Understanding Survival - Part 1

By Leo Gura - May 27, 2019 | 9 Comments

The metaphysics of being human

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Jo Blow says:

“if its good for me its good for everybody if its bad for me its bad for everybody”

kedence john says:

you speak as though you know it all . shut yo bitch ass up

ella evens says:

OMG Leo you can have me. Plz contact me. @kendence john doesn’t know sh_t!

Luke says:

“Who are you to wave your finger? You must be out your head
yeballs deep in muddy waters you practically raise the dead.”- you’re close minded

Jim says:

he probably knows more than you

Lauren says:

Who created the virtual partitions between this form and the environment? You (God) or you (the human mind)?

Luke says:

The human mind is a virtual parisian, isn’t it? How could the mind divide itself? God being unbound and infinite can create limitations within itself, can’t it? And who exactly wants to know who created them? Why? For survival?

Max Raoy Gron says:

It’s my Bible app on my phone, my book by Rene Descartes, and book one of “Either/Or”, and my phone itself that’s part of my survival, which is hard to wrap my head around because I have only a little bit of any survival, the inconsistencies, ironically are the main form to which I survive, I usually survive as an irregular, changing, even distinctive person, and it took a very long time for the individual in me, even the freakiness, to die, e.g. I survive now as a regular person, a slightly changed, listening to my housemate say that he changed, using that as a guide for myself to change, sort of person, there’s a little more change for me to do, but of survival, irrational as it’s thought to be, most of us are rational people who don’t kill ourselves or one another, happy, rational, and in addition to the rationality, being regular, having routines, this advanced video isn’t itself scary, what’s scary is my identity dying, being too much different to the self of mine in my twenties when I ordered, as at the time it was new to me because it was introduced to me as a vegetarian, a decaf soy latte, is it irrational to order such a thing? Does it have stupid or unreasoned intentions? No, the intention is to add an explanation that if you’re a regular vegetarian you drink a decaf soy latte, that’s what rationality is, it’s an explanation for your existence, not surviving isn’t rational to me, is it rational to be a murderer? No, it’s not, even though it’s not rational to let people steal your stuff and be happy about it. Criminal activity is the bastardry that rationality has put in its head is sensible, sensible? And what about drugs, is it rational for a doctor to inject drugs in your arm? No, it’s highly irrational, there’s no reason why you should take drugs, it’s irrational to even take a prescription, but doctors don’t care about rationality, more importantly they don’t care about the real truth, the truth that you’re just normal, being a plain, simple person, that truth is scary to weird people, they don’t want to hear the truth, directly, that normality is regularity, being habitual, routines and that it’s common, being the same as everyone else, and therefore identical, that’s scary to an individual, they want to twist the definition to make it mean that you’re weird, that you’re inconsistent, and change, they can’t handle the truth about normality, being thus a result of being a boring, unchanging person is scary to them. That’s how most people survive, but I suppose for a change to take place, some book, some diet perhaps, some sources, even some exercise, has to be added to my ego to change it, as is the case of the video on how to change your life, which is more suited to my needs, not surviving is a bit extreme, I only want a little change, not a big change.

Max the shithead says:

People say that I changed a lot, but I’m the same as the good qualities about me from 26 years, I haven’t changed that for some time, I merely changed my diet, and changed into success-oriented, and changed into a true Puritan, there’s not much of me any different, and not much of me is anything but exactly the same. That’s the thing being maintained, but to avoid defending this there needs a transformation, e.g. more success and reading the books. I’m opposed to change if somebody says so, but not if Leo says so, if it’s the good part about me, such things are hard to let go. There doesn’t need to be me pissing people off, doing annoying things for years, nor me sustaining the acts people hate, persisting and ignoring them when they’re pissed off non-stop, I do have a stop button, I have to stop doing these things if I want a better life.

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