The Theme Of Things Going Full-Circle

By Leo Gura - December 11, 2017 | 5 Comments

Examples from life of how things counter-intuitively invert themselves.

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Kularus says:

Leo, Is Hard Work The #1 Key Of Success

Reshma says:

What an insightful video Leo…!! Thanks!

Lindsey says:

Wow this is simply the most awesome stuff that’s ever said!

Thanks so much!!!


Lindsey says:

When I listened to this one, I was so amazed by Leo’s sharing. It explained truth that’s rarely articulated. Things can be so painful that you don’t feel it anymore. A guy can be so unqualified and vicious that he become cute. “Full circle” is explained so well penetrating one’s psychological problems, making you realized why some of the most stupid things are accepted and are done, everyone included. Be aware of such truth, and defending truth, is so hard. Knowing the truth is already so hard, defending and supporting the truth is even rarer.

This episode taught me psychological truth.

Thank you!

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