Life Is A Maze

By Leo Gura - August 29, 2018 | 6 Comments

You are inside of an organic, non-linear maze

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vicki says:

Can you give me a list of the books?

Xain says:

WE aren’t really inside of a maze but more of a dance. Life isn’t a maze but a dance or a song. Aside from that you could say that life simply IS. But it is not a maze.

“If youre a rat its a maze if your a jerkoff its love if your a soldier its a field (not really)but what if youre just a moutain someone gave. A moutain that never cries.?”

Hoyeon Lee says:

Leo I’m waiting for my Video of The Week!!

Why aren’t you uploading a video this week?

Sari says:

Hi Leo,

I’ve been trying to contact you for a tech support for about two weeks now. I think there is a problem with the email, the emails I send may have not reached you. please contact me on this email so I make sure I can reach you.

thank you very much

Cris says:

Hi, Leo

Could you please shoot a video that would explain the difference between ego and soul, the two voices inside us and how to clearly distinguish them?
It’d be very practical in everyday life when we make decisions, that we all know are mostly emotional, how do we know which voice would be the soul and would guide us better in life?

I’m asking you this since I can see how life is a journey or this maze because of the inner conflict we have, the ego is drifting us away from what the soul wants and that creates so much pain and turmoil.

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