Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

By Leo Gura - July 21, 2020 | 13 Comments

Answering the ultimate question

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Robert says:

What you say in the first part about energy-efficiency makes me thinking about entropy. To create order (nothing) needs energy investment, then entropy comes to work, destroying the perfect order and we will have something with lower energy and higy entropy. The inflection point or singularity is when everything goes from very low energy (something) to the state of ordered nothing by let’s say “mechanical work”.

Robert says:

Leo, as the something/nothing problem, the same is about light/darkness, noise/silence. In darkness there is light and light is superimposed on darkness. Darkness doesn’t dissapear, only light prevents us from seeing it.
A few years ago i realised that the the womb of the universe and creation is: darkness, silence and nothingness. They can not be created or distroyed.

Max Gron says:

Given that there’s something rather than nothing, it leaves you scratching your head asking why. But I suppose in all of Leo’s goodness his nourishing of the mind is the devil, to make you die, cease living, that’s not any fun. The real fun begins with wa choo, honk honk, some humour, giggle giggle.

KAREN says:

Dear Leo,

Thanks for Nothing!


Joel says:

I understood very little of this tape, but I am consoled by the thought that it is nothing and didn’t exist to begin with.

Cesar says:

This is why ive taught myself cel animation and be a traditional artist. I absolutely love cel animation. Its super handmade authentic I love it. I’m even working on one now haha.”It becomes easier for passionate people to bring them to life” easier is not better, in fact, accessibility degrades a form because being everything means nothingness. i miss when japanese animation was allowed to have different art styles There’s a warm feeling to looking at the old style Obviously enormous cost caused shows to suffer in the animation department, but the ones that excelled became tremendous. One thing to add though: the cost limitation forced studios to extend scenes so they could use fewer keyframes. Instead of filling it with mouth flapping though, they gave us vistas pensive characters. I liked slow pace more series have taken approach again but I wish it were more common. It gives me time to breath

Akira says:

someone knows the name of that tool? (the transparent thing with a ball which seems to be to for making precision dots/points without touching the paper

Akira says:

So that is cell animation… AMAZING so people drew every single frame of an animejust that. but the visual effects and innovative techniques that were employed without the assistance of computers were mind blowing

Akira says:

nothing beats the hand crafted work that comes from 2D I wish traditional animation is still done today. Would love to work at a background artist/painter in the industry.

Akira says:

It’s amazing that a movie like Akira was made the same way movies like Snow White were made, the old-fashioned way through hand-painted cels! Very cool video!

Akira says:

All this time, effort, and artistry to make one film. As an artist and animation major I adore the work that went into past animations. Every single millisecond of a show or film was handcrafted by dozens of artists-sketched, inked, and painted painstakingly by hand. But a sad thing to think about is that all these cels? These backgrounds? All this work? They were production assets-tools to be photograph and that was it. Much of these cels are gone-either destroyed to make room in the studio, placed in a box and mixed up, taken home by the animators, stored improperly and degraded from sunlight/water to faded and wrinkled remnants, or just…lost to time. Search up cels for sale online and you’ll find countless ones that are faded, stuck to their sketches (or incorrect sketches) from the paint melting to them, scratched, ect. It’s incredible to think that when watching an older show that the image you’re seeing might exist out there and could be something you can physically hold in your hands, or be forever lost and never seen in its original form again.

Max Gron says:

That’s pure nihilism, I spent years escaping nihilism, that everything’s nothing, I don’t agree with it, if a bat splinters it’s still injury of the bat, 1. There must be something, and 2. The whole’s prior to its parts, wood, rubber, oil and so forth, it can’t be true any other way, your words aren’t philosophy, they’re denial of existence for the sake of rewiring your brain, almost like performing brain surgery on yourself if you do it right. But what you’re doing is using the mind as purely subjective to solve problems as if nothing exists, bullshit! What exists and get ready for this is Rene des Cartes and the evil demon doubt. There doesn’t need to be nothing or that I don’t exist, Satan made me think it all exists when there’s God, who’s the God of the God (Rene des Cartes) of whom everything, even you, he imagined, not the other way around!

Max Gron says:

Given that the whole’s prior to its parts, that means it came before its parts. A computer is just a computer before you take it in pieces, the same with you, if I took your blood I’m taking a part of you when you were prior to your parts, you see? So when something’s nothing, which is a Buddhist concept it means the thing inside it is inside an empty item. Really it means your life’s empty, yes it’s accurate, your mind, also nothing, created the somethingness. It’s still there as an emptiness, therefore your consciousness started off as white paper and got furnished, due to experience, with ideas.

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