The Social Matrix

By Leo Gura - July 26, 2021 | 9 Comments

How society is a mass hallucination

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Max Gron says:

I found out is a scam, I don’t give a shit about logicians, they’re all playing the logical game and they use logic to lie. You’re not a spiritual post-rational man, you’re a logician, why does logic hurt? I don’t want to hear things like strawman, it begs the question, appeal to authority, or anything like that, I don’t want intellectuals like you telling lies!

Ann Brown says:

Leo is brilliant.

Max Gron says:

I’m trying not to think’s a scam, there might be some truth in what you’re saying, I didn’t think you were delusional nor did I think you were lying, the reality is people don’t make up their own beliefs and when they’re non-conformist it’s conformist, conspiracy theorists are all part of one subculture, but I suppose nothing is self-standing, not even you, as we’re all connected making the very fabric of reality.

Max Gron says:

One more thing Leo, I tried your version of “escaping from the social matrix” and it worked, as many of your videos don’t work but I continue trying your methods anyway. In earlier times I had “fake growth” and now I’m on to real growth.
Furthermore about getting out of the social matrix (I know my comment has to be on topic), I saw your video before and saw those disgusting bound feet on a Wikipedia page, and this cruelty is my mind as you said, that’s what society’s done to me, as follows: made complications in my life, medicated all people normal or not whenever everyone is jealous of their success, and simply thinking I’m a narcissist just because I act in a successful way.
Away from the social matrix I found the alternative: independent thinking, inventing my own diet (a bread-, pasta-, noodle-, wheat-, rice-, and corn-free no-meat vegetarian diet of vegetables, herbs, honey, grains, water, wine, dates, figs, berries, cheese, and alkaline digestive enzymes), and being a Scotist instead of a religion with rules or having no religion with no rules.

Max Gron says:

Now that the above’s clear, the trust is the social matrix is a system by and for the people for their survival, mostly by top dogs and men in business attire.
I can tell you the con man isn’t the people making the social matrix, like a belief you’re the con man, you deceive yourself, am I right?

Leo makes it clear in these videos of deception, including the social matrix, and as a Bible reader I know very much not to cherry pick, can you make a video on Hitlerism and how such a system works?

Max Gron says:

When I said the trust is, that was a typo, I meant truth.

William says:

Holy shit dude, do some yoga, take sum mushrooms, It’s all right now haha these are all just concepts and as fun as they are, you, ‘Max Gron’, are stressing out quite a bit over these. Let go. Enjoy life. Cheers!

Max Gron says:

That’s good advice but aren’t you conforming when Leo told you not to? I’d rather take mushrooms (yes Leo said to be funny), I’m being analytical, but I now loosen up like a hahaha (a monkey), and the stress melts away, honker.

Max Gron says:

Am I individually self-deceived or are you collectively self-deceived? Taking reality as not symbolic, as a literal thing except for the lies and deceptions, I ask myself where I got that from, I didn’t get it from other people even if I thought I did, I thought this way individually. So maybe in taking the world too allegorically you’re self-deceived.

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