How To Have Amazing Sex - Part 1

By Leo Gura - December 8, 2014 | 79 Comments

The ultimate guide for giving your girl mindblowing orgasms

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Hey, this is Leo for, and in this video I want to talk about how to have amazing and mind-blowing sex.

I am going to tell you how to have sex in an amazing way, so that your girl can have multiple orgasms and fall in love with you in a way that she’s never fallen in love with another man in her life. This is a guide for men, and not for women.

There are important tips and tricks that we can talk about for women, but this is something that I am going to cover in another video. It is much more important to discuss the proper techniques and mindsets for men. Why is this?

The man is the leader in the bedroom. A lot is always riding on him. The woman flows with what the man is doing. She’s following and being submissive. She is surrendering herself to the man – to you.

This being the case, you need to know what you’re doing. You need to know how to lead properly. You need to know how to stir the proper emotions in both of you in order to make it a mind-blowing experience.

This is why I say that a lot of it has to do with the man. Ninety percent of it is about what the man is doing, and only ten percent is about what the woman is doing. If you’re a man, and you’ve never had mind-blowing and amazing sex, then you’re really missing out.

This leads me to the point of why I am talking about this topic. Why is it an important topic for personal development? Why is it an important topic for men? There are two points.

Sex Is One Of The Peak Experiences Of Life

This is the first point. Having mind-blowing and amazing sex will be one of the most peak experiences in your life. Just from the friends that I survey and the things I overhear, one of the things that blow my mind is how bad men are in the bedroom.

I hear it from women and from my guy friends. I see it from the way they interact with their girlfriends, the women that they’re dating and having sex with. I also see it from the way guys talk about sex and that they don’t know what the hell is going on.

This tells me that you’re missing out. Your girl is missing out as well. This is a peak experience in life. You are on this Earth for a short period of time. You want to experience everything there is and as much as you can through different intensities. Sex, especially mind-blowing and amazing sex, is something that I feel like guys and girls miss out on for their entire life.

Girls definitely miss out on it because you can read the literature and see that nearly a third or up to 50% of women have difficulty just having a single orgasm. To me, that’s ridiculous and pathetic. Amazing and mind-blowing sex means that my girl is going to have five to ten orgasms per night. I am going to have one or two orgasms.

It’s not just about the quantity of the orgasms, but the intensity of them as well. The duration or length of an orgasm is also important. I am also talking about a deep and intimate connection.

If you’re not into the intimacy, it can be very kinky and sort of dirty type of sex. All of these components will come into play here. This is one of the things that you want to experience. It’s similar to going and seeing a beautiful sunset, or the Grand Canyon. This is what amazing sex is to me.

Sex Difficulties

This is the second point. If you’re a guy and you have difficulty keeping women loyal to you, keeping them from leaving you or cheating, then the biggest thing you’re really missing is the sex component.

Personally, I don’t have to worry about a girl cheating on me. There is always the chance that she might. I don’t worry about it because I know the sex that I give her is so amazing that she can’t experience that kind of connection with anyone.

I’m not joking and this is not just a subjective feeling. Naturally, she will subjectively fall in love with you. It is also beyond that. It goes into the objective realm. Literally, only one in a thousand guys understands how to trigger deep orgasms in women.

This means that if you do this to your girlfriend or wife, she will never experience that kind of connection again, even if she slept with twenty other guys. This is very important because it hooks women to you like crack.

It makes women much easier to deal with. It makes them fall in love with you. It eliminates the disloyalty problems and tensions in the relationship. This can be a very powerful tool. Like any powerful tool, it can be used for good and for bad.

I am not advocating that you use this to manipulate or trick women. Be careful! I am telling you to use this for good. Use this to build a deeper relationship and get whatever nice things you want from it. Don’t use it to manipulate her or hook her in any kind of nefarious way. Be responsible.

Sex is about the mindset, and not about the techniques. As guys, we tend to be mechanically oriented. We tend to be very logical and methodical. When we talk about sex, most of us would like to have the exact “how to” and we will go and do it. “Tell me what I should do with my fingers, my thrusting motion or what kind of position I should choose.”

This is not the important part. Sex is about the mindset.

This is not where guys are screwing up. Guys screw up with the mindsets and emotional components. In this video, I really hammer about the mindsets. I am going to give you some techniques and the process that I go through with.

You Have To Love To Please The Girl

This is a very important mindset that you need to understand. For some guys, this might be a weird notion. One of the things that we are told in the dating community is to avoid supplicating to women. Don’t be the nice guy!

This is true when you are attracting the girl. If you’re in bed with her and want to give an amazing experience, as the leader you have to have a vision of where you’re leading both of you. This means giving her amazing orgasms. It’s not about giving yourself amazing orgasms.

Sex is not about being selfish. Sex is about giving your gift to the woman. You’re not doing this to please her or supplicate to her. You’re a masculine guy and it feels good to unleash your masculine power on the world and on your girl.

This is the mindset behind it. When I get into the bedroom, I’m like a kid in the candy store. I get to finally share my gift. I get to show how masculine I am. This doesn’t mean showing off. It’s an authentic and genuine expression of your masculinity. This is exciting to me. I love that I can give her five or ten orgasms.

It feels good to know that I will give her the most powerful orgasms she’s ever had. I love all of these components. This is what makes me good. I’m not good because I know a lot of fancy techniques or I have a big dick.

I’m good because I actually want to get emotional. I want to make the girl feel amazing. I want excellence in the bedroom. This is a standard that I have set for myself. You need to set that same standard. You need to bring this mindset to the bedroom.

Many guys take it very mechanically. Most of them feel like it’s about just blowing their load. You get a girl into bed, have sex with her, blow your load and then it’s done. You leave. With that kind of attitude, there is no amazing sex.

The woman isn’t satisfied with this at all. You’re missing out on something amazing as well.

Be Out Of Your Head And Emotionally Open

This is the next important mindset. You have to be out of your head, emotionally open and vulnerable during sex. For some people, this is difficult because of their past traumatic events. Maybe they experienced a bad childhood or some sort of abuse.

I know many guys who sometimes act very stoic. They behave without showing emotion, smiling or being charismatic. This doesn’t work in the bedroom. This is a place where you have to be emotional and let yourself go.

You have to get out of your head and be non-self-conscious. The cool thing about sex is that it’s one of the peak and flow state experiences of life. A flow state experience is when you completely lose sense of yourself because you are so absorbed into the activity before you. You’re in the zone.

It’s like when you’re playing a video game, going to the gym, killing it at work – you’re in the zone. You aren’t thinking analytically. You’re just performing, enjoying and soaking it all in. it’s a spiritual and almost magical experience.

There is very little resistance and thinking going on. If you’re a guy, get the techniques and similar stuff out of your head. Get it internalized, so that it becomes a second nature instinct. This comes with practice. I am going to talk about this as well.

For women, sex isn’t about the mechanics. This is where guys go really wrong. They think about the size of their dick. Is it big enough to make her happy? These kinds of things don’t matter to women at all.

She cares about the emotions in the sex. Women are emotional creatures in their everyday lives. They are super emotional creatures when you get them into the bedroom. As you’re having sex, you’re going to be dominant. However, you also have to be emotional.

You’re taking on both masculine and feminine characteristics. If you’re a guy who is serious and can’t put a smile on his face or be emotional around a woman, then your bedroom activity is probably very stiff and mechanical.

