Leo's Blog: Infinite Insights — Page 84

October 27, 2018

Something about this animation rings so true of how universal mind works. Universal mind has this sort of whimsical intelligence, which makes it so creative.

Notice how much intelligence is displayed here. This is a tiny glimpse of infinite intelligence. Notice how it is non-rational. It's not less than rational, it's more than.

October 23, 2018


If you're in the US, it's time to vote. Early voting has started in many states.

2018 is an important election cycle.

Who should you vote for? Vote for the most conscious, the most Spirally developed candidates who have a reasonable chance of winning. Do not fall into the trap of voting on single issues. Vote on the overall level of development of the candidate. The more conscious the leader, the better they will lead, the less corruption and egotism they will enable.

October 21, 2018

As promised in the Nootropics video, here's a nootropics forum I like:

LongeCity Brain Health Forum

It's a great resource if you're trying to optimize your brain health.

P.S. The Nootropics subReddit is also great.

October 18, 2018

It can be easier to recognize what consciousness is when it changes rapidly and fluidly right before your eyes. Can you see that the image below is pure consciousness? Look at what consciousness can do! Try staring at it as though you were meditating on it. Become aware that it is you. This is NOT pixels on a screen! This is CONSCIOUSNESS!


Marvel at your own beauty.

October 15, 2018

The Dunning-Kruger Effect explains why, when people are ignorant, they tend to be aggressively ignorant.

"If you're incompetent, you can't know you're incompetent... The skills you need to produce a right answer are exactly the skills you need to recognize what a right answer is." — David Dunning

Basically, the more of a fool you are, the less capacity you have to recognize that you are being a fool. Have you noticed? — when dealing with a fool, how difficult it can be to convince him that he's a fool? That's precisely what makes him a fool!

Arrogance & intransigence are the hallmark of fools.

Humility is the hallmark of sages.

October 11, 2018

October 10, 2018

Shugendo is a 7th century Japanese form of spirituality:

Shugendo was banned by the Japanese government in 1872 until the end of WWII, when religious freedom was restored.

This is how self-actualization was done 1000 years ago. And it's still done this way in many places around the world today.

October 9, 2018


This is what I was talking about in the What Is Spirituality? video where I said that spirituality is "developing a deep metaphysical connection with reality."

Yugen! — that's what you're really looking for.

October 5, 2018

Here's a really interesting look into a heavy version of Spiral Dynamics stage Blue ethnocentrism.

Ethnocentrism means: "I love my family, people, my race, my religion, my country, my culture, my traditions We are the best!" The world is divided into us vs them. What happens to "them" — other peoples, races, nations, religions, countries, cultures — does not matter. They are basically dispensable. They can be hated, excluded, demonized, slandered, raped, killed, tortured, etc. That doesn't matter because "they" are not "us".

One of the astounding features of the ethnocentric mindset is that it lacks the self-awareness to realize that it is ethnocentric. It literally cannot see outside its own perspective. You must understand: just because you have the capacity to look at the world through different perspectives does not mean that everyone else does! Most people do not have this capacity! This capacity is not a given.

Very few people understand the ethnocentric mindset. Those who have developed beyond it cannot understand it because it looks like delusion of the highest order. To whose who are immersed in it, it looks totally natural, normal, and could not be otherwise. So neither side really understands.

I challenge you here not to judge, not to gawk, but to really seek to understand the mindset and worldview of an ethnocentric person. Get inside their mind. Look at the world as they see it.

Remember, about 70-80% of the world population is at ethnocentric stage Blue. It would be wise of you to develop a deep understanding of how they think.

Important Note: Ethnocentrism comes in many degrees. The example above is a fairly heavy degree. Not all stage Blue people are this heavy. Although, many of them are! — just in more socially acceptable ways.