What Does Awakening Feel Like?

By Leo Gura - August 20, 2021 | 8 Comments

A phenomenological description of pure awakening

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Max Gron says:

Of all the videos that I’m happy with it’s how to get rich, this awakening video, and as many success videos as possible, well done.

to fandango says:

If God went though all this trouble to deceive itself, why would he want to awake?

When I am sleeping, dreaming and I realize I am dreaming, I try to enjoy the dream, not to keep reminding myself that I am in a dream all the time. I dont take advantage of this knowledge to do crazy/toxic stuff either (most of the time heheh), but try to have a beautiful dream and enjoy it.

Shouldnt we just live life knowing that nothing really matters but at the same time that is death serious in a way? Maybe have some awakenings to keep reminding yourself that you are dreaming, but not make the dream about knowing that is a dream, but use it to make the best out of it?

from fandango

to fandango says:

he would want to awake because he exactly hates self deception, he hates it so much that he had to outsource the hate and offload it to others.

its exactly that: nothing really matters. whatever way you read this, the quality of nothing does not change, except if the quality changes. we does not concern him, what concerns him is him and his ranking within that. he does not get the logical failure about him developing a nightmare vs you dreaming a dream and you wont realize until the story of your dream takes a turn. might be you dont realize, you are not the only dreamer, that realization would really matter.

Max Raoy Gron says:

It’s always about other people, never yourself, do you ignore or hate yourself, so it’s never about you? What about us? We do things, not you, both you and us, we’re the ones having an awakening, not just all of you, what we think is that we’re the no-bull guys humble as we are taking Leo’s teachings seriously, we don’t care only about other people, we care about ourselves. And furthermore what we were thinking tonite is simply the very specific things below stage yellow into stage blue, we all do things, we’re all one, our reality is infinity, consciousness, and we are, we exist, that’s you too, it’s all about us.

Max Raoy Gron says:

This is hard to wrap my head around. I’ve been thinking about this. It contradicts itself, I found that contradiction isn’t true, it’s not it can’t be true, I believe it extremely, I know what I’m talking about: it is true, and can be true without contradiction. I don’t care what you say, I’m going to take it as belief. I don’t care what you say, you’re not infinitely conscious the way Leo is, and you people don’t know what’s true, admit it. It’s the ultimate reality. For one thing I’m to be believed and accepted, for another any disagreement I’m taking on as agreement, and tossing it in the rubbish. Another thing, because I’m everything, I’m even the same as what you agree with and what you disagree with, I’m you knowing I’m absolutely right. I’ve learned it, that means you should accept it, I’m so much in the know and I have the intelligence to know spirit, yes, not dumb matter, not the matter I used to type this, cranking up the consciousness I’m so conscious I can’t be denied, if you attempt at denying me, you’re actually agreeing that I’m wrong not to say this. I’m extremely right, I’m so right it’s impossible to disagree with me. Your disbelief is actually the belief in this: spirit, I can’t be disbelieved.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Incase you can’t tell I care more about my wokeness than ever being right. I have the discipline to think (you don’t deny this, that is you don’t deny that I’m an all-self-accepting mind), I’m actually an all-seeing mind, and everyone denies the human mind, you deny my mind, but my thoughts are true, that is to say, that everything in my life is in my mind, to some people this is undeniable, you know it’s in my mind, I’m cutting off the circulation to not breathe, I’m going to force myself to breathe, and to live, I’m killing my frustration. I’m attacking hindrance to my fun. I’m weakening your whole concept of how crazy I am. I’m so wise that everything I touch is wise, the computer’s wise, my fingers are wise, my hair’s wise, my mother’s wise, everything I experience is wise, that is to an extent, until I’m back to seeing a fool. I know some of this you can’t accept, you can’t believe me, but hear me out, I’m God, I’m the person receiving the positive (note to self: kill your will to ever not have other people’s confidence), I abused everyone’s negativity, I wounded it, you know deep down you’re empty, you can’t accept reality, and furthermore, I’m not right or wrong, I’m absolutely wanting you, and I just want you, I don’t want myself, thus what I think is as important as me caring what your beliefs are (that means I have to detect your mind, so I can deny like you, to look in there and love people for copying me), I can only be accepted as a thing you don’t care about, of course it’s like that, nobody cares about me, yes, admit it, you don’t care about me, it’s all about your thoughts, your beliefs, your mind, your personality, you’re very selfish, you don’t care what I think and that’s fine, but remember I will be there to argue that Leo is talking about consciousness, yes consciousness, arguing about self-sacrifice, arguing how neurotic you are, all your flaws and illnesses, merging with the room as you do, as for spirit, wake up to yourself, you ARE spirit, you’re everything.

Max Gron says:

I’m fully conscious, if I crank it up higher than 98 I will be unconscious, I know a lot, I’m at 98 in my consciousness/awakening/enlightenment, I absolutely instantly understand whatever is and not just things, but also non-things, nothing and the nothing, I know it all, it’s not a no know, it’s a yes I know, I know, I don’t no, noing is negating, knowing is awareness. It turns out the blinding light it took for me to wake up, it shocked me, freaky, horrible activities in life, I saw the back of the elephant and it gave me a crisis. In reality how risky this is I’m divine and ready to take this on. Because I do this that automatically means I can give the correct advice, and can achieve more and know what I’m doing.

Max Gron says:

Once I’m at 1,000 all my problems will be solved in my awakening, leading me to a dream. That literally means I can go around aware that life’s a dream with awareness of what the dream is so I don’t need any teaching that life’s a dream.

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