Understanding Sameness vs Difference

By Leo Gura - August 13, 2018 | 10 Comments

The metaphysical foundation of reality as sameness and difference

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Daniel says:

Wow!! I watched it twice. What you say about the ego around the second hour mark, hits me everytime. Snow ball analogy is beautiful! Changing my results but not my identity, that hurts but sooo fuckin true!

I’m completely straight but If I had to date any man on this planet it would be you.

Keep it up Leo! You’re a brilliant mind.

Patrick says:


Leo… are youa dull person?

Daniel says:

what is dull? How do you define ‘dull’?

Patrick says:

Don’t bother engaging. Be a manatee.

Jim says:

DULL here meaning awesome in that you read buddhasutra.com

KAbindra says:

Hey Leo…couldn’t find the mp3 version of this video

Xain says:

just another example of a man who doesn’t understand what he is talking about, just like with the rest of his videos.

Jim says:

its NOT SUPPOSED to make sense

Jim says:

for more on the harmony of difference and sameness go to sacredtexts.com

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