Motivational Speech - Oct 2021

By Leo Gura - October 19, 2021 | 9 Comments

This talk will motivate you to get serious about building your life

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Jonathan says:

Thanks for your work Leo.
You helped me through some really bad times and even though i am not fully out of it yet, i feel like i am on a good way.
A lot of things you said in this video gave me a lot to think about and i will work on implementing all those ideas into my life.
Luckily i feel better now, but the last year i was held back really bad by some health conditions. I think, even though its maybe some kind of niche topic, that some thoughts around that could also help a lot of people. Because when i watched your video, i often thought ” i can really resonate with, what Leo is saying here, but i am not so sure, if it would be the same, when my heatth situation would be still as bad as it was a year ago.
To the video: i think your thoughts on the spiritual connection you gotta have to build the motivation and engagenment in life is point on. I often wanted to build strong habits to self actualize, but didnt fell really interested, in what the world is offering me material wise. So i think you emphasizing this point moved something in me. I will take your advice and take some days off just to think about all you have said and also life and my life in general. I want to make big changes in my life. I want to feel happy again as i felt in the past. I know i am capable of it.
Again i thank you a lot.

Laura says:

Agreed about the mental masturbation. It’s so easy to fall into that trap. Thanks for the tough love Leo this speech was great.

Action for me means -up at 4am to Meditate, do yoga postures and read before my kids get up.
Stay present and appreciate the moments throughout the day as much as possible by spending time in nature.
Journal morning and evening. Show gratitude for my existence.
10000 steps while they sleep and I listen to a philosophical book or lecture.
Study and add to commonplace book in the evening
No social media at all. I wish I didn’t even need a phone tbh. I don’t have time for distractions.
Eating clean and drinking clean water
Good luck everyone let’s smash it and raise the world consciousness!!! Someone’s gotta do it

Hussein Shaban says:

Today is the day I finally turn my life around.

Matthew Jose says:

Great content. I’m about 3 videos deep in your catalog…dare I say tip of an iceberg. Thanks for the work you do. I hope people appreciate how important the words and works are. P.S. i tried to get all deep and philosophical when I was answering the question about the color of lemons and it got flagged as spam. Wonderful lesson…loved it.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Cartoons and video games isn’t having a grip on reality, I take reality to the extreme, e.g. no plus toys, toy cars, fiction, movies, art other than abstract art, fake things or imitation realities. The result is I’m enjoying life, I’m not arguing with Leo but this is the part of reality I like. I only enjoy real things, I don’t even eat vegetarian meats or vegan cheeses, that’s how real I am.

Max Raoy Gron says:

plus toys, I was meant to say plush toys.

Max Gron says:

Back to extreme reality, I tried it here and there, and it’s terrible, it’s all a plot for people to enslave me and to try to change what I’ve already changed. As for mental masturbation, at many instances I was reflecting, thinking of reality, self-reflecting, not trying a strap-on belt for losing weight, not trying the ice cream diet, or the bacon diet, not eating burgers and fries, or much junk food, or fish and chips, with this psychology I changed to include healthy foods, eating vegetables, declining on cake, not eating it, nor a muffin unless it was something like an English muffin, trying to avoid bacon, that was hard, there’s bacon in the brekky roll, and as for a healthy diet, it was never about what I avoid eating but the vegetables and fibre I do eat and water I do drink. I tried to do what the doctor said, not as easy as it sounds, he said eat vegetables and fibre and drink 1.5 litres of water, even though I could’ve thought of that before. As for the things I love, I love routines, I love being similar to what I was, doing things regularly (with a few changes), only making a few differences, being freer, forcing liberty on Australia. Liberty isn’t dangerous, that’s just society convincing you that everyone should be under a dictatorship, it will happen in Australia, but that’s when I’m dead, there’s going to be a dictator here who has absolute rule of Australia, we’ll all be enslaved here and he will be a Muslim dictator, as Australia will be under this rule 200 years from now, all because Australia doubles down on slavery, yes, and what I love is going elsewhere where it’s a paradise where there’s no Adelaide to prevent my liberty, yes, it’s very free in Victoria, more so than South Australia, because at least in Victoria I can relax properly and sip on hot coffee in the mountains where my friends aren’t always telling me “do this, do that”. That’s more paradise than going in the Bahamas drinking a pina colada with palm fronds blown on you by skimpy women, that to me is hell, I just like being in the mountains with a coffee flask, pouring it in a mug, getting my first licence, driving a car going camping in a caravan, drinking the coffee enjoying the view, if I have the luxury of having a car I can drive around at night where it’s quiet, in suburban Melbourne. Those are my passions, but unrealistic they are, I can change them to fit reality.

Maxiwrong says:

Doing different things, not having a personality, fakearse, inconsistent, fuck off! It’s a preposterous plan to never stop changing, since it’s my 41st birthday, and since I’m 41, I already decided who I am from the 22nd of March on Friday when I was 40 and almost 41 (today it’s the 24th of March), and from my 41st birthday chose to take more responsibility, it’s multivitamins, omega-3’s, milk thistle, and sleeping pills (valerian root capsules) I choose to take, and I thought some of these videos, which are supposed to make my life better, would make my life better, when it turns out some other videos will, these won’t, I want money and luxury, not a monastic life. Ascetic happiness isn’t the happy life I planned, taking away my cigars, pleasure, and alcohol, fuck off, aesthetics is my lifestyle, not any austere discipline! I don’t want simple food and not a burger, fuck off! I prefer having a burger. I prefer getting commercial, I prefer what’s professional, all that spiritual stuff: meditation, being, cutting off opportunities, looking at my hands, how boring, fuck off! I want what really applies to me, like stress management, finances, truth, searching for what’s true through beliefs, rituals, or activities, that sort of stuff, psychology and science, not this monk’s life of being a dumb ape just sitting there, not talking or thinking, that doesn’t do anything! I want intellect, I want the experiments and real activities, not this monkeying around with horseshit!

Jim says:

Very nice talk Leo.

I’m in my 60’s and so have gained some wisdom along the way. It happens.

But Leo has managed to do this at a very young age. His mind is keen and much of what he says resonates with me.

And to you Leo. I’ve probably watched 30-35 of your videos. At 2 hours per that is about 70 hours of listening to you. Maybe more.
And through this I’ve come to love you. Not in any sort of romantic way, not in any sort of “worship” way, but as a friend and a guidepost to help me find my way home.

And I thank you for the hours and hours you’ve poured into this project. It is not insignificant and nowhere else can this deep introspection be found all in one place. It is invaluable!

You sir, are IN SERVICE to humanity and thus to God. You ARE the man!

Thank you Leo!


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