This isn’t what sex is about. Sex is about emotional expression. Share yourself and let yourself go. Firstly, you have to want to do this. If you think that this is a “pussy” thing to do, you’re missing out. Be careful on making that kind of judgment.

It’s not a “pussy” thing at all. The most amazing sex is when you are emotional, for both of you. I am going to tell you how to do this in a very masculine way. You have to understand the foundation where amazing sex is coming from.

Things like the size of your dick shouldn’t even enter your head. Dick size has nothing to do with emotions. That’s a pretty visual and mechanical kind of thing. A woman’s deepest fantasy is to be in deep and emotional intimacy with her man.

Every word of this phrase is very important. She doesn’t want to have sex with any random guy. She chose you. She wants you and your personality to be the things that fuck her. She wants to feel like she’s your girl. She wants to be able to surrender to you.

She wants to be penetrated by you, both physically and emotionally. The physical part is not important. To her, the emotional component is more important than the physical one. Any guy can penetrate her physically. Only her man can penetrate her emotionally in the ways that she wants.

She also wants to be dominated. If she’s feminine and you’re masculine, then that’s what creates that sizzling feeling and tension between you. Polar opposites attract. The masculine is about penetrating. The feminine is about absorbing, receiving and surrendering. This is the dynamic you have to understand.

There are two super critical components of amazing sex. They are very easy to remember. I have a video that goes after this one, where I talk about how to go deeper into these components.

Intimacy and Dominance

The first pillar is intimacy. You need to convey a lot of intimacy in the way you’re having sex. The second pillar is dominance. You need to be dominant in the way you’re having sex.

Impose yourself to the girl so that she can surrender to you. You might ask yourself about role-play. What about situations where the girl is playing the dominatrix and the guy is surrendering? This is kinky sex. There are different kinds of sex. I’m only covering basic and “vanilla” sex in this video.

This assumes that the male is the dominant one. This is true for 90% of people. We are talking about heterosexual and traditional sex. I am now going to go through my own process.

This was the second time I shot this video. I had made this previously. I thought that the first video wouldn’t convey the whole sense of how to make sex amazing for a girl, even though I had covered all the techniques.

I am going to go through the process of how I seduce, attract and keep women. A very important component of sex is variety. You don’t want to have sex the same way all the time. I am going to give you a basic blueprint, and it will work well.

However, you don’t want to do this the same way all the time. You will be taking this blueprint and adding your own twists and turns. You’re going to experiment with your girl, and by yourself.

Be Clean

Before we get into sex, the most important thing to mention is to be clean. Clean yourself. Girls are usually pretty good at this. Guys sometimes aren’t as much. Women like a clean and well groomed man. They also like nice smelling men. Smells are important to them.

Make sure that you take frequent showers. Wash your private parts before sex. Wash your balls and dick, and trim down there. Don’t have a bush. This makes women more comfortable going down on you. You will feel more comfortable as well.

Trimming also makes your dick look longer. If you’re going to have sex in the evening and you showered in the morning, that’s not sufficient. Go and wash up before you have sex. When I make out with my girl and I see that sex is going to happen, I stop before we get to heavier foreplay. I go to the bathroom. Sometimes I tell her I’m going to wash up, or sometimes I don’t. She isn’t really going to care.

After you’re finished, you can go and tell her to wash up as well. She’s going to do it. Women are usually good at this, but sometimes she might have a specific smell down there. To be safe, tell her to do it as well. It’s very simple.

Have Condoms

Before you start with sex, make sure you have condoms. Make sure they are right next to the sex location. The best thing to do is to put them near the bed or on the bed stand. Make sure the box is already unwrapped.

Make sure you have two condoms. Most guys carry their condoms in their wallets. This is smart because you never know when you’re going to need them. I carry two of them in my wallet. If you’re out somewhere and having sex out of your home, you might need two. What if the condom breaks or it falls off during sex?

This is a bad situation for both of you. You’re either going to have sex with her unprotected, or disappoint both of you. If you have sex with her at night and one of you is sleeping over, you might want to have sex again in the morning. Having two condoms is important.

Sex Is Not About Blowing Your Load

Sex isn’t about this. For me, sex is about making her feel the most amazing experience she can in her life. It feels like I’m sharing a gift with this girl. I want you to really adopt this mindset. The mindset fixes a lot of technique problems automatically.

If you’re mindset is to go and blow your load in the bedroom, you will have all of the wrong things. You’re going to have to remember all of these counter-techniques to fix the wrong things. This is a bad way to go.

Instead, go in there to really please the girl. You have to love pleasing her. With that kind of mindset, everything will come into place. You will even improve and modify you strategies and techniques along the way.

Slow Down

You really have to slow down. If you only think about blowing your load, then the situation is pretty “in and out” or “quick and dirty”. I am going to tell you how I do it.

This is the best way for me. The girl is at my place, on the couch or someplace else. I know I want to have sex with her, so I amp things up. This usually means that I sit next to her. I poke her, touch her, play with her and similar.

You should start with some playful physical contact. Then, you want it to advance to kissing. Making out on the couch is one of my favorite things. Make sure to take it nice and slow when you’re making out. Make sure to really spend your time there.

I can spend fifteen to twenty minutes just making out with the girl. Just this will get her aroused and really excited for you. Really good sex is about arousal and teasing. The satisfaction and climax come later. You have to be good at foreplay and teasing.

I start kissing her softly and slowly. You can vary this. Use more tongue, make it hotter or bite her lower lip. Put your tongue in her mouth and move it around. You can also kiss her face or neck area. Women are really turned on when someone touches or kisses their neck.

You want to incorporate your hands while you’re kissing her. This is part of the dominant component. You’re putting your hands on her and it makes her feel like you’re controlling her. She’s being taken by you.

Put your hands on her hips or body. You are still clothed, since you’re just on the couch and making out. You can already start fondling her. Take your hands and put them into hers. There are many things that you can do to make it interesting.

Build it up slowly, with some occasional hot and sexy moves. Then, pull back and slow down again. It makes her feel like there’s a kinetic energy in the air. Something is going to happen. Make sure to build up her anticipation.

Another interesting thing that you can do is lift your shirt area so your stomach is exposed. Do the same for her. If one of you is on top, your stomachs will push together and you will feel warmth and connection. You’re doing it in a way that doesn’t make it obvious.

You know what you did, but she’s not quite sure. She’s just going along with the ride. She’s also feeling very intimate. She feels very turned on because she got the sensation as though you’re inside her. You aren’t really. It’s a really good way to foreshadow what’s coming next.

Eye Contact

You need to have intimate, powerful and dominant types of eye contact when you’re having sex. This is really important. For a woman, this means that she knows how to trust you. She knows that she’s safe with you. She knows you’re having an intimate connection. You should also feel that with your girl.

While you’re kissing her, stop and pull back. Look at her and admire her eyes. You don’t need to say anything. Look into her eyes and she will know it. This is an intimate kind of look.

You can also give her a more dominant and “I am going to fuck you” kind of look. The intimate look is more adorable. If you’re giving her the dominant look, it looks like you kind of want to kill her. It’s a more stern and serious look.

Don’t take it over the top. You don’t want to come off as some sort of a rapist or serial killer. She has to feel safe with you throughout the whole process. This look isn’t about that. This look makes her feel like you are going to take her and fuck her brains out.

After a while of kissing, we begin to take off our clothes. You can do it for yourself and for her, or the other way around. Girls find it hot when a guy takes off his shirt. If you have some muscles going, that’s also really nice.

