The Avoidance Of Truth

By Leo Gura - December 30, 2021 | 8 Comments

A deep explanation of why everyone fears truth

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who says:

you are a bully cosplaying as a god – not so new.

Danger Dan says:

Also jetzt mal ganz spekulativ
Angenommen, ich schriebe mal ein Lied
In dessen Inhalt ich besaeng, dass ich hoechstpersoenlich faende Leo Gura ist ein ganz fieser Dieb. Und im zweiten Teil der Strophe dann, pirscht er sich noch was naeher an Dich ran, was ein kunstreicher Verfasser doch nen richtger Frauen hasser, entschuldige das ist schon Mysogyn.

Also jetzt mal ganz spekulativ
Ich nutze ganz bewusst lieber den Konjunktiv
Ich schriebe einen Text, der im Konflikt mit dem Gesetz
Behauptet, Leo Gura sei ein Reptiloid
Und angenommen, der Text gipfelte in einem
Aufruf, die Welt von den Faschisten zu befreien
Und sie zurueck in ihre Loecher reinzupruegeln noch und noecher
Anstatt ihnen Rosen auf den Weg zu streuen.

Juristisch waer die Grauzone erreicht
Doch vor Gericht machte er es sich ganz leicht
Zeig ihn an und er oeffnet einen Sekt
der Forum Selbstmord war ein psychischer Defekt
Das ist alles von der Kunstfreiheit gedeckt

truth says:

truth mostly is what some people dont want to know. especially the decline of truth is sth some people dont want to know, it is not that knowledge is generally not knowable. its the total ignorance and conscious eclypse, when truth is claimed where it is not to be found, or only found in traces, this is directly knowable by heart and in consciousness without any further thought involved, not replacing the truth of words with the truth of a sick reality by a psychopathic, megalomaniac and machiavellian (in sense of psychological machiavellianistic) mind and mind manipulator like the person who controls this channel.

take control of your mind before someone else does!

Max Gron says:

We see the changing/twisting of the truth here in making a belief that contradicts the fact that the truth doesn’t make sense and despite one man who can’t know any truth you say the truth can be known, it’s a lie, I don’t believe in modifications of the truth, do you think we’re not matter? You’re believing lies, contradicting the original truth, if truth can be known then why am I uncertain of my beliefs? After all these years why would it take 39 years, my entire life, to figure the truth out? Truth can’t be known. Period.

Max Gron says:

How truth can be trouble is when someone threatens to stab you. The reality is I need to stop following my culture. In reality people are selective with their niceness, yes, but they don’t wanna face that reality, they would say I make being nice to me indiscriminately difficult. Do you realise a thing as it is? The social matrix covers things up in your nation to avoid foreign contact, yes, Australia’s denying that it’s involved in these deceptions.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Leo’s version of the truth, I didn’t believe it before, like whether I’m God, selflessness, lack of survival, no ego, escaping the social matrix and thinking for myself, anti-dogma, love, not being highly conformist, no, my beliefs are Puritanism, regalism, the “Either” in “Either/Or”, ultranormality, anti-Australianism, & anti-perfectionism and forming beliefs from the Bible, that’s what the truth is. I think my entire identity is real and not a falsehood, the climate isn’t changing and I’m not twisting and changing my beliefs, but having beliefs exactly the way they were.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Only my eleven beliefs are true, and as I found out it’s not ultranormality that’s true. It’s the fool who’s highly conformist, the way things ought to be is the way things are right now.

Max Gron says:

Killing a part of you isn’t the truth about you, the truth about you is accepting and loving you exactly the way you are, the real you, not the ideal you, and most people can’t accept you for who you really are, as with my mother and with my housemate I put on a mask, not revealing the real me because the real me, who’s the arsehole, rebel and man who just wants to have fun at everyone’s expense, that at one point I was just a normal person who was wired the same way as you, and even now, that my individualism means I can do anything I want, by following my own ways, my own desires in daily life, to which the truth is I have to be disobedient to accepted rules, even rules that tame you, and that the truth is I have to not be tamed in any way, and not do things I don’t like under any circumstances, can hurt a multitude of people, not making any adjustments, and refusing to adjust even if the adjustment makes me better, even if the adjustment is done constantly to the point I’m not really in actuality the way I am anymore, and have no identity anymore, if I have an identity and am extremely rigid in being myself, my identity, no matter what the cost, you can’t accept that, it pains you too much to just leave a human being who’s imperfect exactly as he/she/they is, it’s reality, and since my imperfection works, that is it makes me less of a perfect man, it brings me about some pain, it has to be true. Even at the cost of staying away from my mother to get exactly the freedom I want and myself exactly the way I am is a step towards the truth.

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