What Is The Point Of Life?

By Leo Gura - May 22, 2019 | 23 Comments

What if human life had an over-arching design and reason behind it?

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John says:

A magnificent summary of totality and our role in it. Thanks so much for your deep spiritual insights and for your unparalleled ability to communicate it so unambiguously. More please!

Ossi says:

You mention the Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed. Are you implying that there are only a couple of people in a millenium who really tap into godlike creative powers? Or could some less known spiritual masters or artists or tech innovators also be included?

Oskari says:

He’s just mentioning the most known ones to tell examples.

Zane says:

So grateful for this deep offering of wisdom and love. Incredibly important. Incredibly valuable. Thank you for the reminder and renewed inspiration Leo. Looking forward to watching again and following your/our journey.

Mayur says:

Actualized.org has no became a Temple. I bow down to my beloved bhagwan leo who teaches me atma gyan.

Frank Jensen says:

What a load of rehashing of old myth and assumptions…

The essence here is that there is no REAL proof of that at all….

and only a sophistic notion – a logical elipsis that negates discussion…

So in essence no evidence for any of what is said

ImKate says:

lol wake up

Frank Jensen says:

So please explain WHY this socalled god exist? Any why is it so limited in the human idea of it?

What created god – what is the point of something just exisiting out of the blue without any explanation of where it came from and why….

And if love is all there is – where did it come from and why?

Rethink all this and you will realize that all this is pure bull…..


Daniel says:

The problem with your reasoning is that you assume something just out of sheer thinking. It is possible that Leo might be a lunatic and wrong. But if you assume that what he is saying to you is bullshit means that you arent interested in discovering the truth. Because if you truly where you would be open to anything. If you close your mind to any possible answer you will limit yourself from discovering.

Frank Jensen says:

When I spoke to god – it explained to me that we were the creature that was known as Cro Magnon. That it changed our DNA to alter our brain functions and create cognition. The experiment was to see if intelligent life beyond the primitive state on earth could be enhanced.

Hence, all that humans come up with is pure despair and attempt at finding some explaining for our existence and some purpose (hint – there is none). Thus religion, philosophy, culture and all else….. Lack of purpose causes anxiety in the human creature as the intelligence produced has no point or origin nor end purpose that makes any sense.

“god” is a control mirage crated to guide us at the primitive stage and alleviate the anxiety ….

Eventually the aliens (god) may actually just terminate the experiment…

jim says:


In another 1,000 lifetimes I suspect you will come to KNOW the I AM that you really are.

Until then, we have patience for you. Be well!

Kaiser Basileus says:

The meaning of life is that everyone must choose the answer to that question for themselves. In the larger sense, there is none. Humanity is a virus.

Kaiser Basileus says:

All ideas of god presuppose that such abeing is possible which is a contention with no evidence.

Rian says:

Astrology plays a big role in our lives. The Zodiac presents diverse qualities and personalities. Once we get to calculate our Natal Chart, we get to know every bit of our self and where are best.
Since it is diverse, maybe we get to assign ourselves to what lesson we want to master in this lifetime.
Maybe it’s all written in the stars.
Get that Natal Chart calculated!

Ian says:

If all of us are fractions of it’s own self “god” self in perfection. Then why would we be learning each part of it. Since all possiblities are already there. Everyone being lived out. Already. No need for each soul to learn the difference since it’s already know.

Muzaffar Abbas says:

Leo itself said that The God can desire and think , now Leo watch it once in a life
“Is the Quran God’s word by Zakir Naik in English on youtube ”
Plz don’t stuck in your Hatred with Quran
Just Watch it once, i can’t send urls as it is not allowed.

Max Raoy Gron says:

As it could be my culture, as with Sufism it’s so, maybe I’m to read the paragon parrot, these religious stories though “different” to spirituality, are in your mind, God constructs spirits by inventing different sects of other religions from deriving them from them with no original creations, yet religions as you know it are all cults because it’s about being different to everybody else, and not necessarily individual. Sikhs are Sikhs because they’re different to everybody else, not to be normal like everybody else. I’m a Puritan to be different to the majority, not to just be a normal man like the multitude of people, the clothes and food are there to be different. I don’t wanna blend in, I wanna stand out from the crowd, dressing and eating differently, that’s why we have religions, because they’re cults it’s there to make you different.

John Barker says:

The plural of Lego is Lego.

Omar says:

Am from jamaica i just started watch ur videos and they are work wish i could get a better link

csilva says:

Simply love this video! Thank tou Leo!

Max Raoy Gron says:

The point of life is simpler than what’s explained even though it’s the explanation. The point of life is to be God during spirituality probing life, yourself and God’s arsehole. Enlightenment is infinite consciousness through meditation. I should skim through life living a normal life, to buy exclusive brands and go to department stores, not live an anti-consumerist life like a derelict living on the street happy to eat tuna mornay at the local shelter. If something’s perfect it has a lot of jealousy to be removed. “It’s perfect, it doesn’t need fixing”, (looking at that perfect round smooth seedless bun your girlfriend screams).

Can’t the point of life lie outside of life? Outside of knowing, beyond the dream? “Love and selflessness, the very source of all of existence… there’s nothing higher”?

If so, apparently, no-thing must be higher than existence. Less selfless than God, less needy. Not addicted to the temporary kick of knowing it exists, sat-chit-ananda.

Can one honestly talk about “nothing” comparatively, without investigation? For instance, finding out whether Shakespeare’s “to be or not to be” is a question. Or not?

Can’t (Nisargadatta’s “I am) That” be a life purpose?

If life is a dream, must the dreamer be real? My words are never totally correct, but get the point? If this world comes out of your wish.. what grants you that wish?

Ultimately, love is self-love. So it’s not selfless. And therefore not ultimate. After having lost yourself, love FEELS ultimate, for a while. But that doesn’t make it true.

What takes zero steps to confirm? Not via feelings, reasoning, knowing, causality, will, experiencing, insight. No middle man. What needs no OTHER to remain itself?

Why does consciousness feel it must keep (im)proving itself? Could it be an empty concept, unable to stand on its own three feet? Whole, full of infinitely many holes?

jim says:

Beautiful Brother!

I love you Leo!

And I love being a colonoscopy of God! (Hilarious!)

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