Try to undress her as much as you can. If I’m still in the living room, I like to take her by the hand and lead her to the bedroom. This is also something you might want to do. This shows that you’re commanding and leading. She loves to follow. This sets the perfect frame.

Let’s say you took her by the hand and you’re walking her to the bedroom. She still has her underwear on. Set her on the bed. At this point, I like to get into some really erotic touching. This is where you can get so much mileage.

You can build up so much excitement at this point. I feel that many guys miss out on this. Use your fingertips, hands, lips, tongue and mouth to touch, massage, caress and kiss her entire body. I mean this literally, from fingers to toes. However, this excludes her vagina and nipples.

Avoid the money areas and save those for last. This is what builds up enormous anticipation with her. This will make her super wet and excited. It will make her nipples hard. Start from the most nonsexual areas and move closer towards the more sexual ones.

What does this mean? Begin with her face. Hold her face in your hands. If she’s on the bed, I like to tell her to lie on her stomach. I then get to work. I start kissing her hands, arms, elbows and inner part of the elbow. This is a very sensitive spot. The arms are nonsexual, so I begin with them.

You can do the legs as well. Start at the bottom. Begin with the feet and move up to the calves and thighs. The inner thighs are extremely sensitive and very erotic. I would save them for later. Delay on those a little bit.

Start to kiss around the butt cheek area. This is also very sensitive. Kiss her sides, back, or stomach area. This part is very sensitive as well. Kiss her around the breasts. Avoid the nipples. This will make her really eager for you.

Basically, do the kissing. There are different types. You can do little pecks, or really big, wet and sloppy kisses. You can do them quickly or slowly. You can get the big kisses really sloppy and wet. Another interesting trick is to blow on the area after a wet and sloppy kiss.

This can feel really good and it’s like an extra touch. You can also do two types of blowing. You can do a faraway blowing which is cold. It will cool her body. You can also do really warm and moist blowing. Your mouth should be opened wide and the air will be warm. You have to come close to her skin and basically breathe on her.

You can vary between all of these. I also like to use my fingertips to a powerful effect. There are many things you can do here. You can use the palm, fingers, and pads on your fingers or the entire hand. All of these can be used in very different techniques.

I love to use the tip of my fingers and run them along her body. I will start without even touching her. I get really close to her skin and actually trigger the hairs on it, without touching. This makes her get little Goosebumps. It makes her really excited.

Then I go a little deeper. I will touch her, but very gently. I will caress her with my fingertips. You can do this all over her body, in different places. You could then get a massage going. You could put some slow pressure into it. You can also use your fingernails to do a scratching motion, but without hurting her.

You can also use your tongue. You could use your whole tongue, or the tip of it. You can also have a lot of contact with the skin, or simply graze it. You always want to start off slowly and lightly, and then proceed to something heavier.

The idea is to slowly ramp upwards. Start with some light touching and go heavier and heavier. She will get more excited for you. Touching is very important. While I do this, I also like to give her a preview of what’s going to happen next.

I will take my hands and put them on the inside of her thighs. I squeeze that area. I also like to put my hand on the area below her belly button. I then apply pressure and warmth on that part of her tummy. To her, this means that she knows what’s coming. She knows that you’re going to be inside of her.

She wants a preview that you’re going to be inside of her in a deep and intimate way. All of this is great. You can experiment and try all kinds of different things.

Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is very important. I will make a video where I am going to just talk about dirty talking. It’s very important and there are many different things that you can say. I find that most people don’t do dirty talk.

The first time you try to do it feels a little unnatural. I think this is the reason why most people don’t do it. When it’s their first time, most people feel it’s too dirty, embarrassing or shameful. You have to throw all of this out the window.

Dirty talk is one of the coolest things in sex. I love dirty talk so much. I actually take it to an art form. During the day, I think about dirty things to say to my girl at night. I really love to do dirty talk. It wasn’t always like this. I had to train myself for it.

What does dirty talk mean, and when should you do it? You should start doing it from the point when you start to make out with her. Start foreshadowing the kind of things that are going to happen later. There are two different types of dirty talk.

The first type is the more intimate kind of dirty talk. The second type is the more dominant kind of dirty talk. The intimate dirty talk would sound something like this – “Baby, I love you so much! I just want to undress you and eat you up from head to toe!”

The dominant dirty talk would sound something like this – “I’m going to stick my dick inside of there! I’m going to nail you to the bed! I’m going to nail your ass to the wall! You’re going to be my dirty little slut tonight!” I will give you more examples, especially in the Dirty Talk video that I am going to make.

Basically, you start to tell her dirty things. You begin to build the intimate connection between you and her. You can ask her questions or give her dominant commands. You can tell her exactly what you are going to do to her five minutes later.

You can tell her how you’re going to fuck her, and in what ways. You can be very graphic, or you can use an innuendo. This is up to you. The really important thing is the teasing.


I like to take the tip of my finger, lick it and rub it around the edge of her nipple. This is a good way of teasing. By that point, she really wants you to touch her nipple. Don’t touch it. Lick your finger again and move onto the other nipple.

You can also blow on the nipples after that. She will already be so excited for you. By that point, you want to resolve the excitement. I then like to start touching her nipples and sucking them. This usually gets girls really wet and excited. She’s probably never been as aroused in her entire life.

Very few guys go to all of this length. It might take you thirty to sixty minutes to do this process. This is great. You should be having sex from sixty minutes to two hours. This is how long your sex should be. You shouldn’t be having sex that lasts less than sixty minutes. That’s rushed and very ridiculous sex.

I want you to notice that slowing everything down will get you very far. After all of this is done, she’s begging me to be inside of her. I can actually make her beg. I like to do that sometimes because it’s a very dominant thing. Sometimes, I will say something like – “Baby, beg for my dick inside of you!”

If she doesn’t beg the way that I want, or if I sense it’s not sincere enough, I will back away and tell her that I won’t fuck her. You can also play with her, make her play into it a little bit. Make her want to be fucked and make her beg.

She knows what’s going on. She is going to play into it. This is great for both of you. After this point, I would get into some fingering. She should already be very wet. Start with one finger and start to rub around her crotch and the inside of her vaginal lips.

You can also rub her clitoris. Experiment with how you actually do it. The key thing you’re building up to is the actual point you penetrate her. I’m not talking about your dick yet. Use your fingers to do this. I will build up to this point for a long time.

I will rub around her vagina and clitoris. This will get her really wet. I can feel that. I then like to take the tip of my middle finger and move it down to the actual hole. I just glide the tip of my finger over the hole. I will also be looking at her.

Her face is usually next to mine. I might be kissing her. Her legs are open and we’re lying on the bed. My hand is between her legs. I’m doing the fingering. My attention isn’t on the fingering. It’s not what I’m looking at. I’m looking at her.

This is what builds that intimate connection. At that point, I really want her to beg me to penetrate her with my finger. I am really going to tease her. I will rub around the rims of her hole with the tip of my finger. I will do this very lightly.

My fingertip is maybe going in just a little bit. At this point, she should be so excited that her hips and butt will be moving towards your finger. She will want to penetrate herself on your finger. You can actually pull the finger away. You can then tell her – “No, no! Don’t be a bad girl.”

Play and toy with her. After a while, when she’s very excited and wet, you should fulfill on your promise. Put your finger in there and start to finger her. Learn where the G Spot is located. This spot is inside the upper wall of the vagina, about one inch inside. It has a different texture to it so you should be able to recognize it.

Rub the G Spot, or you could go deeper inside with your finger. I find that girls love it when it’s even deeper than the G Spot. Move your finger around, curl it, swirl it or twirl it. There are different things you can do with it.

