What Is Love?

By Leo Gura - September 24, 2018 | 13 Comments

A deep metaphysical explanation of how love works

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Mayur says:

Waited this for long time.

Stephanie says:

Leo, how do you express unconditional love in your (personal) daily life? Do you feel the longing to express it? I’ve been holding it in for some time now and only recently started to share it with the world. I found it quite liberating to really live it. So I’m just curious hence I’m asking.

Robert says:

At min 79 you speak about real and fake smile, mentioning that you have to practice real smile. No! Only fake smile can be learned and everyone of us have done it once in our early life, then practiced. A genuine smile comes according to our feelings, no exercise is needed.

Meta Alpha says:

Sometimes people get so engrossed in being fake that being real and their own authentic self is what needs to be taught. “Teaching” doesn’t necessarily mean learning something completely new, sometimes it just means remembering something long forgotten.

Robert says:

That’s true! sad but true.

Martin says:

Waiting for “What is Free Will” video

Pfletcha says:

search for it hes already got one about it

Lin says:

I came back after a break. Seriously life changing

Ingrid says:

Dear Leo,
I just started to watch your videos and thank you! I have been victimizing myself for a couple of years (or more?) and although it is hard to realize this I am willing to take actions and imporve myself, be more conscious. My question is: you mention here that love is selflessness too and “love is tolerance of the intolerable’- so I just realized that I loved deeply a toxic narcissist person (and sociopath) and even one week ago I was completely blind to see the mindgames and manipulation and he (luckily) discarded me. I am very angry with myself that I let all this to happen, and my only mantra now is that at least i am capable of loving unconditionally. But loving selflessly should have limits maybe? I have a trauma now where my brain and heart is fighting constantly(love-shouldnt love), back and forth..I hope you get my point (I am not a native speaker- victim-thinking again thank you in advance!

Edmond says:

Do you have evidence for your assumptions? How do you know that the universe is a giant mind? Where do the color codes come from?

Cris says:

Leo, you’ve done an amazing work that has such a great impact on so many people, their souls respond to yours, you’ve created an amazing community. You could have kept it for yourself but here you are instead, sharing it all with us. I keep telling how wonderful this journey has been so far and hope it will keep going on.

I remember you once said you had a deception in love and that brought the motivation in you to start on your self-development. It’s like you’re building a house here so she can find her way back home I don’t know if that’s the case but I’ve just read some books written by John Welwood and he says that your journey’s destination is in your heart, where’s your feminine energy and that only completes in a couple. I hope you two will reunite, I hope your pain, growth, love, and generosity will be rewarded with true fulfillment and happiness. I recommend you his books if you haven’t read them already

All the love and positive vibe to you.

Kelli says:

Hi Leo,

I’m actually finding it difficult to find the words to express how I feel, so I’ll keep it simple, Thank You!!!!

Theodore says:

The girl who got away.I did not love her enough before Takao kissed her first truly
I named her short, flat, childish but she wished we met sooner

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