State Of Consciousness Is Everything

By Leo Gura - May 18, 2022 | 4 Comments

Changing your state of consciousness will change your life

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Max Gron says:

I can use my consciousness to solve problems, then stop learning the teachings. It makes me sound, appear and feel wise. Given this infinite state of consciousness I can do anything. I’m aware I’m at stage blue, and as such follow a moral code. Thanks Leo for awakening me. I do, however need to read more books. I’m hyperaware.

Joel says:

I became very upset after hearing of the murder of 18 children yesterday in Texas. I came to two conclusions: 1) If I am the source and creator of the events, I have not yet learned that it is possible to have a world in which aggression and assertion need not be dangerous to anyone. 2) the events were not the cause of the upset. If I had the bias that murdering children were no more significant than washing my car, I would not have become upset. My bias made me upset. But the chances of me becoming so evolved that the murdering of children=washing my car is remote, and if only truly evolved people have no biases, I am not sure I want that. Joel

Joel says:


Harish says:

Thank you for your invaluable insights!

The loss of information you have noted on the transition from the temporary “higher” state back to the “baseline” state seems to be a hardwired limitation of any lower state. It appears the lower state can never fit (your term being “bandwidth”) much of anything from the higher state, except attenuated remnants. While the temporary peaks are doubtless valuable to appreciate the fluidity & existence of higher states as you have mentioned, higher baseline states, and corresponding embodiment & development of new models, seems to be an exponentially harder task than attaining the temporary peaks.

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