I have a really great video named How To Make A Girl Squirt, where I really go into how to perform a really powerful fingering on a girl. You might want to check this video out.

After she’s really excited, I will use the second finger as well. You can use your middle and ring finger. This is the squirting technique. You don’t have to make her squirt with that. You can just make her orgasm.

The trick here is that it’s going to be very easy for her to orgasm since she’s already so excited while you’re fingering her. It might take you two minutes of fingering to get her to orgasm. She will be melting all over you.

This is really cool. I want to make her orgasm with my fingers. Sometimes I’ll even make her orgasm twice with my fingers before I even begin to fuck her. You should always do this at least once. This is cool for several reasons.

It takes pressure off me. As men, there’s a lot of pressure on us to make girls orgasm. If I can get her to orgasm at least once, I know that she’s been satisfied. Even if we stop at that point, I know she’ll be fairly satisfied with me.

This is also good because you never know if you’re going to cum slowly or quickly. I don’t want to disappoint the girl by sticking my dick into her and climaxing a minute later without having her orgasm. That would be a letdown.

You can even do this more than twice. Don’t worry about getting her finished. Don’t worry about exhausting her. Women can have unlimited numbers of orgasms. They aren’t like guys. This is a very cool thing.

You can literally give them an unlimited number of orgasms. The things that you can do are amazing. Ten orgasms aren’t nearly the end of it. That’s just the beginning. She isn’t going to be exhausted after a couple of orgasms.

Make her orgasm with your fingers. At that point, she is going to be very eager for you to be inside of her. She will tell you this. She is going to claw at you and your dick.

Here’s a side note. In some of my other videos, I also said that I can make a girl orgasm five to ten times. To most guys, this sounded like I was doing something amazing. No! It’s actually very simple. It has nothing to do with technique or dick size.

This is how it works. Make her orgasm twice with your fingers. She then spreads her legs and you start to have sex with her. Make her orgasm twice with your dick. This is also not very hard. It doesn’t take me very long to cum, especially if I’m really into it.

Still, you can use the muscles around your dick to hold it in or hold it back. You can also use little techniques to delay it. If you’re having sex and you feel you are close to climaxing, you can change positions. By the time you change the position, you won’t be close to climaxing.

Rotate things around. You might want to go down on her, or she can go down on you. Alternate what you’re doing. By now you’ve already given her four orgasms. After you climax, you can do two more orgasms with your fingers or mouth.

That’s six orgasms already. This is a pretty simple process to go through every time you’re having sex. There is really no reason that you shouldn’t be able to do that. The only question is – do you want to? Are you going to take the time to do it?

This goes back to the original mindset. Do you love to please the girl? I do, that’s why my sex is amazing. Do you want to adopt that mindset? I encourage you to adopt it.

Let’s go back to where we left off. After you’ve fingered her, you can now have sex with her. There are many different positions to do. It’s pretty simple. You can study them by reading a book or exploring the internet.

You can also throw her on the coffee table or kitchen counter. You can have her leaning up against a wall. This is really hot, sexy and dominant. Try to delay your own orgasm because as soon as you do, it’s over.
If you have premature ejaculation issues, then this is a topic I will be covering in another video. I don’t discuss this in this video. Eye contact is also very important while you’re fucking her, according to your position. If you’re doing the missionary, then make sure there’s lots of eye contact going on.

This is why the missionary position is great. If you’re in the doggy position, try to be more dominant. This is a very dominant position. Spank her, or throw her around on the bed a little bit. I love to grab the hips and pull them towards me or move them around. It shows that I’m controlling her.

The hottest thing for her is my climax. I’m building up to it. The best kind of orgasm is to cum inside the girl, whether you are using a condom or not. This is the best feeling. If you’re doing it without a condom, it’s ten times better.

Her orgasm is going to be the most powerful when you cum with her and inside of her. She wants to orgasm with you. The two of you will really synchronize. I find that most girls start climaxing when you cum inside them, no matter where they are at their orgasm point. They will orgasm again and again.

Learn how to get good at pounding her without climaxing yourself. You can find positions and angles where it feels good for you, but it doesn’t feel amazing. However, it still feels amazing for her. Find these positions. They allow you to have the penetrating motion without making you climax so fast. Stay away from the positions that make you cum fast. Keep those for later.

I am also talking dirty to her all the time. I’m saying intimate things and constantly telling her that I’m going to cum inside her. I’m telling her how amazing and dirty it’s going to be. Tell her how much of a slut she is, or how much you love her.

After Sex

After you cum, finger her some more. Then, the two of you are done. What’s also really important is the after sex component. Many guys forget this. You can build a lot of intimacy and loyalty from your girl. She can really fall in love with you after the sex is done.

This happens through cuddling, or what you do after sex. Don’t fall asleep after it. That’s pathetic. Don’t go silent or stare at the ceiling. I like to pull her close and cuddle her after sex. I like to tell her how amazing it is. You can also caress her body or look lovingly into her eyes.

Do that. You won’t believe how much points you will get from a girl because of that. It should also make you feel good. After sex cuddling is almost as amazing to me as sex itself. Sometimes it feels even better. It’s relaxing.

You have all of these chemicals flowing out of your body. It feels amazing and you have this beautiful girl next to you. Take the time to build up this connection. It’s really cool.

This was the whole process. I covered a lot of things in this video. There is going to be a second part. The second video will show you how to be more intimate and dominant. You will learn how to work on both of those. I will give you very practical things you can do. It will give you even more techniques.

How To Actually Learn All Of This

How do you learn all of this? I covered many different things. Remember to be out of your head. If you don’t feel this way and you go into the bedroom and do all of this, you will ruin the sex. It won’t be spontaneous and natural. You have to be out of your head.

I want you to focus on three core principles. These three mindsets will help all of the techniques fall into place naturally. The first one is – you love to please the girl. The second one is – you love to be masculine. The third one is – excellence in sex is very important to you.

Rewind this video and review these points. Integrate these three principles into your mind. Visualize them. Make sure you really believe in them. From this point, the rest will tend to fall into place. I encourage you to buy and read books about sex as well.

There are many books out there. You can also find things online. You can take courses or find internet products. Make sure to dig into it. Study it. Studying sex is important and cool. There is nothing weird about this.

Most of you guys probably watch a ton of porn. There is actually good porn and bad porn. Good porn is porn where you can actually learn techniques. You can see cool stuff happening. You can see that the male actor is performing in an amazing way.

Make sure to watch good porn and take mental notes during watching. Maybe you will do some of these things with your girl, or tell your girl to do something from the porn that you watched. Get ideas from porn.

Find what you think is the sexiest from porn and then incorporate it into your routine. Try to integrate one piece at a time. You’re not going to do it all at once. If you’ve never had sex before, you won’t be able to go and do all of this at once.

Start with the very basics. Maybe you first want to focus on kissing, teasing and touching. Maybe you want to move on to a little bit of dirty talk after that. Spend a couple of nights practicing dirty talk. A couple of nights later you might want to try some spanking. Slowly incorporate and sprinkle this stuff in. This is the best way to do it.

Ultimately, keep on practicing. The best way to do this isn’t through one night stands. The best way is to have a girlfriend. If you want to get good at sex, you need someone to have it consistently with. Do it frequently. In this way you can also build up the intimacy.

I know many guys who have had sex with many girls. I know some of them who have had sex with a hundred or two hundred girls. These guys can be bad at sex because many of these girls are one night stands. One night stands tend to be sex of the lowest quality.

