What Is Death?

By Leo Gura - November 18, 2019 | 11 Comments

How immortality works

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Rebecca Sinclair says:

When Jesus hung himself on the cross he knew that it was going to hurt. In a place in the Philippines they practice putting on a passion play once a year. Nikos Kazansakis wrote a book the name of which I can’t remember, about how the coming passion play affected the lives of the villagers who selected the various roles for the next year’s play. As far as I recall the normal way it’s done in places that do this, the actors are chosen right after Easter for the following year. Anyway, here in Greece they don’t actually nail the man to the cross, they just tie him on. In the Philippines they nail him on exactly like the Romans did when crucified their criminals.

Now me, I ask for no nails and no flames please. A bullet? I’ll take one for you. My body will jump in front because I have trained my mind to do that. A knife. Same thing.  YEAH THOUGH I WALK THROUGH THE VALLEY OF DEATH I WILL FEAR NO EVIL. Nails and flames though. As a tiny girl I decided that I’d have a hard time with either of those.

So I picked up a book from my shelf that I bought decades ago and never read. The Tibetan book of Living and Dying. Oh well, not the Tibetan Book of The Dead, it was a long time ago and what did I know then. My mom is 86 and has Parkinsons. I thought that I might read it to her. I hope I get the chance if she has to lie in bed for months before she dies. I came here to Greece before I got much passed the beginning in which I was introduced to the concept of the Bardos.

Bardo is a Tibetan word that simply means a transition or a gap between the completion of one situation and the onset of another. Bar means in between, and do means suspended or thrown.

The different bardos can be categorized into four or six:

The Four plus two Bardos

1. The natural bardo of this life which begins when a connection with a new birth is first made and continues until the conditions that will certainly lead to death become manifest.

2. The painful bardo of dying which begins when these conditions manifest and continues until the inner respiration ceases and the luminosity of the dharmakaya dawns.

3. The luminous bardo of dharmata which lasts from the moment the dharmakaya luminosity dawns after death and continues until the visions of precious spontaneous perfection are complete.

4. The karmic bardo of becoming which lasts from the moment the bardo body is created and continues until the connection with a new rebirth is made.

5. The bardo of meditation

6. The bardo of dreaming

These last two bardos are part of the natural bardo of this life.



Joel says:

It is consoling to know that the Golden State Warriors’ pathetic season is an illusion and part of GOD’S infinite love.

Kassia says:

Leo, do we remember our identities after death?

Leo, I HAVE died and I know EXACTLY what death is! In fact, it is very boring, very dull and has NOTHING to do with God Almighty! We were not created to die. Death is actually, just as ‘the book of survival’ tells us, ‘a sleep-like state’.You are simply attempting to make a living and good luck with that. Be careful you don’t convince yourself, that you know more about life and death, than the author of ‘the book of survival’! It’s ALL in there FOR FREE, so perhaps you ought to take the time to consider your own options for survival. Good luck.

Rebecca Sinclair says:

What is ‘The Book of Survival” that is free? Never mind I’ll google it now before I close this reply.

I found the ultimate guide to staying alive in any situation. It costs money though. Please tell me about dying and which book you mean. Thanks!

I have kicked the bucket and I know exactly what demise is! Actually, it is exhausting, dull and has nothing to do with God Almighty! We were not made to bite the dust. Demise is really, similarly as ‘the book of endurance’ lets us know, ‘a rest like state’.You are just endeavoring to bring home the bacon and good karma with that. Be cautious you don’t persuade yourself, that you find out about existence and passing, than the writer of ‘the book of endurance’! It’s ALL in there FOR FREE, so maybe you should set aside the effort to think about your own choices for endurance. Good karma.

Kalamata Rebecca says:

Hello Raj, are you and Helen the same person? You have written almost identical comments with different words. In one ‘The Book of Survival” is mentioned and a strong suggestion to do some considering are given and that the book is free is mentioned. In this last comment ‘The Book of Endurance’ is mentioned, and again it is said that the book is free.

Please tell us your story rather than just eluding to it. I will look for both names in the forum. May you know the Monkey God, learn from him about love as that is all he teaches, be prosperous, but for God’s sake, DO NOT MULTIPLY!

koray koral says:

hi Leo, if the death is that good and you know this, what is the thing still keeps you alive?

Shraga says:

I have experienced death and with it an out of body experience where I saw the light. I took it as it was not my time to go, as I watched from above, them doing chest compressions and sternum rubs to bring me back. When I came back, tears came to my eyes and I asked why did you bring me back. I had the most beautiful and euphoric experience of my life and I am ready for it when it comes again. Thank you.

Jo says:

How do you know that physical death leads to death of the ego and what it identifies with?

Frederick says:

Hi Leo

I just want to say thank you so much for everything you have done for me and the so called human race

I started following you prob 4-5 years ago not knowing that the path will lead me here.

It finally led me back to this video. For the first time i truly understood what was being said.

Now all your other videos also make sense.

The joke was on me the whole time. I was my own devil by limiting myself.

I was being selfish because i was fighting to keep my identity alive.

How ironic that death is the elixir of life.

My world had been turned upside down and i am more exited than ever to live out the rest of my days in human form.

Thank you for leading me here. This site means the world and i am inspired to help other people also realize their true nature

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