Leo's Worst Bad Trips

By Leo Gura - October 13, 2021 | 1 Comments

Examples of when psychedelics go wrong

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awareness says:

he is talking about his worst trips. what about yours? maybe trips to his forum? in reality he is like a flat earther, he really believes in solipsism and he really believes in survival agenda. this guy has such a massive lack in his basal chakra that he mostly acts like everything he condemns. he is exactly what he hates in others.
in his forum he will prove to you that your core values do not exist, because that is his solipsistic reality. he feeds on that, as long as you want to prove him wrong until he sucked you dry.
thats not a bad trip, that is his psychological metaphysiological body which shines through in his teachings. it is an emanation of a sick psyche, full of trapps and cought up in a labyrinth he created himself, for others/himself to tapp in, secretly hoping someone would try to stop him so he can feel superior. that is his game he is talking about.

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