Understanding Impermanence

By Leo Gura - October 1, 2019 | 6 Comments

Why reality is always changing

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Farzad says:

Leo, I’m fascinated by your videos since 2014 and you’ve helped me a lot. I’m also sharing your videos with my friends

Regards from Iran

Joel says:

You mean LAW AND ORDER reruns will not go on forever?

Jo says:

I discovered actualized.org when you were on your 30 day solo retreat. And funny enough it was the time when you changed your image. Meaning slightly longer beard and going from black T-shirt to white shirt. Nevermind the enlightenment bit. But I do go back to watch your old releases and I can hardly recognize you. Was that really you, Leo?
Where you can take us donkeys?I am not scared I know now that you like animals.

Jimmy Feiling says:

All these geneticalists n victims will never leo

Jimmy Feiling says:


stephanie says:

I had the impression you did not enjoy making this video? Not that I care, just an observation. Lately I’ve been wondering “who” Leo is. Not in a spiritual sense…haha…just who really makes the videos, writes the script?!

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