A one night stand can be exiting because of the new, strange and exiting person. However, you can’t really get deep with that person. You’re using a condom with this person. You’re also afraid of where this person has been or what they usually do.

You won’t sync with this person. You don’t know this person, or their kissing style. You don’t know what kind of sex they like or dislike. The best way is to get a girlfriend. Be with her as long as you want to be. Every time you have sex with her, go back to this video.

Go back to this video and find out about that one thing that Leo talked about which you could incorporate this night. Then, go and do it. Maybe tonight it’s going to be dirty talk. Next week it’s going to be spanking.

I find that you can get really good at sex over the course of six to twelve months, and just with one girl. You’re having sex continuously, but you must not rush with it. Put some thought into the way you’re having sex. You have to prepare beforehand.

This might feel unnatural and mechanical at first. Sex should be simple and you shouldn’t be studying it. Don’t take this attitude! Take this attitude – you’re going to study how to have sex for the next six to twelve months. Then, you’re going to be like a sex god or sex machine.

You’re going to be so good that women will be falling in love with you every single time. At that point, it will be fluid, natural and easy. You won’t need to remember any of these techniques. You’ll throw away your notes. It’s all going to be inside your head.

It will be because sex is a very natural thing. You don’t need plenty of experience to get good. If you incorporate all that I told you, you will become extremely good. You will be in the top 1% of all guys on the entire planet.

Women will love you for it. Do not mistake how much women love sex. Women love deep, dirty and intimate sex more than guys do. This is because they are very emotional creatures. They need it more than guys do. Guys like to bust their nuts.

Women like the deep and emotional connection. Take the time. Give it to them. You will both feel great. It will be a win—win for everybody. Use this new developed skill responsibly.

Wrap Up

This is Leo, I’m signing off. Go ahead and post me your comments. I would love to hear what you think. Leave me a like, share the video with your friends on Facebook, or share it with your partner or spouse. Discussing this isn’t weird.

Discussing this stuff is cool. People love to learn about this stuff. Everybody loves learning about sex. Sometimes we simply feel like we are held back. It feels a little bit weird. If you bust through that initial hesitancy, you will really love it.

Come and sign up to my newsletter. It’s free. I release new videos on self-actualization topics every single week. I love to release new videos and I have so many of them planned. I feel like my best work is still yet ahead.

This video is about sex. Most of my videos aren’t. Most of my videos are about how to give you the necessary mindsets to master your life. This will show you how to build an accurate and robust mental picture of how you and other people work.

This will help you accomplish whatever you want in your life. The thing I want the most for you and your life is passion. I want you to be passionate, grateful, appreciative and happy about the fact that you’re living here. You have all of these amazing opportunities. All you need to do is to tweak your mindsets a little bit.

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Tiago Binz says:

Leo, that was fucking amazing. Looking forward to part 2!

Leo Gura says:


Mia says:

Hi Leo,

I was just curious to know if you’ve heard/read the book, The Tao of Sexology? It talks about 9 levels to a female orgasm and a technique called injaculation for men.

If you google “the tao of sexology pdf” it’s the first link.

Please check it out!! I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially pages 63 and 95.

Amil says:

I absolutely agree with you

Jen says:

wow!!!! I am a 40 yr old woman and by listening to only half of the video I am just so amazed by the great insight and extraordinary skills Leo presented!!! It is so amazing!!!!

I have never experienced this my life…

Red hot by just listening to Leo’s description…

Leo, you are the single most attractive man who are so intelligent, so driven, so generous….I am a huge fan!!!!

Thank you for what you do!!!!!

Leo Gura says:

Thanks but that makes me sad for you

cindy says:

why are you sad for her?

Blazing Weed says:


Amanda says:

He’s sad for her because she has never experienced sex like he described.

Dan says:

Hey Leo, great video!! It seems like i was kind of doing most of the things already, my girl had several orgasms such as upto 8-10 times each time we had sex. My problem was more that i procrastinated it tooo much so that in the end i was too exhausted to continue and i didn’t come. For me it was not a great misery, even though i would have prefered to come, but she didn’t feel good because she blamed herself for not making me come. But in Fact, i could have come long time ago, but i postponed it too long.

Do you have this situations sometimes or has this never happend to u?

Thx for your reply!

Leo Gura says:

Yes, that used to happen to me a lot. You don’t want to delay your orgasm forever. You have to be mindful of yourself too. Your girl wants to make you feel good too and she loves when you cum. If you are ready to cum and she’s only had 3 orgasms, then you should cum. That’s better than giving her 10 orgasms but not cumming yourself.

Amil says:

You are well done that first of all you take care of the pleasure of your girlfriend, but in sex everything should be mutual. The guy and I had a lot of disagreements in bed, but we came to a compromise on sex. He and I want to try a third partner in bed, it is better that it was a girl. This idea was prompted by a joint visit to the site where we read a review of one of the best adult dating sites. On this site you can chat with sexy beauties, after that we wanted the same girl in our bed. I hope this decorates our sex life.

Jacob Kilgore says:


I really like the positive and practical advice on your site. Most off the content in this topic is absolutely true and will be a great missing piece to many people’s lives.
I do think it’s important to point out that every woman’s body is different. While some women can fire off 10 orgasms, others may be more wired on the outside than inside or vice-versa. While some women are multi-orgasmic, others have a great struggle no matter the intimacy, and most are somewhere in between.
I think it’s important for everyone to get the most complete and clear understanding of all they mean to better in their lives. Otherwise they’ may be saying “I suck” when they don’t need to.

benjamin schlufter says:

That was such a deep look inside this topic, it feels like ive been doing until know everthing but sex in my sexlife. its like youre go snowboarding for years and then someone told you that that what you do is skyin and not snowboarding. thank you so much for giving a possibility to take a new sigh about this topic, especally for these one with the emotions.

Jaggyplums says:

To be honest I do most of these things, but when I started to get into my 40s it became difficult to keep an erection with a condom unless I went at it all guns blazing. Which in turn really defeats the purpose as you go back to pump and dump, which is very selfish. Sometimes if the foreplay gets too long, she ends up coming a few times and my dick starts to fall asleep due to me concentrating to much on the lady. I guess that’s why MILFS go for younger men and young women go for older men. Condoms become more difficult the older I get.

Leo Gura says:

You don’t need to be hard the whole time during foreplay. Don’t be so eager. You can get hard when the time is right.

Try taking some Maca root supplement. It should make you ridiculously hard. It’s all natural and healthy. Also check your testosterone levels and get hormone replacement if needed. Also make sure you eat healthy and exercise regularly.

Sarah says:

Not all women like to have so many orgasms, and not all women are submissive! I think one of the most important parts of a healthy sex life is finding out what your partner wants & likes!

Luis says:

Great video Leo, learned tons from it. I have one question, though: How about oral sex? that is one of my favorite things when it comes to sex, I enjoy going down on her.

Leo Gura says:

It’s a good thing. Do it.

Tiane says:

Interesting video Leo. I will “by accident” leave this site/video open on my computer for my next guy .
Can you make a similar video for females please, cause even thought you said that the guy is doing 90%, i am sure there are also secrets what to best do as a female?

Leo Gura says:


Yes! I have decided to make a video for you ladies too! Coming soon!

