Comprehension Has Many Degrees

By Leo Gura - November 20, 2017 | 3 Comments

The different depths and stages of understanding insights

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Gen says:

Rape is necessary?
Our universe lives because of death. We equate death with pain and suffering. Rape causes suffering, therefore rape is necessary.
Was that statement necessary the way it was presented, though?
Seemed a good idea to add some clarity to what was stated in your video…lest a person devoid of empathetic capacity feels a bit too exonerated (or god forbid, enabled) upon hearing it.

Leo Gura says:

These are advanced topics, easily misunderstood no matter how much clarity or warning one is given.

Everything that exists right now is necessary by definition. It could not be otherwise. Which isn’t to say it cannot be different in the future.

Laurent says:

Hi Leo,
Another great video, thank you. We all must THINK…
May I add a few comments on two isssues:
– Manipulation: definitely a very important issue in our modern world. My view is everyone should know the mechanism of manipulation (many good books on the subject) BUT also the difference between influence and manipulation. Everybody uses influence in life, it is not necessarily manipulation as it does not necessarily corrupt a relationship. This is the whole point, in my view. If you have no influence at all, you do not exist, this is the dilemma.
– Meditation: i practice it on a daily basis but before i went to the conclusion that it can have a positive influence in my life, i needed to find the “right” book. I finally found it, “the art of meditation” by Matthieu Ricard. I strongly recommend it, as it defines well what meditation is, also that meditation has a goal (yes it has). How you can work on suffering, and to what extent empathy, compassion, caring and altruism can enrich your personal life…

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