The Theme Of Things Going Full-Circle

By Leo Gura - December 11, 2017 | 10 Comments

Examples from life of how things counter-intuitively invert themselves.

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Kularus says:

Leo, Is Hard Work The #1 Key Of Success

Reshma says:

What an insightful video Leo…!! Thanks!

Lindsey says:

Wow this is simply the most awesome stuff that’s ever said!

Thanks so much!!!


Lindsey says:

When I listened to this one, I was so amazed by Leo’s sharing. It explained truth that’s rarely articulated. Things can be so painful that you don’t feel it anymore. A guy can be so unqualified and vicious that he become cute. “Full circle” is explained so well penetrating one’s psychological problems, making you realized why some of the most stupid things are accepted and are done, everyone included. Be aware of such truth, and defending truth, is so hard. Knowing the truth is already so hard, defending and supporting the truth is even rarer.

This episode taught me psychological truth.

Thank you!

Gavin says:

Damn I came here to say “enantiodromia”, but this slick Michael dude beat me to it!

Really clicked with me when you were talking about introversion turning into extraversion – as I’m doing a course on Jung at the moment. The interesting thing is that it doesn’t even have to go all the way, to one big seismic flip, but can flip back and forth… like an introverted person just having bursts of being extremely extraverted and going mad, partying and stuff… or an extravert falling into periods of requiring extreme isolation and introspection.

The quote I remember the clearest (as it literally applied to me at one point or another in my life) is: “the person up dancing on the tables at the end of the night – is probably an introvert”. The extravert is more controlled in their extraversion, more even-keeled, but for the introvert, it will be less under control and more raw when it bursts forth.

Isai says:

Hi, Leo!
This was an awesome video and also I think it’s one of the most advanced/complicated. At least for me.
There were some examples you mentioned that I didn’t quite understand, such as the extroverted/introverted. Could you clarify this one a little bit more?


Max Raoy Gron says:

I think God-believers are ignorant and proud of it. What do they know about the real reality? I think maybe there’s no such thing as a real reality. My beliefs are too much, they require so much belief that they make me wanna stop believing in them. How do you know your god or religion’s accurate? God belief is fantasy, I’m not afraid to say that, a virgin birth? A talking burning bush? A talking parrot that converses with people? A snake with legs? Wake up! All this is fantasy! Anti-theism is accurate, and despite your discomfort you’re going to have to accept it, I have to accept that in reality Leo’s selfish. Selflessness is overrated and it’s evil, to be nothing so that people kill you. The beliefs I have, I’m brave to have them, religious people are scared, they’re afraid to say it’s not true. When something’s true, it’s true literally, how can there be a god? I’m not about to follow rules. It comes down to the level of being good when religious people don’t accept it. Too bad. Religious people won’t change for you so we’re not changing for religious people. There’s no god, it’s all make believe. God is a bastard who watches you naked. Everything is physical, that’s what I really think, reality’s what I think, it’s not a modification of what I already knew. The religious people change the truth, I had the truth once before, there’s no such thing as god. There’s no magic. Reality’s objective. It’s not outside of what I think. Snap out of it!

Max Gron says:

I guess for some time I was an atheist and didn’t even know it, I was convinced of God’s existence for a few months after I was afraid to go back to atheism, I know what I am, I’m a theist from the day I was an Ishiki and haven’t turned atheistic since, as such I don’t believe in the Devil, there’s only God, the proof of this is realising God’s an old man and not nothing, that I’m below God, that almost everyone believes in him, in discovering what’s true I saw God in the lounge room, also as a counter-attack on my housemate trying to dilute my religion I believe in God even more, the above was the struggle of having no proof, I’ll see how long it lasts, because I think ignorance is thinking that everything is thinking, when as for hedonism it’s exactly what I think, I think it doesn’t make me happy because I’m not enjoying the pleasure, as for success I’m enjoying my success, realising that if I chose my beliefs like I chose them before I would choose fundamentalist Puritanism and stick to it without anybody’s resistance, or without me being made to second-guess my beliefs, I’m not the one in need of rearranging my beliefs, just recently I haven’t changed them, even though they were changed for years, the full circle is changing so often you stop changing, it’s true because it works.

Max Gron says:

The reality is you go to such an extreme that people suffer from the delusion that you’re not that thing, bullshit! It’s all about what people think. I don’t care what Leo thinks. Reality is objective, only it’s that matter is a sin. Nothing is without itself, I’m a literal thing: my mind, body, and spirit, yes, what do you think spirituality is? We’re all wiser than the ancients. I’m just a regular guy, I don’t want your subjective thoughts in your heads! I want real results, real action, not the dropping of it! It has no meaning, the experts are just telling people what people think, but do you think you’re going to get good in life if you drop all sense of good and morality? I only have one rule of life, the rule of caring radically about us, because I’m moderate but not as moderate as Descartes, I have extremes, I’m not extremely moderate. If you drop a thing and not have alternatives that’s not going to do anything, Leo’s a fool misguided by silly history to which they got killed.

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