Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

By Leo Gura - July 21, 2020 | 4 Comments

Answering the ultimate question

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Robert says:

What you say in the first part about energy-efficiency makes me thinking about entropy. To create order (nothing) needs energy investment, then entropy comes to work, destroying the perfect order and we will have something with lower energy and higy entropy. The inflection point or singularity is when everything goes from very low energy (something) to the state of ordered nothing by let’s say “mechanical work”.

Robert says:

Leo, as the something/nothing problem, the same is about light/darkness, noise/silence. In darkness there is light and light is superimposed on darkness. Darkness doesn’t dissapear, only light prevents us from seeing it.
A few years ago i realised that the the womb of the universe and creation is: darkness, silence and nothingness. They can not be created or distroyed.

KAREN says:

Dear Leo,

Thanks for Nothing!


Joel says:

I understood very little of this tape, but I am consoled by the thought that it is nothing and didn’t exist to begin with.

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