How Psychedelics Work

By Leo Gura - February 20, 2020 | 12 Comments

Making sense of the psychedelic experience

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Pubudu says:

Hi Leo,

I would love to give it a try (Psychedelic), but in Australia nothing available. If you have any insight as to where I can get it from or what types available, please let me know.


Alex says:

Go to Amsterdam or Oregon! Many places around the world where it’s legal to buy psychedelics. Go to those places!!!

Jannifer says:

Where to go in Oregon?

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G says:

Read Metahuman by Deepak Chopra if the concept of material/external reality as imaginary is difficult for you to understand.

Jenna says:

Hi Pubudu,

I grow my own mushrooms with PF Tek method. At least in the United States it is not illegal to purchase spores online since they are non-psychoactive. I have had great success and I like that I grow my own. There is a special reward in growing your own food to feed your brain.

Take care, Jenna

Anthony says:

Hi Leo,

Which psychedelics can you overdose on (in a lethal way)?

Thank you,

Colossus says:

I am going for my first DMT session tomorrow. I am happy I found this video. I will let you all know how it goes.

Abs says:

Hi Leo,

This video has been taken down from YouTube. I was halfway though it when it happened. Could you post it in an alternate location?

Thank you,

Laurent Gaudet says:

Hi Leo,
This has been very very insightful. I appreciate having found your website and your new content!

Can one be so open minded, so unbiased, as to be willing to locate an opening in the fabric of consciousness? A door, an exit point out of the mind, out of consciousness, all of it, out of God?

Perhaps just to take a peek and return? Perhaps to report on consciousness’ structure and motive, as non-experienced from ‘outside’? That, which cannot be spoken of. But still, a ‘trip’ which might yield expressible effects?

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