Linda says:

I am 42 year old female and I wonder how long it will take you to remove my comment. Leo I am sorry to say that you are like most men and they don’t have a clue how to please a woman nor do you. You don’t broad brush all women because what works on one won’t work on another. You say talk dirty to your lady and try that we me I would toss you off the bed. I like most of your videos, but you made a big mistake touching on love making which you know nothing about and it’s quite obvious. You missed the most important detail of all with most woman and that is oral love and instead you talked about your talented fingers and I must have laughed 30 minutes after watching your worthless video. May I suggest Leo that to stuck to things where you have some knowledge and sex and love making is not one of them. You did a disservice to all women when you put them in a class of all reacting positive to the same thing. Sex or love making starts with your partners mind first, and then you get into tender love making tailor made for her only not all women in general. Your video was a total joke Leo and I hope it’s your last on sex where you make a complete fool of yourself. Regards Linda

johnny mack says:

This bitch is probably to ugly to fuck

lavonel says:

hahaha …yes right !!!

Cynthia says:

Sir, here is a quote for you:

Men seldom make passes
At girls who wear glasses.

Pj says:

She probably compared to her likes instead of being openminded about other girls who like it like that or maybe her social background demotivate these kind of talk.

Or she didn’t like the fact that this video was mechanically told a bit. Women are emotional creatures, that’s what they like.

Cynthia says:

Hello Linda,

I’m trying to keep my verdict out for the moment on where I feel Leo stands with regards to sex and I want to give him leeway because as he openly admits that he’s only just recently broken out of his shell. It’s possible that his experience might be limited in some ways, but people also like what they like – I mean, I meet few men I feel comfortable enough with to ask them to talk dirty to me, because few will do it well enough (or even want to) and that’ll just be a turn off. It’s not what I go for all the time at all, but I like to change things up. Dirty talk can be quite a release and let out the ‘evil’ in me and how wonderful to able to do that with someone who doesn’t judge, someone who might even find it funny, because I do If I found someone who accepted this, over a period of time, I might find that I no longer crave to be able to behave this way, I don’t know yet, because I’ve not been able to explore it much at all, so I was quite happy when I found this.

I’ve found that most of the men I’ve been with are more concerned about their own little bubble than wanting to share the experience and that’s what Leo is starting to tap into here.

My frustration is finding someone loving, intelligent, adventurous, open-minded and playful, who will venture to the dark recesses of my mind, I to theirs and then love each other tenderly away from all that. I might never find it. Obviously you don’t have that um, what do we call it when it’s a small desire to be told you’re a slut? Perhaps women who desire this haven’t felt able to fully express themselves and instead hide their desire to explore sex with several partners because people can be very judgemental about this and they’ve been made to feel guilty about it?

I think that Leo’s sex videos are going to very useful to some people and some won’t need them at all. The point is that he’s addressing what has for a long time been a taboo subject. I feel that simply being here discussing it is a good thing.

Cynthia says:

In support of what Linda has to say on the subject, it’s probably a good idea to take time out to ask your partner what she likes when it comes to role play/fantasy/dirty talk. Women might like to explore certain areas and then they might not want to go there again once they’ve tried it. I wouldn’t want a man to call me a ‘slut’ without my asking him to first and even then I would not want to over do it, once might be enough. A loving man will accept this, but it’s not everyone’s thing, male or female.

Peter says:

Hi Leo!
You have many good videos but not this one. I noticed before in your other videos you have some issues with sex. Its sounds like teen fantasies without real sex experience mixing up something form teen magazines and something seen in porn. This is not good topic for you.

Dawn says:

I’m a big fan of your videos, Leo! Thank you for explaining to all the guys out there on what to do! It’s about time. Women are definitely not like a box of tissues for men to just sneeze into…so I like what you said about taking the time… It definitely makes us feel special!

A tip I might add: I think it always start outside the bedroom. If my boyfriend does things for me that are thoughtful, bring me flowers, cook me a meal, do chores, or some unexpected little thoughtful things, that will already turn me on because being thoughtful is also a kind of foreplay! Just sayin’

Looking forward to your future videos, Leo! Keep up the great work!

Marjorie says:

it sounded like albert einstein talking in modern times, whatever could have been altered then yes it can be done different like only you can imagine it, using your own technique, its just that i find, when you read instructions on how to perform an act, then you do so in your own way, not necessarily how you read it. i don’t agree Leo is inexperienced, no, i see it differently. i feel he is a strong imaginative being, expressed in a variable term. i sense leo is using a superlative unconscious method to get us to think creatively.

mladyfire says:

Let me say that I love your material. 99.9% of what you speak about really resonates with me and your way of explaining things is very unique and helpful. I think you are extremely advanced and enlightened way beyond your years.

Having said that, as a 44 year old female with tons of sexual experience, I have to say that you missed the mark on this video. Lots of nuances missed.
Some basics “female” stuff missed. Might want to revise this one.

Overall, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your stuff. Keep it up!

Peter says:

Loved this video. Just that you’re willing to get ‘down and dirty’ re such a difficult and indiividualistically different topic speaks to your willingness to be open and communicative for our benefit, and that’s really great of you; thank you. The females who are responding negatively here seem to have hangups – because most of what your are saying exactly matches most of my experiences – and of course your information has to be somewhat general. One thing men need to know is that women respond very differently depending on their mood, time of the month, etc., and whatever hormones are flooding their bodies at the time approaching intimacy, and therefore men need to be supportively sensitive to timing, and if the woman isn’t there, she isn’t there. Men shouldn’t take this personally and it’s OK to try again at another time.
One thing I would add for the MGTOW community is that women should also be very actively involved… i.e. that we are making love TOGETHER. Personally if a woman isn’t willing to reciprocate at a similar level throughout our love making experience, I’m done and I quit, because I refuse to used for my cock; and I think it’s high time for men to demand that women reciprocate in ALL areas when it comes to our relationships together.

Mayanda says:

Another good video from you! I would love if you also shot a video about your view of how to be a good lover as a woman.

Ivan says:

I wonder is it OK to be hairy? My body is 80% hair Legs, butt, chest, back, hands are fully covered with it.

Rudolf says:

I’d say you’re O.K. the way you are. If you love your lady and she loves you, she will love you the way you are. Otherwise she would not have started a relationship with you in the first place. No need to be obsessed with appearances. But if you don’t love here and she doesn’t love you, you still can resort to Leo’s toolbox, in order to turn her on… Or maybe stop the ordeal and start a new relationship, based on love. Love is the most important ingredient for any relationship and makes everything else unimportant .

welchmk says:

I am 60 years old and have been married to the most amazing woman for over 25 years. I thought I was great but I was only good, now after watching this video on “Amazing Sex” I think I have become amazing. I am trying these techniques and will let you know what my wife thinks or better yet feels! Thanks for your knowledge and keep helping out the macha assholes who are only fucking not making love to these amazing, luscious, beautiful creatures. You are amazing and thanks for sharing!!!!!!

Sebastian says:

PLEASE HELP! Leo, I was trying your techniques, it’s great, she comes 3-4 times but that’s it! She don’t want more, it’s enough for her, and she dotsn’t want to sleep with me again, even all that day! Even If it’s our holidays, and we have like 2 weeks free. One time a day is not enough for me. Am I doing sth wrong? I’m sure she is very happy and satisfied after our sex. Maybe your techniques are not for everybody? Please answer if you can))

Leo Gura says:

Some women have low sex drives. Or are just selfish in bed. Most girls are quite pleased after 4 good orgasms. They can also get sore after more than that, so use with caution.

