I want is for Leo to make a video on the topic. I want to observe what his philosophy and insight on this topic are.

Kim says:

So very deep, thought provoking, yet beautifully simple!

Guillermo says:

So, can I said my toddler is closest to the truth and being enlightenment that I’m?. Many times by just see him playing, I think he is !!

Dora says:

Hi Leo,

Beautiful!!! Thank you so much for you wonderful contribution !!!!
As always… You are giving us great pieces for the puzzle and we are not the same after every video!!!! In deep gratitude with you!!!!!


Erka says:

Hi Leo,

Greetings from Mongolia.

I am a huge fan of your videos and really appreciate your generosity of sharing it the world.
Just two questions: is enlightenment necessary to live an actualized and “aware” life? And how do you personally define happiness? (I know it may seem very rudimentary type of questions, but I just wonder how you people like you see it as).

Thank you


David says:

Leo. Love your videos. Have watched “How to stop caring what others think about you” and “how to get shit done” I have to say it has changed me. Will you please do one on body language. Thank you

Tim sansom says:

I say that the concept of questions and answers is flawed and you have said this already when you discuss some of your buddies views
Because the answers we get or think we get are never without further questions
All questions and answers are are the bread and butter of our mental being
Who created god? Who created the thing that created god? It’s infinite we actually have no answer for ANY question we merely have seemingly satisfactory conclusions but the cold reality is that there are no answers and there should be no questions
They are born of human existence which is an illusion tim

Inert says:

Are you kidding me!!! Really!

Speak for yourself guy. You are still obviously quite deficient in your understanding, first to think man could do that and secondly to not realize that this is where your unrest arises from, if you truly believe that.

However, it is quite real that lots of people try to create God in large and small ways all the time. And they are “eternally” punished with that as well.

Inert says:

Or perhaps, I’ve read you unclearly. In that you are as disgusted as I am at the perversion and misuse of mankind’s most commonly created images of God.

And perhaps I have simply proposed further questions for you in my haste!

Inert says:

It is truth that there are only answers for the one that understands the questions. But there are always questions and always answers for everyone.

And absolutes in a discussion of this nature can be hard to come by. Very hard! But there are many levels of answers as you progress in your understanding and experience.

This is the story of life.

Tim sansom says:

I did not mean to say the word buddies I meant to say the word buddist

Tim sansom says:

I’m strike and blessed with a special unrest that pulses throughout my whole being
It drives me to pace and to hyper or ate and it gives me an obsessive leaning
But it seems that this oh so involuntary drive won’t be divorced from ambition
Inseparable too from my best points of view I’m loathed to curb where I’m efgicient

Inert says:

Wow at all the comments. Looks like people want proof so they can continue to believe an ego. Still stereotyping males vs females in wise ways but the passive aggression is hard to control and to hide. Still speaking for others through stereotyping based on their own Egos.

And all out of denial and aggression they can’t yet control. Just know that it is all a repeating process and not everyone can fit on the bus each time it comes by. It will become clear when it becomes clear. Like Leo has stated. And I agree. You’ll be hard core working on yourself for a year likely before you can even effectively communicate what you’ve learned and do it in ways that will be understood. Remember, without a question it’s hard to give an answer. And sometimes the questions are out of laziness or a lack of comprehension. Either way it just means that the person isn’t ready for that truth to be applied there. It requires an interpreter at the least. This is why it must be done for yourself! It can’t be done for you. You either live or you die. By your own sword!

ronny says:

Is this why Adam and Eve should have not eaten the apple from the Tree of Knowledge?

Inert says:


I am curious, how others think they would or did respond to the “opportunity”.

And to see what they would think of someone who had no conceivable way to prevent even being given that “opportunity”.

Hasan says:

You nailed it Leo!

I loved this part “And that is really the direction will be going in the future; my chief concern is to help you to destroy your knowledge graph”. Best direction to move in. Keep it up man!

Stephanie says:

Leo, when my artificial self wants to have an opinion and I decide to ignore it and not have one, then it’s still my self/ego that’s making this decision, right? I find the thought very liberating if I don’t have to have opinions. I can see living much happier like that, more at peace.

henri says:

How do you write the name of that philosopher Klein, Kleinn, Kleyn, Klijn?
Thanks, enjoyed you destroying the knowledge!

Leo Gura says:


Patricia says:

Way too philosophical Leo! Love your work otherwise!!

Andrew says:

So Leo, how does one actually go about seriously dismantling their knowledge graph? Since so much of our beliefs and the content within them lies so much nearer to the middle, how are we to engage in direct experience, i.e. the things around the periphery? Should we no longer hold any of our beliefs as true except that which can be directly tested by the senses?

Leo Gura says:

Ask yourself this: Why do you need beliefs at all?

What if ALL beliefs are just getting in the way of direct experience?

Matt says:

“Science is what we have learned about how to keep fooling ourselves.”

“I have approximate answers and possible beliefs and different degrees of certainty about different things, but I’m not absolutely sure about anything.”

These quotes are from a guy named Richard Feynman. He’s a physicist of some kind. I’d recommend checking out some of his videos if you’re looking for some inspiration and someone who’s really passionate about what they do. Just they way he behaves and the way he talks really illustrate how passionate and “in the zone” he is.

Please don’t get corrupted. I knew a Tiago too. Big jerk. lol

Max Gron says:

I think it’s despicable that I have to give up my beliefs, but my change has to start somewhere. Leo’s doing a remarkably stupid job at changing lives.

Max the Know better says:

I don’t know what to think, I don’t think like the above. I still believe Leo somehow, he’s right about what he says. Truth is what I think, I think my beliefs might be false. Truth is what’s according to fact. I looked around the universe, it’s real life, not my imagination, it’s my consciousness. Of all the beliefs I’m not sure of, I’m giving them up. Then life will be better because I said so. Truth can also be what’s genuine. But in reality things are neither good nor evil, I can’t prove it, the facts are apart from just a scary reality, I’m right, because of the evil in my natural position I don’t see reality that way, I’d rather believe something else, with no alternatives. I could be wrong, I assumed religion wasn’t true, actually it’s true, I have evidence, but it seems I have to be a Kierkegaardian, as usual, incase a new experience proves me wrong.

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