Cynthia says:

Oh Leo, is this really how you feel about this? Are you sure these women aren’t simply pleasing you? How many women have you met, who over a period of time can keep up this number of orgasms? Short encounters maybe, but have you been doing this long enough to be able to make sweeping statements like this?

I’ve been trying to hold out my verdict for you despite what some of my more outspoken female friends have had to say about your advice on sex. I have been fighting the feeling that you want to make out that you’re a stud to men out there, but you’re coming across as very juvenile when you talk like this. I think you need to talk to some more experienced women here: they’re giving you feedback and you haven’t been replying to them.

Men need to learn more by listening to women rather than behaving as though they know it all. There are many arrogant men out there and I feel that this King Kong approach doesn’t help with making the connection you describe, it’s more simply dominating and egocentric.

Porn might have worked for you to some extent, but I think you need to be more aware of the effect it has on men and their relationships with women. I’m no prude, but the women are just vessels in mainstream porn.

The fact that for many people one orgasm IS enough is not a sad thing. Some people don’t get any and will find other things they enjoy. What’s so big about giving a woman ten orgasms? Are you just putting pressure on other men here?

I was very impressed that you have openly approached a subject which needs to be discussed more (in my opinion), but I feel that you’re not doing it justice just yet. I think you’re completely right about the man too often stuck in his bubble, but the man is not always in charge and many men like women to take turns in taking the lead. In my experiences everyone likes pleasant surprises.

Rudolf says:

Yes, some women are selfish but isn’t it so that far more men are selfish in their sex lives and just want to masturbate inside a woman. These guys are even too lazy to do it themselves, by hand. I’m actually quite convinced that sex which is not a bi-product of love has always something to do with masturbation. Am I wrong?

Sebastian says:

Sad… especially when you love that special one. Is there any way to increase low sex drive?

Ashray says:

I believe he told something about a herb to increase sex drive

Sebastian says:

Where, in this video? Or there is other video about it? I will appreciate if you can send me a link))

Rudolf says:

It’s Maca (Lepidium meyenii) and is grown in Peru, provinces Moquegua and Puno. In the old times, it has been used by the Incas.

Cynthia says:

You know what Sebastian? Perhaps it’s time you asked her how she feels about it. You aren’t a pussy for asking. Three orgasms in one session is plenty. Maybe you’re squeezing too much into a short space of time and it’s tiring her out. She probably doesn’t have a low sex drive, she might just want something else from you. She might not be too clear what she wants but don’t be afraid to ask. Maybe, don’t ask her during sex, ask her when you’re both calm and somewhere nice and relaxing – away from a sexual situation so it’s less stressful for you both to discuss it.

Rudolf says:

Cynthia, I love your comments!

Scott says:

I’m so tired of hearing “maybe you should ask her” or “maybe she wants something else from you”. How about maybe females start telling guys what they really want, instead of playing guess what’s on my mind games. I find it highly attractive when a female can express what they are thinking, with me having to guess.

George says:

Hi Leo,

Your videos are amazing and spot on all the time.
I found myself nodding and amazed at all the concepts you said in this video, mainly because that’s what i do while having sex, pleasing my woman gives me more pleasure than my own orgasms…

Problem is it’s been two years now with my girl and my sex drive towards her is getting lower and lower, i feel like i want to sleep with other women, sometimes even picturing other women while having sex… fucked up i know, how do i fix this??? it’s almost as if i love the effect of seducing women & making them orgasm more than being monogamous.

would really appreciate your input.

Leo Gura says:

We men love sexual variety. Hard to beat that out of your system. Sounds like you need to try spicing things up with your girl. Ordinary sex is getting old so keep push each other’s sexual comfort zones. But you have to expect that it will wear thinner and thinner over time. You can’t keep that initial hot spark alive forever.

Try to convince her to do a threesome, although that’s probably gonna be hard for you this far into the relationship without having seeded it from the outset.

Rudolf says:

“Try to convince her to do a threesome, …” (Leo’s advice)
Haha, what a super advice for sustainably saving one’s diminishing sex drive toward one’s girl! And what will you do, when, sooner rather than later, the threesome will not work anymore? A foursome? Or going to a flagellatrice? Maybe you should start thinking about the question, whether life mainly consists of hardcore sex. Could it be that there may grow softer forms of sexuality, tenderness, …, cultivate other common interests, etc.? If you and your girl love each other, you will find a way, because you want to, if not, you will break up with her sooner rather than later. In any case, the threesome is the definite defeat. It’s like clutching at any straw. My opinion. But it’s your life. Find out yourself what suits you best. Good luck .

Miriam says:

Hi Leo, if I show this video to my boyfriend, will it hurt his pride? what can I say to him, to make him understand that I just want improvement….

Rudolf says:

All that’s needed is talking, e.g. about your needs, subtly, not bluntly. May even be that he will be grateful to you. Lots of men are not very brave when it comes to speaking an open word. As a man I must know .

Chene says:

Hi could u give some advice for the ladies, though it tips and advice is spot on for the guys.

Brittany says:

Hey Leo, I’m curious to see what you think about kinky stuff… Like mmf threesomes, swapping, etc. if both people enjoy it, do you think there’s anything wrong with it? And I’m not particularly interested in how it affects the relationship since those don’t normally last more than several years anyway. What I really want to know is if it’s harmful to personal development.

kevin says:

I do all of this but I want to be able to last longer aND I used to but I don’t know why i come so quickly now. The old me used to go forever. Any suggestion Leo?

Angela says:

Hi Leo ……..we need a video on Giving Your Man Mind Blowing Orgasms. What do you think?

Leo Gura says:

It’s in the works

Dan says:

Hi Leo, one of our problems is that my girl is just like the ‘closed box’ you discussed in this vid. She locks her feelings inside and I just have no idea how to get them out, or sometimes even… get her to focus on sex. Any thoughts on the types of questions that might open her up a bit?

Rudolf says:

Hi Dan. Only with warmth we are able to melt ice, not giving up on loving tenderness and understanding, which is not the same thing as sex.
I was caught in a block of ice myself, for more than sixty years. So I know what I’m talking about. It was a woman from and living in Russia who, unexpectedly, came along, with a candle in her hands… Though the candle didn’t last “forever”, much to my regret, the ice is melted, and that’s great! Maybe you are the one with the candle in your relationship. Don’t come with the icebreaker!

Dennis says:

Nuff said Leo, … Nuff said.

Nathan says:

Hey me and my girl never had sex before . We are both 19 and I want have sex with her and she wants me to but, how can I do it with out hurting her? She’s very tight. Thanks love your videos man.

Jo says:

Leo, I just watched this video and found it to be amazing in that I have a boyfriend who I swear knows and does all of the things you speak about here and I am the grateful recipient. I have never been with a man, including two husbands who come close to this man.

This might surprise you when I tell you I am 74 years and a widow. My boyfriend is 60. We have known each other for over 20 years and only last year renewed our friendship only this time intimately. He woke up this old woman’s body, a body that had not had sex in about 7 years. I didn’t even know if I could still kiss and found out I can, thanks to him. Nothing like a great kisser. They say once menopause sets in we women dry up and lose interest in having sex, not in my case I happily found out.

Both of us are in great shape. Working out at the gym every other day of the week has totally changed me into a once again vibrant woman. We are in a long distance relationship and do not have the chance to see one another as often as we’d like but I’m comfortable with it. I will never marry again and do not want any man living with me or visa versa. Am very independent and like it that way. I don’t look or act my age and we do not look like there is any age difference between us.

I ran across this little saying about the age stages of women….

LAUGH like you’re 10
PARTY like you’re 20
TRAVEL like you’re 30
THINK like you’re 40
ADVISE like you’re 50
CARE like you’re 60
LOVE like you’re 70

Love your videos, I listen to one every night when I go to bed.

Leo Gura says:

Haha, wow! Good for you!

pradeep says:

hi Leo,

Thank you so much for spreading awareness.

I watch your videos religiously. Being a gay I am not very sure if I can connect myself with the insights that you have poured in this video, however it was great listening you.

I just want to request you if you can talk about homosexuality also. Having said that, I do not mean that it has to be on the topic of “sex between guys”.


Rudolf says:

Leo, thanks a lot for this straight forward advice.
Just one thing: I shall NEVER shave off my pubic hair, which I consider to be part of my manliness, nor would I want my beloved one to cut hers. Shaved woman look like little girls must look before their hair starts growing. I love the looks of pubic hair on a woman. I don’t want to find myself in bed with a little girl. It seems to me kind of an obsession to shave everything away, also underarm hair which I also love to see. And it’s even a medical issue.
Take care, Rudolf.

Leo Gura says:

I didn’t say it needs to all be shaved off. But it does need to be trimmed up on a weekly basis.

Rudolf says:

Sorry, Leo – no need, neither by medical, nor by legal provisions or for the good of a happy (sexual) relationship. I consider this shaving stuff to be a strange personal preference, maybe an American mannerism, like calling one another “baby” in a love relationship (though usually both have a nice first name) which would, indeed, fit well with trimming one’s pubic hair: to look like a big big baby…

By the way, I’ve listened once more into your video, and was amazed how much weight you put on satisfying the woman and how many times we should provide her with an orgasm. You are quasi telling the listener that this should be his standard goal and procedure and if he’s not able to accomplish, he’s a loser. And who will look after us men that we also might be happy with a sexual relationship, e.g. if a woman is entirely passive? Masturbation and/or porn consumption? Or, are we just to be a performing agent for the happiness of our gals? Kind of an ensouled sex machine? Or Cleopatra’s sex slave, to be disposed of after the act? Could that be our future, being a provider?

Now, women are very different from each other and not every one wants that kind of experience or so much sex as you describe it. And I also wonder how you will keep up with your workout on a woman after having been happily married for ten, twenty years or more. After a while she will know all your dirty words and your technical features backwards and forwards and be able to talk about them with her friends, in a giggling party, all night long, and by that get a relief from your workout once in a while. Your recommendations might work well over a short period of time, say a year or so, when a pair is still enamored, but will they suffice in a long-term relationship? What are your recipes for such people when sex almost always has lost the first place in the agenda?

Though I do not agree with everything you are telling us, it’s still a good experience, and I shall be happily listening to your other videos. Thanks again for your great work and for sharing.

Caelis says:

Whahaha awesome, we are all both masculine & feminine, it has all to do with the energies we choose to cope with or not
I once penetrated a guy with his own dick while feeling the male orgasm !
So better explained, people who feel like women are emotional and people who feel like men are steady as rocks!!
Everything is possible if you have a goal and believe in it! & you can prove this stuff through looking deep inside of yourself !!
There have been times that I was emotional too like the weather my authentic self is everything I feel like to be! Any element perfectly fitting in my perspective!!!
I ain’t need no operations for that yo


Cara says:

Thank you Leo for the tips! I just had mind blowing sex and then watched your video. I could not get my mind off my man, so this helped to go through it in my mind once again.

Your videos are very helpful and I hope you will be making more.

Btw: I love the creative hand movements on every video. As a I ndian classical dancer, I can appreciate that.

Gillian says:

As an older woman who has had many partners and a lot of sex good, bad and indifferent, I just want to say that you really do understand women. This should be compulsory viewing for EVERY man. I have recommended your videos to my sons and son-in-laws knowing full well that as red blooded males that they are bound to watch your videos on how to make a woman gush and how to have amazing sex part one and two. Great sex is one of the keys to a happier and healthier life! So thank you Leo for your teaching and insights – and to all you men out there watch and learn!

Aj says:

Amazing Videos! I learned a lot from your videos.

Can you shoot a video on Abortion. I know its very controversial topic.
Do we need to feel bad about abortion. Is it bad karma and will come back and haunt us later.

My views are when we are not ready to have a baby, its a bad idea. Having an abortion is a lot of emotional baggage. Can you talk about how to deal with it.

Great Videos.
I know this ain’t Dear Deidre, but question; I am very sexually open, I’ve had lots of sex, with A LOT of guys. I love sex. I’m sexy, damn I down right hot, intelligent, any man or women will want me. lol . But seriously, I’ve had mind blown sex with my boyfriend for the first few months of our relationship, now I feel he isn’t interested at all, has been a while since I’ve had sex with him. I’ve tried everything, I don’t want to be the one always initiating it. I am really starting to think he is gay. I have asked him without judgement, he denies. If he isn’t into me anymore wouldn’t he just leave? I wouldn’t stop him. Maybe I’m a convenience to him. I don’t know what the dafuq is going on?

Aleksandr says:

Dear Leo,
Can you please advice the best book in your opinion about sex and all the technics? Thank you.

Sam says:

I kissed Hanabi to help her remember me and forget her popular male idol forever

Ranma says:

boy tries to complain about the double-standard since he usually gets hammered for even the slightest insinuation that a girl is unattractive but nobody takes him seriously.A clingy suitor arrives from China bent on making the object of their affection theirs come hell or high water even if this means disposing of the competition. When said object of affection well objects the suitor refuses to take the hint instead sticks around to create more trouble, ignoring any pleas to go away now which sex gets called out for this behavior by the other characters, and presented as a nuisance for indulging in it,men or women?

Ranma says:

are incredibly quick to administer violent “justice” upon boy whenever they think he’s interested in another girl. But past the manga’s turning point, when Ranma sincerely believed that girl loved the newcomer boy, he took his grievances up with the new guy and was incredibly polite and submissive towards girl, only screaming his frustration when he was alone in the forest. Even in instances when girl deliberately tries to make boy jealous or tries to get back at him by treating Ryoga to a date, he only ever snarks at her or merely sabotages the other guy’s attempts

Akihisa says:

is quite possibly the biggest offender of this trope as the female cast see fit to abuse, torment, and belittle the male cast whenever they feel offended about something. More often than not, it’s whenever the boys look at girls other than them, despite acting like prudes most of the time and treating the boys like the plague. One of the girls is even domestically abusive to one of the boys she has a crush on and no one does anything to stop her! It eventually gets to a point when Miharu throws a What the Hell, Hero? speech at Akihisa for seemingly mistreating Minami, conveniently ignoring the fact that both she and Minami treat Akihisa much, much worse. And if that wasn’t enough, one the endings has the boys running away from the kaijin for the word “female”. Even the anime itself knows how fucked up they have it.

Akihisa says:

Double Standard Abuse Female on Male: Poor Akihisa Yuuji’s taken to ridiculous extremes he’s repeatedly tasered if he complains about horrible dates gets his eyes poked if he tries to or Shouko thinks he tries to look at any woman or Hideyoshi in bikini.Not that Akihisa has it much easier though Minami loves hitting him or putting him in wrestling holds (and in one instance, breaking his back), Himeji often tries to force him to eat her food.should either girl seemingly get the lead the other one will beat him up some more or at least guilt trip him.Yuuko is also quite violent to Hideyoshi you can see her threatening him into helping her and probably even hit him offscreen

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